What's Your Favorite Computer Platform?

  1. O.K. folks. It's 4:30 AM. Both of my patients are quietly and safely sleeping. Both cardiac monitors show sinus rhythm. It's a happy world here at ICU-land.

    It's also a bit slooowww.

    Soooo. . . .

    Besides this "AllNurses.com", I visit several music/audio-recording related web-sites. (On nights like tonight, it help passes the time.) No matter what subject-focused web-site I may visit, there always seems to be a hot-button topic where internet surfers throw red-hot flaming words and opinions at each other. (On nights like tonight, it help passes the time reading the "fire-ball conversations.)

    One hot topic that creeps up in the music/audio-recording related web-sites is: "Which Computer Platform Works Best. . ." It is, of course, the "PC world" verses the "Mac World". I mean, people have threatened to shoot each other over this topic. . . with each side claiming "their" platform works the best for all of mankind. These are musicians fighting eachother, folks. You know, the long-haired, doped-up, peace-loving air-heads that want to do nothing but find girls (or boys. . . but that's another subject for another thread) and make music. To them (and, at times, to myself, believe it or not!), this is an important topic to debate.

    I'm just curious what would happen if I presented this question to the nursing world. (Like mentioned earlier, tonight is running slooowwwllly. . .)

    So, folks, I present to you this question:

    Which Computer Platform is the Most Stable? Runs the Best? Is Worth the Money/Investment? Etc.. PC or Macintosh??

    If you don't want to answer this question, that's cool. If you really don't give a rat's ass, that's way cool too. But if you have even a mild interest in sharing your opinion, I'd be interested in reading it. And if you don't have any opinion but want to share your favorite computer-related story, please feel free to do so.

    I own a Dell computer using Microsoft ME. In total, I have about $7,000.00 invested in hardware and software that is music/audio-recording related. Overall, everything works fine. But it wasn't without its headaches. I have my problems with Micro$$oft, though. It really takes a lot of adjustment to have this Windows-based computer function reliably with the audio-recording software/hardware. There are times when I wish that I invested in the Machintosh computer because this platform seems more stable for audio-recording/multi-media stuff. Even though I own (and am heavily invested in) a PC, my heart yearns for a Mac.

    I wish you all peace; peace in heart, mind, body and soul.


    Ted Fiebke, RN

    P. S. My "signature" for all other BB's contain "RN" because I'm proud to be an RN!!


    PPSS. I usually don't include "RN" here. . . well. . . because most of you share the same two letters after your name.
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  3. by   kaycee
    My first computer was a Mac and I loved it. Problem is there is soooo much more software available for PCs and the stuff for Mac's are much more expensive. Also a Mac that would be comparable to the Dell I have now would have also been too much money.
    I like my Dell and PCs are what my kids use in school so I'm better off with a PC. However Ted I'm with you, if I could afford what I want and it was just me using it I would much prefer a Mac!!
  4. by   kids
    I'm a Microsoft girl all the way...
    Do like Linux an awful lot but the software is still so limited.
    If I was interested in using a computer for music or graphic design I woul go with a Mac OS.

    I will admit to having a secret fantasy that someday the truth will be known...I am really the long lost Love child of Bill Gates and a coctail waitress from Sparks Nevada...and was given to my Mom for safe keeping and Bill has been searching for me for years....
  5. by   P_RN
    My favorite platform...hmmm my lap with the keyboard in it, sitting back with my feet up?

    I've always had Windows...from 2.0 on up. I'm staying w/ win98se right now. It seems to work fine, is stable and most software works well with it. Im not totally averse to the MAC idea. My bro in law has done graphics for newspapers etc for years using the MAC. I mean the ONE mac. Ive had several computers go awry in the time he's had the ONE. I understand that the new MAC music thingy.....ipod? can be made into a handheld with some freeware.....bet Bill Gates doesn't like that idea.

    I'm also not really thrilled with IE or Netscape. I had the opportunity to use OPERA while my computer was being upgraded and was really impressed.
  6. by   Ted
    Originally posted by P_RN
    My favorite platform...hmmm my lap with the keyboard in it, sitting back with my feet up?

    I've always had Windows...from 2.0 on up. I'm staying w/ win98se right now. It seems to work fine, is stable and most software works well with it.
    Actually, my current favorite platform is this old desk on which my computer monitor and keyboard sits! :chuckle

    I wish I stuck with Windows 98SE! It seemed to be the most stable, more stable than ME, in my humble opinion. Although, both required a fair amount of tuning to get my audio recording programs running smoothly. There's this little known Window's program called "msconfig" which, after turning lots of background stuff off, made my setup more stable.

    Windows NT seemed very stable, too, as well as 2000 (so I'm told). Why the move to XP is beyond me. . . except for $$$.

    Never heard of Opera. Heard lots of operas!


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  7. by   CEN35
    ted....i went with a mac the first time around and loved it!!! :d i thought it was great!!! it just got too old, and not enough software for macs. then it got to the point where it wouldn't even open up some stuff, like this site. i couldn't view the allnurses site for quite a while. the two and a half years ago went with a gateway, it iii 733mhz and 20gb hd, with 128 ram and loved that also!!!
    tonight i'm on a new one, gateway 1.6ghz, with 20gb hd, and 256....i like it so far...just am not crazy about the xp.


  8. by   Patience911
    Hmmmm.....my computer sits on the desk...does that qualify as a platform??

    I was introduced to computers on a Mac and was hooked but bought a PC because it had the most variety in software at the time. It was a family purchase and I needed to be able to have software that my kids would find interesting. As long as it works, I don't really have a preference. I don't care HOW it works, or WHY it works...as long as the silly machine does what I want it to!

    And if all else fails....reboot....threatening to throw it out the window under your breath.
  9. by   Jenny P
    We have both a PC and an iMac. The kids are solid Mac fans (and so am I)-- both kids have their own iBooks (son bought his own; dtr. got hers at college-- it's a "laptop" campus and they could choose either PC or Mac). I got my iMac on eBay for $600 about 2 yrs. ago when my old (very OLD!) Mac from 1992 took too long to get on the 'net. We also had 2 Mac PowerPCs and an Apple IIE along the way from eBay also. If you're careful, you can get some decent stuff there for good prices.

    Hubby had hoped he could do some of his office stuff here at home, so that's why we got a PC for him; his problem is that he has Windows 2000 at work and W XP here at home. He hates the XP because it is too touchy and crashes easily or won't open right.
  10. by   hrsx2
    same platform here, no changes!
  11. by   kristi915

    What's so wrong w/ XP???
  12. by   sphinx
    For years, I was a windows gal. I wanted to try a mac, but because of the more prolific software available for PCs, I stuck with windows. At the time, It was a sound decision, because my kids and I shared the PC, and they are very into games. But a couple years ago, my hubby the resident computer geek built me a new PC, and the kids got my old one (and my hubby had his own as well). So we were a house with 3 PCs. I found that what I was using my PC for, I could easily do on a mac without worrying about whether I could get the software for. I'm not huge into games, I only like Alpha centauri/Alien crossfire and Civ3, both of which are available on mac. I mostly use my computer for e-mail, internet, word processing, downloading MP3s (I use Limewire which is available for mac), listening to said MP3s, uploading and editing photos, and stuff like that. All of which I can do on a mac, some of which I can do better on a mac. So several months ago I got an iBook. (my old PC going to my hubby, his old one is now a server, and the kids still have the same one). The only thing is we got the lower end model (don't remember the model number) cuz my hubby was afraid if I didn't like it it would be a waste of money (yes, macs are expensive). I said "hey, I know I'll like it" (and I was right), but he insisted......said if I liked it we could get a better one next year (geez, it would've been cheaper to get the higher model at first.....).Anyway, so no CD burner/DVD, which I wanted. But other than that, it has everthing I want. I love iPhoto, love the mail program, like Sherlock,love the set up entirely, even though it took some getting used to.

    It came with IE, which until 2 weeks ago, I used....but then downloaded apple's Safari beta....so far I like it, but being a beta, still has a few minor bugs. I also loaded microsoft office for mac, so I could still use word, but I don't use entourage for my mail. Too bulky/bloated to me. I occasionally use power point. I was able to get limewire for the mac, palm desktop for the mac, and downloaded some other things like solitaire (which was not standard), a weather thingie, etc.

    OK, I'm gushing, haha!!!!! I guess it is a passionate topic for me! I'm a mini computer geek, lol! In any case, I still use a PC at work, we use windows 2000, needed to go to 2000 when we updated our charting software. I find 2000 to be much more stable than 98SE was. No probs....except with the nas-tay charting sotware, haha!!!!!!

    OK, OK, I'll shut up now!!!!!!
  13. by   sphinx
    hahaha...I didn't even look at the date on this post!!!!!! Had accidentally hit "last" instead of next, and ended up almost a year ago!!!!! what a dork!!!!!!
  14. by   Ted
    :chuckle :roll :chuckle

    This thread is over one year old! :chuckle
    (Thanks Sphinx!)

    Let's see where it goes!

    Well?????????????? What's your pleasure???? PC or MAC????



    P. S. Since the start of this thread, I have upgraded my computer's operating system to Micro$oft XP Professional version. It is solid as a rock. So Micro$oft made even more money off me. My computer is stable with nearly no crashes! I'm happy!!!

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