What will you do?

  1. If (and I hope it's just an if) the war begins, what will you do? Is there someone in your own life that might have to go and fight?

    I just feel so helpless. I'm wondering if the rest of you feel the same.
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  3. by   thatldo
    What will I do? As the mom of 2 draft age boys, a husband who was indeed drafted during the Vietnam war...I'll do what countless other women have done before me in order to protect this country. Pray for our servicemen and women, and for all our world leaders.

    Personally I'm no different than everyone else, and would to live in a "perfect" world. Won't happen, never has, never will.
    I don't get into debates, so will keep this short. I have so much admiration, for those who are in the military and thank God each & everyday for their service.

    Why do we have a military, to protect our country. 'nuf said....
  4. by   Gomer
    I have a close friend whose 2 sons enlisted last month. Either or both may be heading for the middle east. Funny thing, their mother and I met at an anti-Vietnam protest in 1968. Later when her first son was born we both mentioned how grateful we were that he wouldn't have to go to a war like Nam.

    I do not support this war nor the administration in it's path to war. I do support my friend's sons (and all young men and women who may go to war) and their right to enlist.

    It's funny, we never seem to learn by our past mistakes.
  5. by   memphispanda
    If we go to war, I will stand behind my country and support my country however I can. I don't at this time have any close family that would be affected, however my husband was sent to Desert Storm, so I do know how it feels to have family involved in a military conflict.
  6. by   eltrip
    A coworker has just been called back to active duty. Because I value the lives of our soldiers, I am all for finding a peaceful solution to all this mess. However, I am in 100% support of those who serve in the armed forces. They are in my prayers, as are the leaders of the countries involved.
  7. by   ER_RN07
    My husband is there now so I will just pray for his safe return and me and the dog will be here, keeping the home fires burning!
  8. by   bagladyrn
    As with other posters, I will be supporting my son and all the other sons and daughters in the military. I saw more military personnel at the airport today shipping out and wished I could tell them all how I feel about their dedication.
  9. by   SmilingBluEyes
    what will I do...well being married to Active duty AF I will do what I did during Desert Storm, when he was gone 6 mo for that conflict. Cope, pray and hope for the best. I think this one will be much tougher and a longer involvement. It sure won't be easy w/two kids who will miss their daddy, either. I will do what 100s of thousands of other loved ones do when this comes up. Deal.
  10. by   l.rae
    My son was on a Navy sub base x4yrs....he's home now but still reserve till sept. so he could go back. What will l do, pray, thank God every day for our brave men and women. Thankful , grateful, respectful.......SALUTE!
  11. by   maureeno
    if we begin this war I will pray my worst fears prove wrong. I will hope the war is over quickly and with few casualties. I will hope Jordan and Pakistan do not fall to radical Islamists. I will hope we will have not unleashed even more enemies. I will continue to cherish my three Army cousins and one Navy nephew, and appreciate the sacrifices of all men and women in uniform. If war comes I will be frightened and angry and sad, but I don't see myself 'doing' anything different than what I do now: Go to work, stay active in my community, pray unceasingly.
  12. by   mario_ragucci
    The entire situation is removed from me. The closest I ever been to Iraq is Turkey, while on liberty floating off Beriut with 24th MAU back in 1984. I already rendered myself in totality during those 4 years. Life is WAY different over there.
    I don't want to see anyone die. Our military is a killing machine. The only way to fight and win against the USA would be with WMD directed at our machine. During this 2003 new year, invading a country that will use WMD against us will only reduce the population of the countries involved. I'm sorry :-(
  13. by   PennyLane
    I only know one person in the military, my friend's husband. He works in D.C.

    Does anyone know what the draft ages are?
  14. by   maureeno
    on another thread research rabbit gave the web link for Selective Servicewww.sss.gov there is a page of frequently asked questions, nurses can be drafted up to age 45. for the regular draft I think it is up to age 26.