What type of programs do you have??

  1. As stated in another post, I own a fair amount of computer software . . . mostly having to do with the graphic and recording arts.

    I've purchased . . .. . . Yes, Purchased! No cracked software on my computer!!! . . . thousands of dollars of software thoughout the past couple of years. I have one humming audio recording and graphic art studio, I'm proud to say.

    But I just love learning how to use these programs! Which is part of the reason I have so many of them!!! I very rarely read the instructions . . . and just dive, head first, and learn how to use the software.

    Here's a list of what I own:

    Emagic: Logic Audio (Windows, Platinum version) (Audio Sequencing and digital recording software)

    Steinberg: Cubase SX and Wavelab (Audio Sequencing and digital recording software; and CD mastering software)

    Sonic Foundry: Vegas Video (Another digital audio recording software that can also do video editing)

    Macro Media: MX Studio (A set of programs for web design and graphical art editing)

    Adobe: Photoshop, Illustrator, Pagemaker, and Design (A set of programs for graphical art design and editing)

    Micro$oft: XP (Pro) operating system; 2000 Office Suite.

    Understand that these programs have been purchased throughout a couple of years. I'm up to date with upgrades for most of these programs . . . most of them are free upgrades (thank goodness!).

    I'm interested in reading what type of programs you guys may have. What type of programs tickle your fancy?!?!?

    Happy computering, folks!

    Software Junkie

    P. S. Yep! It's another slow night at work. One patient safely and comfortably sleeping with heart a beating (sinus rhythm sometims sinus brady down to the 40's . . . going to get a pacer tomorrow . . . ummm . . . later today . . . .)


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  2. Poll: What type of programs do you use??

    • Graphic and Photo art/editing.

      81.82% 9
    • Musical composing/recording/sequencing

      18.18% 2
    • Musical notation

      18.18% 2
    • Office suite type programs (MS Office, etc.)

      72.73% 8
    • Web authoring/design

      36.36% 4
    • Word processor type programs

      72.73% 8
    • CD recording type programs

      72.73% 8
    • Video recording/editing

      54.55% 6
    • CAD programs

      0% 0
    • Other. . . .

      54.55% 6
    11 Votes / Multiple Choice
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  4. by   Jenny P
    Ted, I'd vote, but I just can't seem to get off allnurses long enough to see what I've got!
  5. by   micro
    can't vote yet.....

    need a reply for what is a program........?

    okay, does word perfect count>>>>>>

    k' then i have one.........
  6. by   Ted
    Originally posted by micro
    can't vote yet.....

    need a reply for what is a program........?

    okay, does word perfect count>>>>>>

    k' then i have one.........
    Yep! Word Perfect counts! (And I own an old version of this program . . . . software!)

    Program . . . software.

    Cheers, Micro!

  7. by   adrienurse
    Right now I use my computer only for play. When I go back to school, I'll use it for work.