What was the best prank YOU pulled?????

  1. Well, most of us have confessed to taking one thing or another... and then there where the threads that want onto how we like our man/woman (the Bleep versus Blop.... {which by the way got very person :roll })

    I was thinking... if they could stupe so low :confuse -

    YOU MUST BE SOO COOL in person... that I am kinda interested in what some of the best PRANKS you have pull....

    It doesn't have to be a nursing prank... just the best prank you pulled.....
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  3. by   fergus51
    Work L&D, we had NO patients just before shift change, so we decided to fill the board with HORRENDOUS looking patients so the nurses coming on could see. You know, 28 weeker with PIH and gestational diabetes, 14 year old in with second baby, VBAC with gestational diabetes, etc. They looked terrified as they walked passed the board to the break room. Then another nurse went into one of the rooms and started making heart beat sounds by slapping our EFM. So she had it going at a good rate, then started to slow abruptly to like 50 a minute, and you should have seen the new nurse come running!! The look on her face when she saw our coworker in bed faking the FHR was so cute...
  4. by   RNforLongTime
    The best prank I ever pulled in my "nursing" career? Back in 1992, I was working as a resident care aide in an assisted living facility. The entire facility were given our annual flu shots the day before, I was working night shift and as a prank on the DON, the day shift decided to "call in sick". They went to hide in the med cart closet. I had the job of telling the DON that the entire day shift crew was ill with the flu. Oh boy, you shoulda seen the look on her face. Then she got out of the chair and started running around in a panic. "oh my God, what are we gonna do...." Then the day shift crew came out of the closet and yelled "gotcha". Luckily the DON was an easy going kind of gal, she got a laugh out of it.
  5. by   hoolahan
    Well, you didn't say it had to be a nursing prank, and not sure this was a prank, as I didn't plan it...

    My driveway is between two rock "walls" which "hold up" the soil because the driveway is cut out of a small hill. Anyway, when I first moved here, I wish I had a dollar for every time I hit that darned wall with my rims. This time, it's years later, and my hubby and I had decided to switch cars for a while so mine wouldn't rack up so much mileage. I was driving his Suburban, and he my station wagon.

    I wanted to go to aerobics one eve, and the station wagon was closest to the end of the driveway, so I took it, now remember I hadn't been driving it for some time. Came back home, and as I turned into the driveway, I nailed the corner of the car, bumper, license plate, on the rock wall. I start hyperventilating b/c hubby notices every teensy scratch on the cars.

    I pull up the driveway, leave the car running, get out while the headlights are still on to check out the damage. Oh man, not too pretty, definitely noticeable. I decide not to say anything, and play dumb when he asks about it.

    Go inside the house. He's right there at the door. Oh no, I think, he heard that horrible crunching screeching sound as the license plate got mangled against the rocks, but he says, I see you hesitated in the driveway, what did you do, move the seat buttons and all the mirrors into wacky positions? (We have a little battle about that, he insists on my car being perfectly in the driveway, so he gets in, is very tall, and totallly screws up my seat settings, and it irritates me so!) So, I go along with it, I am so relieved he didn't know what I was really doing, I start giggling hysterically, thinking he will surely think there is something up, but he follows me saying, you think you're pretty funny don't you? And he's laughing, he's in a good mood.

    A few weeks later, he comes home and says, damn if I didn't hit that wagon on the rock wall when I was pulling in. I couldn't believe it, I thought I just tapped it, but I got out, and I mangled the license plate, tore up the bumper, and I couldn't believe it, so I looked at the wall, and sure enough, there was blue paint from the license plate on it.

    I could hardly control myself I was laughing so hard. I never told him, I let him think he did it. He told several people the story, and each time he talked about it, I am trying not to snicker. He simply cannot believe he, the perfect driver, hit the car on the rock wall.

    I finally did tell him just before we traded the car in several years later. He cracked up. He said I always wondered why you found that so hysterically funny!