Where Do You Get Your News?

  1. I was curious as to who or what you rely upon for news locally or around the world. Do you watch the local and/or "Big Three" networks on T.V.? Local or wider circulation newspapers? Internet or newsradio? Talk radio? Magazines?

    I'm a conservative and am of the same mind as Bernard Goldberg who recently came out with an expose book about the "Big Three" newscasts being liberally biased, so I never watch those. I listen to local newsradio and talk radio, and generally like Rush Limbaugh and occasionally listen to a fairly conservative local guy in the afternoon. I read our local newspaper to keep up on happenings in our area, but get most of the national/international news from the 'net.

    My favorite internet sites have news articles posted from various sources-- from liberal to conservative-- and they also have forums where the news is discussed. I always check out "The DrudgeReport" at
    http://www.drudgereport.com/ for up-to-the-minute news and sometimes far-fetched stories. My absolute favorite news site is Lucianne.com at http://www.lucianne.com/ The posters there have some of the most intelligent and witty responses and perspectives on current events of any site I've seen. It isn't a chat room and posters may not address one another by name, but may refer to a post #. It's a fairly tightly-run site and profanity and flaming are forbidden which, IMHO, makes for great reading; I have learned a lot there. (On weekends, there's a "Roundtable" where posters may chat and address one another, and topics have ranged from current events to your favorite holiday recipes to your first love.)

    Another site I less-frequently check out is FreeRepublic.com at http://freerepublic.com/ where the forums are a little more chatroom-like. One of my favorite fun topics there is when photos are posted and the "Freepers" caption them. (Type "caption photo" into the search and you'll find them; Warning: Don't go to these sites if you are a Clinton fan...)

    The reason for using all the smilies is that it's not very popular to be a conservative in this world and I tend to keep my political philosophies to myself. I'm in no way interested in getting into a political discussion here-- liberal vs. conservative vs. etc. I was just interested in sharing my favorite ways to get news and am interested in hearing yours.
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  3. by   shay
    1. Fox News
    2. Drudge Report
    3. Neal Boortz/Rush Limbaugh

    YEP, I'M A CONSERVATIVE. Can't stomach the major liberal network news or the clinton news network. BLEAH!
  4. by   RN-PA
    Shay, I wish I could get Foxnews but we don't have cable-- It's better that I can't get it. Too many addictions already (including allnurses! )

    At one time, I could pick up Foxnews on the 'net, but they stopped transmitting it here a while back for some reason... I loved getting it even though the picture was around two inches square.
    Usually the local news or "big three" are where I get my info.

    But ya know, at all the times there are news broadcasts...

    Law & Order is on some channel...

  6. by   l.rae
    imho fox news is the best! don't hide under the chair rn-pa! be proud. ya ever see any liberal hidin under the chair? be a flaming conservative

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  7. by   pianonurse
    I like to read the New York Times. I trust the paper to be accurate with the news which is rare now-a- days.

    Sorry. . . I'm neither a "Cold hearted Conservative" or a "Flaming Liberal". Don't have much room in my life for politics. I do put people first, though, above profits.
  8. by   RN-PA
    IMHO FOX News is the best! Don't hide under the chair RN-PA! Be proud. Ya ever see any liberal hidin under the chair? BE A FLAMING CONSERVATIVE
    Okay, l.rae... I'll try...


    *WHEW*.... Scary, but liberating.
  9. by   micro
    a little CNN and
    you got it all

    and then they just repeat it.....
  10. by   l.rae
    way to go rn-pa....check out the "are you conservative or liberal" thread.....and if i'm cold hearted becaused i'm disgusted with the lazy give me something for nothing, have no manners or respect and all 6 of my children have different last names crowd......sorry, no apologies here.

    ps..compassion does not = enableing
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  11. by   Figaro's Mom
    I CAN'T STAND Lucianne.com because a great many of their posters have gone beyond stating opinions to actually inciting ideas that certain groups of people in this country be 'sent back to where they came from' (even if they are citizens) or even killed, and the moderators do nothing about it. That does not constitute intelligent discourse to me. When I attempted to tell the moderators of the forum about it, I was basically given the knee-jerk reaction of their quoting the first amendment, followed by rudely being told to blow off. Yes, the first amendment gives people the right to speak freely. However, along with that priviledge comes RESPONSIBILITY in your free speech. They are doing themselves more harm than good and the consequence of their irresponsible posters has been a turning away of/turning off potential non-traditional conservatives (minorities, etc.) and proving the liberal argument of 'see, I told you so, what a racist/intolerant bunch.' That website upset me so much I sent copies of comments from some of the threads to the New Majority Council of the Republican party, just so they could see for themselves WHY they are having a hard time trying to recruit people (especially conservative minorities) into the party.

    Other than that, my news sources are the same as RN-PA.
  12. by   RN-PA
    Figaro's Mom, I have to agree with you about the hateful postings on Lucianne about minorities. I'm sometimes surprised what is not censored there in that vein. I thought it was because the moderators can't possibly keep up with all the posts... I'm sorry they blew you off and quoted the First Ammendment as a defense when they censor and delete posts regularly. :stone

    All that being said, I still enjoy the majority of the posts/posters and Lucianne's daily "Shortcuts" are always entertaining.
  13. by   eltrip
    The big Three, CNN online, Newspaper, Talk Radio, BBC & public radio on occasion to learn more about what's going on in the rest of the world.
  14. by   mattsmom81
    Another 'Red Hot Flamin' Conservative ' here. Fox news, Drudge, and Rush....MY big 3... Luv 'em all.

    I do listen to and read some of the liberal garbage just to see what we're up against (sigh) . It would be funny, except it seems so many people out there really are stupid enough to buy into their endless liberal crapola.....

    Long live Conservatives!!