What's the grossest thing.....

  1. that has ever happened to you physically while at work?

    During a vaginal delivery of a pre-term primip teenager, I ended up feeling like Carrie (you know the movie with the prom queen drenched in blood, never saw it, only the commercials for it). She (the pt., not Carrie) had a lot of bloody show throughout her labour and after the doc delivered the shoulders, a HUGE wave of blood came flying out and up. I mean up. Up above the doc's height and back over the pt's right leg (that I was supporting) , onto the top of my head, down diagonally across my face (over my goggles, over my unmasked mouth), across my neck to my left shoulder, down my front, into my shirt and into my bra. Ugh! Thank God I decided to wear goggles, and that I kept my mouth shut instead of announcing the sex of the baby at that time! ( I hope OSHA isn't reading this). I don't like wearing those cover gowns b/c it gets hot and I can't get to my pockets for my pen. And we're not required to wear a hat or mask (although I really wished that I did). You all bet ya I immediately went to the bathroom and washed my face and then told the other nurse who was so nice to help out in the delivery that I was going to shower NOW! She pretty much pushed me out the door to get cleaned up. Want to know what really was uncomfortable? I had to go without a bra the rest of my shift. (It was a 12hr one) And no I didn't write up an exposure report b/c there were no mucous membranes or significant exposure.

    OK, that's one of my stories. Anyone else?
    Don't forget to eat something while you're reading this. I miss sitting around dinner with my friends and discussing gross things. I've been on leave since last November.
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  3. by   Sundowner
    ouch.....that was gross!

    Mine isnt nearly as colorful....but gross none the less....had a guy puke all over me once.....I was helping him back to bed....he got the side of my face and hair and all down my left side basically......that was a rough day at the office.
  4. by   MickeymomRN
    I haven't had that happen to me .... yet! And I can't stand puking. Especially the sound and the smell.

    Another story:
    This didn't happen to me but a nurse who was helping me admit my pt. who didn't speak any english and was in full active labour. So she was pushing with her urges and we couldn't get her to stop. The other nurse was ready to "catch" if the docs didn't get there in time so she had her gloves on and would clean up (you know what). Well, she has really long hair and she accidentally touched her hair while trying to get it out of her way and got s---t in her hair.

    So I ask you, was the puke chunky or smooth?

    Hey,sorry, told you I missed these dinner conversations. :chuckle
  5. by   Sundowner
    LOL,,, TALK ABOUT A ****** HAIR DAY!

    .......for the record,,, thankfully it was smoothe.....but it was a smelly tube feeding puke.
  6. by   nursedawn67
    I guess the grossest things I come across at work (LTC) is those that decide to do caveman paintings (playing in their BM), but worse yet is when you walk in the room and slide across the floor only to discover you are walking in it! Or (this is really gross, but you did ask for a gross story) :imbar the lady who decided she needed snack and to dig herself out, you just use your imagination! :imbar I don't know how they got her mouth cleaned out!! I'm just really really glad that I didn't have to do that nasty job!!

    Take care
  7. by   MickeymomRN
    Oh, that's gross!!! That brought back memories of the severely handicapped children's home I did agency work for. One of the "children" (some were older than I was) had taken off his depends and was flinging it around the room. I was sure glad that I was the RN and not the aides who had to chase him down and clean him up. I couldn't help them b/c I had to guard the medcart. The "children" always tried to help themselves. It was locked but I had my "baby" bottles on top ready with tube feedings and meds combined.
  8. by   Paprikat
    Grossest thing?
    When I was a nursing student, this pt. had a huge, festering boil thing on his elbow. As I was helping him to the bathroom, he accidently bumped his elbow on the door and this thing literally blew up! There was smelly yellow-green goo all over me, him and the walls. It stunk and was soooooooo gross!
    The grossest things that I've ever seen, smelled, or dodged are all related to those pesky retained products of conception.

    One was the first time I ever responded to an emergency light at work. Woman was sitting on the toilet saying "something is coming out of me!" At this point, dummy me bends to look. Thats the moment she passes, better yet, propels, this clots directly on to my brand new tennies. Had to have hubby bring me back my old ones to work.

    Another is the time this poor woman just bled and bled, waiting for her doc to grace us with his presence (paged x3). I bet she lost about 2-3 liters of what appeared to be runny grape jelly. I couldn't eat pb&j's for about a year.

    By the way, both women went for d&c's.

    I like to think these things don't bother me anymore. But a gooey umbilical cord makes me heave every time. And I hate those mushy molded heads, they give ME a headache, I can't imagine the poor babies!

  10. by   CEN35
    there is a lavage set called, "code blue". we use it on overdoses. it's a 34fr tube, that connects to a double pump 400cc syringe. then you connect two bags to the syringe. one holds 2 liters of saline, and the other is a return bag. if you know what your doing, you can lavage and pump them out with 2 liters in less than 45 seconds. :d

    if you don't..... as i found out when somone else did it! (this pt was an od that ate at mcdonalds prior), the connector wasn't on right....and i ended up with a gastric content shower. ewwwwwwwwww!!!!!!!!

  11. by   momrn50
    The absolutely grossest thing that ever happened to me was when I was administering a ducolax suppository to a little old lady who had large hemorrhoids...you know, the ones that look like a big floppy flower?? Well, had to look real close to see exactly where to put it when she gave a grunt and delivered a large liquid explosive diarrhea stool right in my face....there was silence in the room for a minute, the the CNA's who were helping me just fell on the floor laughing...believe me it's hard to be dignified and professional with BM driping off your nose. Since then I have learned to keep my distance!!
  12. by   ljb
    okay, I'm not a nurse yet (still doing my pre-reqs for a bsn program) so
    i suppose i should stay away from these types of posts (if I plan on sticking with it!)!! I am both disgusted and amazed by these stories! The exploding boil one really did it for me, I couldn't help but laught too though.
    Wow, nurses really are a special breed arent' you? I just hope I can stomach it too...
  13. by   MickeymomRN
    To: ljb

    I don't want this to discourage you at all from the nursing field. Just look at how we also laugh at these moments. Those who don't have the caring for others would have just left the job. I think it's amazing that we, nurses, can talk about these and get grossed out but not really grossed out. Just watch how you will soon be discussing these " experiences" over spaghetti dinner or clam chowder. What's really funny is that usually after these incidents you'll hear after all is cleaned up "boy I'm hungry now, lunch anyone?"

    I guess take this as a warning: this thread is not for the weak stomached. LOL
  14. by   nursedawn67
    I always say only a nurse can dig someone out or do something as equally gross and then go to lunch and enjoy it!!!! LOL