What's up with the "pants" thing?

  1. My 15yr old daughter is "going out" with a boy who wears his pants below his hips, without a belt, and has to hold them up when he walks. What's up with that? Do boys think girls think that is a hot look?

    Just wondering. I personally prefer to see a man in tight pants. . .

    Your pal,

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  3. by   duckie
    I don't know if they think it looks good or not but to me it looks like they have a pant full of sh**!!! I always wonder why they insist on buying the most expensive brands of clothing only to look like a Salvation Army regect. Just my opinion.
  4. by   canoehead
    I'll distract him- and you give them a yank!

    Really, he has to hold them up when he walks? Geez. I see some saggy baggy ones where I live, and the really "cool" guys have them hanging down below their butt and need to wear a belt around their thighs, but they seem to be able to skateboard without worrying about exposing themselves.

    Of course I always watch as I drive by, you know, so I can honk if they lose their drawers.
  5. by   JennieBSN
    While we're at it, I've got to ask a 'pants' question that's puzzled me for YEARS now, and I've never had the nerve to ask anyone...

    What's up with the wearing one leg of your pants pulled up to your knee, while leaving the other leg down??!!?? Is it some sort of gang marking or something? IT LOOKS SOOOOOOO STUPID!!!

    I always want to go up to those guys and say, 'ya know, you may think you're looking all cool, but you just look like a complete a**hole...' Of course, I never do 'cuz I don't wanna get SHOT.

    Can anyone enlighten us, PLEASE??!!??
  6. by   hoolahan
    Don't know about the rolled up pants thing.

    My son likes that pants hanging look too, he just says it's cool!

    I had to LMAO the other day though. I was stuck at a traffic light in the city, the car in front of me had both doors open, and I am about to pitch a hissy cause I can't get by, then one of the guys gets out of the car, he was a little chubby, and he bent over to pick up something, not sure what, but his pants fell down and I had a great view of his boxers! I laughed so hard, but now in hindsight, I wished I had honked to let him know I saw it all.

    Hey it could be worse, remember the plumber steroetype? When they bend over and all you see is....well let's just say they crack a smile! LOL! At least these boys wear boxers unbderneath, that completes the look somehow!
  7. by   BBnurse34
    I think the one leg rolled up thing relates to riding a motorcycle. Or maybe it prevents the leg from catching in a bike chain.
    I think saggy pants are dorky. The principal at my daughter's school tells the kids that if she sees undies that she will personally volunteer to hold up their britches while they call their parents.
  8. by   denicke
    A popular saying around here is "say no to crack" and we don't just mean the smoking kind!! It is pretty funny to see the "too cool" guys with their pants hanging around their pelvis. My refrain is "pull up your pants" along with "brush your teeth" and "pick up your dirty clothes"
  9. by   hiker
    Hey, Hooliehan, was that "hindsight remark above meant to be a pun?!!! Thanks for the laughs, everyone! I like guys in tight pants, myself!
  10. by   puzzler
    Forgive me please but I just have to tell you all this.

    I was working L&D the other night. This young (18yo) Dad goes strutting down the hall to tell his family about his new son. He opens the door, raises both his arms over his head and gives the "V for victory sign". As he did this his pants dropped all the way to the floor. I could not help myself. I had to go to the lounge very rapidly because I just could not stop laughing.

    He was wearing those low hanging pants. I still laugh every time I think about it!!!

    Have a good day everyone
  11. by   hoolahan
    Hiker, no that was not meant to be a pun, but now that you pointed it out, I am cracking (yes) myself up....almost as much as puzzler's post did!!! LMAO!!!!
  12. by   AppyHorseFan
    Forget the baggies!!!!

    I'll take a Cowboy in TIGHT Wranglers ANY day!!!!!!
  13. by   hoolahan
    Yee Haa!! I'm with you girls!
  14. by   RNforLongTime
    I thought only LL COOL J did the one leg up other leg down thing--that is like his trade mark