Where are you getting those cool animated gifs for Halloween?

  1. Please post some web sites w good stuff. I love ShyGirl's
    pumpkin!! You can waste hours trying to find something good. Since so may people have cool stuff, can you share where you are getting it? I mean this Elvira is OK, but I wanted to post the vampire fangs Tiget posted, but it was too large. Help!! How do you re-size an animated gif? What programs are you computer brainiacs using??
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  3. by   tiger
    hoolahan, i just typed in halloween gifs on google search. i was going to try and shrink the vampire lips but now i can't find it. i tried to resave it to my pics and it says it already exists--but then it is not there??!!wierd! i'm trying to figure this stuff out too. i downloaded a compression program and have successfully "shrunk one pic" so far. sorry the lips were too big.
  4. by   night owl
    I did what you don't want to do..."I've been searchin so long...to find an avatar", as sort of sung by Chicago. I found five nice ones and only two of them fit! I haven't a clue where I found them b/c I searched through about 35 pages of google under "halloween gifs!!!!" You can size them through the "Paint" program on your 'puter. I tried, but to no avail I can't do it. The picture gets screwed up when I make it 100 x 100 pixels...it chops off alot of the image so I gave up and just searched for something that looked like it would fit. Spent all last night doing this...all for a stupid orange moon with two bats flying around. I swear, the things you do for an addiction. Time to call Dr.Drew!
  5. by   hoolahan
    Same thing happened to me Michelle, when I tried to re-size the lips, the amination got screwed up.

    Tiger, not your fault!!

    Michelle, I almost used the same avatar you did!
  6. by   sunnygirl272
    58x60 pixels

    dancing pumpkins

    trick or treat bag <<--too big, but not animated, easy to resize
    halloween candy

    and...all are under 15000bytes, so can be used for avatars....
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  9. by   sunnygirl272
    oh god i hope they all work...
  10. by   tiger
    hoolahan-how about these lips?
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  11. by   tiger
    can someone shrink this just a little? it said in the proprties it was 75by75 when i saved itbut when i tried to put it as an avatar the size is now different.
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  12. by   tiger
    or this one?
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  13. by   Mkue
    you all are soooo talented !
  14. by   tiger
    here is one that is the right size or go to www.mandisplace.com and scroll down to the halloween section. they have quite a few.
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