What's your favorite type of bread?

  1. What type of bread do you enjoy eating the most?
  2. Poll: What type of bread do you enjoy the most?

    • Good 'ol fashion white bread.

      11.36% 5
    • Whole wheat bread.

      25.00% 11
    • Pesto bread.

      6.82% 3
    • All grain bread.

      22.73% 10
    • Italian bread.

      6.82% 3
    • French Bread.

      9.09% 4
    • Sour dough bread.

      9.09% 4
    • Rye bread.

      4.55% 2
    • I do "it" in the car sometimes!

      18.18% 8
    • Other.

      9.09% 4
    44 Votes / Multiple Choice
  3. 28 Comments

  4. by   researchrabbit
    Any kind -- as long as it's homemade or at least fresh baked!
  5. by   sunnygirl272
    sideways in the car
  6. by   adrienurse
    well at least I'm getting enough bran in my diet
  7. by   emily_mom
    I see no one's into white bread....which is a good thing. My 4 year old only likes wheat or whole grain...trained her right. I only wish the school system would jump on the bandwagon here...

    Also upside down in the car, but I see that wasn't a choice.....
  8. by   passing thru
  9. by   passing thru
    .............with "grey poupuon".......
  10. by   passing thru
    and slices of red onion........
  11. by   passing thru
    and sliced liverworst...................
  12. by   passing thru
    and slices of one of those big old fragrant mushy sour pickles,
  13. by   passing thru
    and a dollop of mayonaise........
  14. by   passing thru
    and a couple of big hunks of leaf lettuce.........big leaves
  15. by   passing thru
    and a nice sized slab of aged and smelly swiss cheese...........