Whatever Happened To Baby Jane How did she rate as a caregiver?

  1. Do you remember the movie with Betty Davis and Joan Crawford?
    Baby Jane was her sister's caregiver... (well I guess you could call it that LOL)
    How about the part where she pulled Joan Crawford's call light out of the wall!
    Okay How would you rate Baby Jane as a caregiver, (Just for fun)

    Goodguy and I sometimes do skits from that movie but the next time I want to be the one who serves him a RAT! LOL

    Okay, vote away and let's have some fun!
  2. Poll: How would you rate Baby Jane as a caregiver?

    • She gave the kind of care I only dream about giving

      23.53% 4
    • She should've been turned in for abuse and neglect

      0% 0
    • She missed her calling she should've worked in dietary

      11.76% 2
    • She should've been on the creative restraint committee

      5.88% 1
    • I think I've worked with her before

      58.82% 10
    17 Votes
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  4. by   MamaJudy
    In fact I think she still works here!
  5. by   nursegoodguy
    it's time to eat your din din hahahahaaaa
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  6. by   Furball
    Didn't she serve a rat on a platter for lunch? Is this the same movie?
  7. by   RN-PA
    Or wasn't it a parakeet on the platter?

    "Here's ya LUNCH, Blanche..."
  8. by   PsychoRN
    Love that movie!
  9. by   nursegoodguy
    Baby Jane Hudson, (Betty Davis) was a beloved vaudeville child star who in her adult life turned out to be a drunken has been that nobody wanted!
    Her sister Blanche, (Joan Crawford) was NOT a child star but she turned out to be the beloved adult star!
    Both sisters went to a party and when they returned home one of the sisters got out of the car to open the gate and the other attempted to run over the other sister, (sort of a trick ending).
    As it happened Blanche ended up a paraplegic and Jane, (who was drunk when the accident happened) became her caregiver.
    As time went on they started showing Blanche's old movies on TV and Jane went totally crazy!
    Blanche's room was on the 2nd floor...
    Blanche noticed that Jane was becoming more and more unstable and so Blanche and her maid planned on having Jane committed and they would sell the house and get a smaller house to share and the maid would take over as Blanche's caregiver.
    But... Jane sort of found out... she also decided to revive her own childhood career...
    Jane started imitating Blanche on the phone... she told the liquor store manager to let Jane order as much Scotch as she wanted and she fire Jane's, (her own) psychiatrist.
    Then she hires a pianist to accompany her as her daddy did when she was a child star!
    Blanche was buzzing for her so Jane went up and pulled the buzzer out of the wall! Then she served her a rat for lunch! Then she killed the maid with a hammer when she found Blanche all tied up to the bed, too weak to help herself!
    (whatta woman!)
    The story ends when Jane realizes that her pianist, (who also was a drunk) sees Blanche tied up and runs away saying he's calling the police. Jane loads up Blanche into the car and takes her to the beach and a crowd forms and Jane starts dancing like she did when she was a child star and then the police realize it's Blanche laying there nearly dead on the beach.
    That movie had me scared to death when I saw it as a kid!
    Sounds..... interesting.
  11. by   nursegoodguy
    hmmmm it was either Blanche's bird or a rat
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  12. by   dawngloves
    Oh poor Baby Jane! She was in dire need of some respite!!!
  13. by   Rustyhammer
    I hadn't thought about that movie in ages.
    I think I'll buy it. Checking Half.com now.
  14. by   cactus wren
    Wow !!! it`s been ages since I even thought about that movie...seeems to me that it scared the beegeesus outa me...
  15. by   l.rae
    Betty Davis is one of my favs.....my all time fav of BD is Hush Hush Sweet Charlotte....shortly after l saw this movie (l was about 11) we came home from evening church services and the electric was out from a terrible summer storm....as l came to the top of the stairway l heard this eerrie music coming from my room....a lady was singing the hush hush sweet charlotte song......OMG my knees got weak and as l turned the corner into my room....the curtains billowed out and the music eminated from the window....then l saw my transistor radio sitting on the window sill....l had left it on..heheheheh.......l like Baby Jane too.....Joey....are you a classic movie fan?...........LR