Where else do you lurk?

  1. One thing I love about this board is all of the conversation potention. It reminds me of my days in college (at the dawn of the internet) when bulletin board systems were wild and rogue-like.

    What other boards are you all interested in? There's not many I frequent, although I've started posting some on a Trading Spaces board at http://www.noceilingfans.com.

    Any other hobby or nurse-oriented boards you like to post, host, or lurk in?
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    Originally posted by JohnnyGage
    It reminds me of my days in college (at the dawn of the internet)

    ROTFLMFAO!!!!! Sorry, but that hit me as extremely funny!

    God one, Johnny.


    Oh, and to answer your question, I don't lurk anywhere else. Just here!
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    Where else is there to lurk??
  5. by   karenG
    is he serious- there are other BB's?????????????????

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    if you like webcams (clean ones, like scenery and such): www.webcamworld.com

    THERE are TONS of GREAT sites out there for every interest. Most of what I found was on google. I won't list the other nursing sitesI visit here.
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    Originally posted by SmilingBluEyes
    if you like webcams (clean ones, like scenery and such): www.webcamworld.com
    KOOL !!! Thanx ! I do love stuff like that.. can you pick anywhere you want to go (as in country, state, etc.) ? I'll have to check that one out... Thanx again !
  8. by   Jay-Jay
    One nursing related site is enough, thank you! I did surf a few others at one time, but not anymore. For non-work related relaxation I hang out at www.tolkienonline.com. If you are a Lord of the Rings fan, that's THE place to be!
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    The Trading Spaces BB!

    Love that Vern Yip!
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    This BB recaps television shows (if you miss a favorite show and forgot to set the VCR, you can read the recap of the show here. They don't recap every show, but they do Trading Places, Buffy, most of the reality shows, ER, CSI, etc. And there is a forum (BB) for each show they recap.

    The also have a topic called "The Commercial Topic" where you can praise or damn any commercial that's out there (even local ones). The toenail fungus that pries up the big toenail and dives in, is currently being universally slammed.

    Here's a few more webcam sites:


    http://www.nps.gov/glac/whatsnew.htm - Glacier National Park

    http://www.nps.gov/yell/tours/livecams/index.htm - Yellowstone National Park - the Old Faithful webcam has a time at the top that states the next approximate time of eruption. It's not a live streaming video, but you will get about 3 different pictures during an eruption.

    http://www.esbnyc.com/tourism/tourism_towercams - this is the Empire State Building's webcam. You used to be able to just go look, but now you have to register with an email address in order to get to the webcam page. I'm assuming the registration is for security purposes.