What's your Favorite time of the year/season? What's your Worst?

  1. My favorite time of the year used to be autumn up north. Gosh, I used to LOVE the changing leaves, crisp fresh air, apple picking, halloween...all the different colors of that season (sigh) I also like doing the Thanksgiving thing to

    But then we moved to South Florida. I guess I really enjoy the "winter" time here. I like the cooler air starting in late November up until March. The Christmas season doesn't feel the same without lots of snow though. But my son's birthday is 12/15, so that's always a special time for us. It's still nice to see all the pretty decorations and Santa in the malls..It's so beautifully decorated down here.

    I despise the HOT humid summer time here. Not that New York was much better..But still, the tropical heat does take it's toll on you. You can jump in the pool, come out and still be as hot as you were before you jumped in LOL!

    What's yours?
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  3. by   nakitamoon
    Indian summer,,,,

    Jules same as you was raised in the northeast,,, moving to florida,, the summers,,, springs,,, winters etc,, just get more humid every year,,,,

    It is very hard for me to get into the spirit of Christmas,, Thanksgiving,,, esp when it is 101 outside,,,,

    Take a trip to the mountains every year to get my 'fix' of fall folage,,, clean air,,,,

  4. by   live4today
    My favorite time of year is Autumn and Winter.....provided I am in a state where the four seasons are easily recognized......UNLIKE the year round heat and humidity here in San Antonio, TX.

    I grew up in Ohio....so had the blessed opportunity to enjoy the four seasons.....Autumn was always beautiful....then Winter came along...and just added to the glory of that time of year.

    Every year on my birthday (November 29th), I prayed for snow. More times than not...I got that snow! It was the best present I could ever be given on my birthday. My family knows how much I love snow, so whenever it would start to snow, they would come get me, or call me on the phone to let me know "It's snowing! Come look!"

    I already have Winter pics up as my screensaver 24/7. I can hardly wait to go northeast this holiday season just to enjoy my two favorite seasons.
  5. by   Mkue
    Autumn in Ohio is so beautiful... trees are so gorgeous (leaves).. Least favorite- winter

  6. by   LatteGuzzler
    I love summer in the Pac NW, there's so much to do, but my favorite has to be fall, when things become a little less frantic- the air is scented with a few neighborhood hearth fires (apologies to asthmatics), you can still hike and enjoy the changing colors. The first good rain brings a heady scent from the earth. College football. A pot of homemade chowder. Putting your favorite sweater back on. Covering up quadricep cellulite. Watching the season's first storm roll in across the Sound. Hope springs anew that THIS year will be the year that the old dead tree interfering with my water view will fall over in a windstorm (not hurting a soul, of course). Feeling like you can watch a movie without guilt that you're "missing" the season. This nirvana lasts about 6 weeks. Then by March you are so bonkers from the constant clouds and rain you're glad for spring and summer again!
  7. by   Love-A-Nurse
    i love the spring and fall seasons of the year. christmas is my favorite holiday.
  8. by   Q.
    My favorite time of year is fall. I love hiking in the woods with the changing colors, fires on cool nights, hot apple cider, apple pie, pumpkins, Halloween, haunted houses, big wooly sweaters and swede boots.
    I like sitting in nice libraries reading a book on cool, rainy days.

    My least favorite is February - April. In Wisconsin it's just drab, gray, snow that is either mush or dirty slushy stuff, extremely cold and dreary/rainy. We usually take a trip to warmer weather during that time.
  9. by   prn nurse
    SPRING !! It has to be.

    The season of rebirth, renewal, watching Mother Nature's

    Miracle of Awakening. I love to see that first pink cherry or

    purple plum tree blossoming. Spectacular ! And the

    narcissus poking their flowers through the snow.

    The promise of new life and second chances.
  10. by   JJFROG
    I love spring too, PRN. I grew up on a sheep and cattle ranch, and spring is when all the baby lambs and calves are born. The grass starts to peek out of the melting snow, tulips bloom (my favorite flower), every thing is frisky. Spring is a fun time of year.
  11. by   adrienurse
    I like it when it first snows.

    I hate it when the snow just won't go away!
  12. by   Brownms46
    originally posted by lpn,future, rn
    i love the spring and fall seasons of the year. christmas is my favorite holiday.
  13. by   Beach_RN
    Fall because of the leaves, and Halloween. I LOVE HALLOWEEN! Love to decorate, love to dress up... the kids and I one first prize one year. I was dressed as Cruella, and the kids were Dalmations... then the following year, we took 3rd place, I was Peter Pan, my daughter was Tinkerbell and my son was Capt. Hook...

    Winter, because of Christmas. and SNOW......... Love Snow! plus I can wear my boots.....and I can wear my sweaters.....

    I am a CHRISTMAS NUT! Give me lights.....lots of lights, decorations, even the toilet seat has a santa cover on it!!!!!!! I will stant on line the day after Christmas at 5 AM... inorder to rush the store and get more stuff for the following year at 50-75% off! MY hubby dresses up as Santa every year.... at our Christmas eve party, he will then go to all the neighbors houses and hand out little trinkets to the kids.. I think one year I am going to get a Mrs. Clause outfit and go with him!

    Spring...... Love spring.... We have Easter, easter egg hunts., tulips, daffodils.......everything starts to blossom......so pretty!

    Summer.........Love Summer, got the beach, the boardwalk, barbecues... we open up our pool....... plant all my flowers... everthing looks so nice.....I love to lay out by the pool and get some sun...read a good book! Love swimming at night with the kids... when it's like 90 degrees... hmmm feels so good! Love goint to outdoor concerts and watching movies by the beach..... while sitting on a blanket with the kids! I love to wear my sandals, and shorts
  14. by   TNRN
    Autumn's beautiful colors make it my favorite season. The turning leaves can transform an ordinary maple tree into a flame red work of art. On many Tennessee roadsides and in farmer's markets, farmers display a vibrant array of harvest fruits and vegetables. Front yards of homes around our little towns are adorned with fodder, hay bales, bright orange pumpkins, green and yellow gourds, and mums in a variety of fall hues. I love the palette of colors God chose for this time of year. I feel the same as Susy K when it comes to the "fires on cool nights, hot apple cider, apple pie, pumpkins, Halloween, haunted houses, big wooly sweaters". However, I am the biggest chicken around when we go to haunted houses or haunted hay rides! I invite any of you to visit the Smoky Mountains in October. It is a truly beautiful sight!

    p.s. I just read my post and realized I sound like a travel advertisement!
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