What's the weather like in your area?

  1. Right now, at 0330, EST (11/18/2002), it's snowing. The area: Southern Bershire area of Massachusetts, where I work. (I commute 31 miles to a small town in New York - about 120 miles north of NYC.)


    Hate snow. Hate winter. Hate driving in the stuff. . . especially after working the night shift!


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  3. by   Jenny P
    Right now the temp is 28 degrees F (warmer than it was during the day!) and the air is calm. No snow yet, but the 6 lakes within 1 1/2 miles of my house are all starting to get a skim-coat of ice on the surface-- not enough for us to walk on yet (although some idiot tried today), but enough of a coat of ice that the ducks and geese were walking on top of it.
  4. by   nightingale
    I couldn't sleep.. Amazing how we are keeping busy on the night shift!

    Wyoming is clear and warm. Not a snow flake in sight. When I went bed, it was 46 degrees. It is unseasonably warm.

    Two weeks ago we had a blizzard that immobilized me in traveling to Denver for about 5 days....

    This weeks agency calls are slow due to other reasons (yet unbeknownst to me).. Should I take a real job? nahhhhh...

  5. by   nursedawn67
    17 degrees here in Michigan, feels about 10 degrees!!!! No snow in my part of the state, not yet anyhow.
  6. by   Mkue
    It's just chilly right now, we had snow on Saturday
  7. by   Tookie
    I am so jealous - l love winter and hate the heat - today (with 12 days before summer actually starts offically) it was 35 degrees celcious - it looks like hot weather for a while -- they are forecasting a 'long hot summer' ---- Damm no paul Newman to share it with - OH well thank god for the airconditioners and cold drinks - preferabley the alcohol type.
  8. by   casperbjs
    It's 29 degrees here this morning, with frost all over the car.
    What a way to end the night, ha, scraping the windows. Will have to come up with a quick way to cover my car windows.
  9. by   sunnygirl272
    coln & snowy...
    I'll try to post some pix after work...
  10. by   jdomep
    Sunny, Cold and WINDY! Brrrrr
  11. by   kristi915
    Don't quite know the temperature but it is snowing like crazy here!! We've got about a foot in a half just from yesterday.
  12. by   teeituptom
    Howdy yall
    from deep in the heart of texas

    Only partly cloudy with pretty blue skies, mid 60 s today AKA

    doo wah ditty
  13. by   Tweety
    Bright sunshine without a cloud in the sky in the mid-50s at 8:30AM. Which to me is extremely COLD. I can't stand it. I'm freezing to death here!
  14. by   Rustyhammer
    36 F this morning but it was 22F yesterday.
    Sunny and breezy.
    Had our snow last week with a storm maybe coming in this weekend.
    I wish it would snow more.