What's Your Poison?

  1. Whew! It's a 105 degrees here (but it's a dry heat ) and I'm done grilling my steaks on the grill. When you want to sit back, relax and indulge in some libations, what's your favorite drinky-poo of choice?

    Currently I'm really enjoying Crystal lite's Peach Tea, but partake here and there of a Bicardi Silver...
  2. Poll: What's your Poison?

    • NORM!! Beer is the best brewsky.

      19.23% 10
    • mmm, love those wine coolers

      11.54% 6
    • Jack and coke, baby.

      3.85% 2
    • Good 'ol refreshing water is fine for me!

      9.62% 5
    • Nothing for me, high on life, dude!

      7.69% 4
    • A nice chilled glass of wine is always fine.

      19.23% 10
    • Brandy is always dandy.

      0% 0
    • I don't drink and don't feel the need to.

      15.38% 8
    • Never drink and never will.

      0% 0
    • Good 'ol Southern Iced Tea is the best!

      13.46% 7
    52 Votes
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  4. by   Whisper
    water wine or alco-pops!
  5. by   kelligrl
    I'm most definitely a beer girl--can't stand the sickly sweet concoctions. Nothing better than a cold beer on a hot day...or a cold day for that matter...
  6. by   NurseDennie
    You don't have mine on there!! Hi. I'm Dennie, and I'm a Pepsi-cola-holic.

    I mean it, I'm totally, 100% addicted to regular (with sugar with caffeine) Pepsi Cola. Back when I was working at the Country Music Association and weighing 100# more than I do now, I had gotten up to at least 2L qd. And you know that when you're addicted, you're actually imbibing 2-3x what you remember/admit to.

    I went cold turkey... You'd think I'd remember the day, wouldn't you? It was very hard. Johnny Cash said that he really liked taking drugs, but he had to stop, they were killing him. That's the way I am with Pepsi.

    It's been WELL over 10 years - more like 12, now, but right now, every cell in my body is CRYING OUT for a cold, refreshing, sparkly, completely delicious Pepsi-Cola!! (sob)


  7. by   KaraLea
    Good ol' Diet Dr. Pepper is all I need.
  8. by   delirium
    All time favorite: Cosmopolitan: vodka, cranberry juice, triplesec and a splash of lime...

    But usually the bartender doesn't know what the freak a cosmopolitan IS so rather than explain it I take a vodka and cranberry.

    Of course, beer will do in a pinch. Killian's Red, Murphy's Irish Ale, or Corona, in that order.
  9. by   nursejws
    Dang Dennie and KaraLea! Ya know I quit drinking cokes (I'm in the south, it's ALL coke, regardless) in April 2001 at the same time I quit smoking. Yep, cold turkey, just like that. It wasn't so bad at my old job...corporate office for several chain restaurants, we had a tea maker. Every morning I made a thing of tea and took my super, super, super, super big gulp cup and filled it up. I used it as a pitcher, and had 64oz, COLD, all day. Mmmmmm, that was some good iced tea. WELL, life happens and I started drinking cokes again. At first it was pepsi...now it's dr. pepper OR diet dr. pepper...usually diet dp. I was a dedicated diet coke girl.

    Anyway, I'm totally jonesin' for a diet dr. pepper, but stuck with iced tea or kool aid.

    Tomorrow is another day!
    pepsi :kiss is my favorite too; but it's not one of the above choices ...so i'll talk about the next best thing..southern style iced tea...the kind without the alcohol...lol !!!

    now that summer weather is here :hatparty:, i do enjoy drinking fresh brew iced tea with lots of sugar & lemon. whenever i'm out in the street lately, i reach for lipton's southern style iced tea...extra sweet-no lemon. this is the only commerical iced-tea that really tastes like grandmom's tea , god rest her :blushkiss soul!!!
  11. by   RNforLongTime
    I like wine coolers but I like Kahlua and Creams better!
  12. by   shootemrn
    I have been drinking rasberry Stohli vodka with 7-up and a twist of lime for the last couple of years. It is becoming very popular around here. Tastes like a rasberry lime rickey if you old timers remember those. YUM YUM!
  13. by   nursejws
    Back in the day :chuckle: my choice was Bacardi & Coke. Of course, then there were the Bud nights. :chuckle: I remember the Corona days too. Then I turned 21 and it took the *fun* out of drinking alcohol.
  14. by   KIMBA
    Tonight is girls night out! WOO HOO! Sooooo we will be getting silly & celebrating our friendship & the good things in our lives! Our poison tonight will be champagne.

    ***sidenote: usually beer is consumed any other time***

  15. by   delirium
    Speaking of girls' night out... pretty much every day is girls' night out around here...

    This weekend there will be more girlies than usual and I fully expect us to get silly over beer/daiquiris/whatever is available. Can't wait to let my hair down (literally) and relax for a minute.

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