When you REALLY need to relax...

  1. Play with puppies! Emma and I spent yesterday afternoon at the breeder's playing with doberman puppies!! These weren't the breeder's stock, the breeder had volunteered for doberman rescue and received a Momma with her 7 newborn pups. The mother was found in the backyard of a house the police raided - an illegal brothel. It's funny because we all thought, "an illegal brothel? In Las Vegas?" but they are only legal in Nye county, not in city limits (like, whatever!!). Anyway, that's where the dogs came from.

    The puppies were wonderful, 8 weeks old. There were 6 red and 1 black. Emma had more fun playing with the mother than the pups. The mother, "Meg" is a 3 1/2 year old red dobie. She has the most gentlest and kind disposition I have ever seen in a female dog. She and Emma just had a ball playing and running around.

    What had all of us laughing was the black puppy followed Emma around for so long, and he finally got what he wanted when Emma was rolling around on the floor with Meg - Emma's ponytail. That puppy clamped down on Emma's ponytail, hindlegs firmly planted, and PULLED. It was hilarious! We had to pry his little puppy mouth open to get her hair out of his mouth.

    I spent much of my time watching all of this while 2 puppies curled up in my lap and went to sleep.

    That same little puppy had to be disciplined by Meg several times. I was so totally impressed by Meg. She could be wayyyy over on the other side of the house, hear the little puppy misbehaving, and she would swoop in, pin him down, nip him on the neck, and leave. It was so funny! She kept a constant eye and ear on those pups and kept them totally in line! What a great Momma!

    Meg is going to a 74 year old man who just lost his wife. I told the breeder if he ends up not taking Meg that I would take her. I think she and Apollo would get along fine.

    If not, the breeder's dog, Gossip, is pregnant. So, I'll get a puppy from that litter in March.

    Emma has decided she wants a female, a black dobie, and already has a name picked out: Maxine, or Maxi for short.

    Need therapy? Play with puppies!
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  3. by   kids
    Kittens work to...the more the better.
  4. by   spineCNOR
    Kudos to this breeder for doing rescue work! Meg sounds like a wonderful dog--hope she gets the home she deserves.
  5. by   hoolahan
    Oh Vegas, I know just what you mean!!

    Yesterday, I was furiously typing up my reports for the end of the month, and I heard a clank in the kitchen. I paused, listened, no more noise. Start typing again, hear the sound again. Pause, same thing, it stops, then boom! I hear something crash on the floor. I get up, walk into the kitchen, and all I see is Shelby, in the middle of the floor, nothing is on the floor, and for the life of me I can't figure out what fell off the counter.

    I call the kitten, psspsspsspss, here kitty kitty kitty. I hear this really soft meow meow. I thought she was on the porch by accident. Open the door, no kitty. Call her again, hear the same teeny mewing. Check the basement door, not there. So I put my hands on my hips and I look at Shelby, and I say, Shelby, WHERE is that kitty? Shelby runs over to the space between my stove and the counter. I follow her, and there is the cat, with a can of chef Boy R Dee upside down on her head, wedged in this small space! Apparently, my dtr made some Ravioli, and left the can on the counter. The stupid cat decided this was tasty to lick, and while her head was in there, she tumbled down and got stuck w the can on her head. I LMAO!!! What I site! I only wish I got a picture first. I was really worried at first she would suffocate.

    Animals are a riot.
  6. by   SmilingBluEyes
    Puppies rule. period. and i love cats, too.
  7. by   LasVegasRN
    Originally posted by SmilingBluEyes
    Puppies rule. period. and i love cats, too.
    Me too. I would have to include ducklings. I love ducklings. But puppies definitely rule!
  8. by   emily_mom
    Our puppies just opened their eyes....they are so cute! They were born on my daughter's 4th b'day. She thinks that is the coolest thing ever! I love when you pick them up and they stop crying right away. Makes me feel very motherly!

  9. by   adrienurse
    I talk and argue with my cats all the time. They usually win, though.
  10. by   RN always
    Puppies are definitely therapy for me. whenever I am sad, depressed, angry or stressed I close my eyes and picture myself in a room full of puppies and they are licking my face! I love their puppy breath!
  11. by   Tweety
    Nothing better than a pack of puppies!
  12. by   Aussienurse2
    Yep, pups are fun, Papsie spends his time swinging from the end of a towel( kid at other end), teasing the cats( who still wont talk to me), or curled up on the end of my bed ( so he can lick my face at two am). But when I'm feeling blue, in the middle of the day when no bugger is home he comes up and looks at me with those big brown eyes, I just pick up a towel...I know my place in this house. Kid substitute!!
  13. by   rebelwaclause
    Ahhhhhh...When they're young and kissable (not able to lick thier butts yet!! Hahahaha).