Where did you do your honeymoonin?

  1. after reading about brandy and her wedded bliss, it got me wondering where you all went on your honeymoon...i spent 12 glorious days in hawaii, kauai and maui. it was like a dream come true...the water was soooo crystal clear and so blue. (nothing like the jersey shore!) i thought i was swimming in an aquarium with all the beautiful tropical fish. i drank too many blue hawaiians i know that much, but boy were they ever goooooood! i'd love to go back someday if i ever could afford it. so let's hear where you all honeymooned at.
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  3. by   SmilingBluEyes
    The arizona mountains in winter...married dec 3, 1988. GREAT time to get married in Az!
  4. by   KC CHICK
    7 days at an all-inclusive resort in Cozumel, Mexico. It was a blast!!:roll
  5. by   Sleepyeyes
    Home in the mountains of NY. 'Course, we didn't go outside much....
  6. by   ptnurse
    The day after we got married my husband moved to Louisiana (for a job) and I stayed with my parents in Tennessee for my last semester of college. Of course, we didn't plan it like that. The job transfer notification happened about 3 weeks before the wedding. If he quit the job to stay home, then we could not afford to get married. It was quite an adventure commuting on the weekends. The next summer we did get a honeymoon at Disneyworld in Florida.
  7. by   CardioTrans
    Married & honeymooned in Gatlinburg, TN......... and try to go back there at least once a yr....... even if it isnt on our anniversary.... we make it one.
  8. by   Hooligan
    We honeymooned on a Windjammer Cruise in the French West Indies...We hit St. Barts, St. Maartin, St. Kitts, Nevis & Anguilla. The Windjammers are great cruises and I'd reccomend them to anyone!
  9. by   live4today
    Never had a honeymoon in either of my marriages. With my 1st marriage, we spent the night in a nice hotel....40 days later, we were relocated to Ft. Bliss, TX. With my 2nd marriage, we spent the night in my home which became our home...7 days after we were married, hubby was sent to Saudi Arabia for almost one year.

    Ten years into my first marriage, we could finally afford a honeymoon....so we went to the Bahamas and Paradise Island for 8 days. That is one beautiful island, too.

    Four years into my second marriage, we honeymooned at Walt Disney, in Orlando, Florida for a week. Now, my husband wants to be "Mickey Mouse's neighbor". :chuckle

    Being military (both marriages).....we traveled all over the world, so that alone didn't allow for much time to visit other places at leisure, but just having been blessed to see so many wonderful places has seemed like a constant vacation for us anyway.
  10. by   Beach_RN
    L.A. for 3 days, Honalulu/Waikiki for 5 days, Maui for 5 days, San Francisco for 3 days.... We are planning to to return to Hawaii for our 20th anniversary, with the kids this time! I loved Hawaii... Maui was incredible...... sooooooooooo beautiful

    I only have 8 more years to go!

    Hey Night Owl r u from Jersey???
  11. by   kaycee
    A Caribbean(sp) cruise for 7 days. It was lovely!!!!
  12. by   JailRN
    Went to Italy to the villa that has been in the family for years--seemed really strang to be there with my husband instead of my parents, we were there for 3 weeks and were the talk of the town before we left.
  13. by   JJFROG
    Lake Tahoe. We got married in December so we had great skiing during the days and gambling at night.
  14. by   GPatty
    At home....snuggled up with a gorgeous man!