What's the story behind your screen name?

  1. Greetings y'all,

    For those of you Allnurses willing to share, what is the story behind your screen name? I see quite a few interesting names and I often wonder what is behind them.

    Mine is not one of the interesting ones, but... spine CNOR - I am an OR nurse, who works mostly in othopedic spines, and I am CNOR (OR nursing) certified.

    Thanks in advance!

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  3. by   Zee_RN
    Mine's waaay boring. The only consonant in my five-letter last name is Z. Soooo....Zee_RN.
  4. by   Rustyhammer
    My name is Russell and when I was a child my Mom used to watch the Danny Thomas show. The kid in that show was named Rusty Hammer and occasionally my Mom would call me Rusty Hammer in a joking manner.
  5. by   traumarns
    mine is kind of boring.
    I used to work trauma er, now work adult icu.
    my boyfriend still works in a trauma er, and occassionally we both visit this site together.
    my real name is mel.
  6. by   JonRN
    My name is Jon and I am an RN. End of story. I prefer Pappy though because all the old guys in the army we called Pappy.

  7. by   kaycee
    Kaycee is my dog. Couldn't think of anything else at the time.
  8. by   renerian
    My middle name is rene and my beloved daughters middle name is rian................hense renerian..............that way everytime I log on I see her beautiful name and think of her. She is the light of my life..........

  9. by   Youda
    Mine is my dog's name, too! My alter ego?
  10. by   adrienurse
    My name is Adrienne and I am a nurse. Not very creative or mysterious, but the handle has kind of grown on me.
  11. by   labornurse
    Mine is very boring also. Not being a creative person in the least and since I work labor and delivery, it just sort of came to me. Labornurse.
  12. by   researchrabbit
    Research is what I do...and not just at work (I am very good at finding out whatever).

    As for Rabbit...

    My all-time favorite book is Alice in Wonderland. I have read it numerous times (more than 50 would be my guess). Life, to me, is like Wonderland -- intriguing, mysterious, and unpredictable (not a bad thing, you understand...just the way it is).

    My children look at a crescent moon and say "There's the Cheshire Cat's smile!"

    I feel a connection to many of the characters, and one is the White Rabbit who just can't get anywhere on time and is always late. (hey, at least it's not the Red Queen who is constantly shouting "Off with his head!").

    I also use this name on ebay and often have people ask if I do research with rabbits...which is NOT the case!
  13. by   LasVegasRN
    Mine's pretty self-explanatory. I'm a nurse, I live in and breathe Las Vegas.
  14. by   Mattigan
    Mattigan is the dog. The first name I typed had already been taken and saw a pic of Mattie on the desk and typed in Mattigan.My name is Rhonda.