What type of antiterroist security measures do you have in your state or country?

  1. Hi. I'm curious about the following:

    1. What type of security measures has been taken in your state or country against terroism since September 11?
    2. Was your state or country engaged in antiterroists activity prior to September 11? If so, what type of measures were used and would you consider the actions taken poor or good?
    3. Has your employer formally addressed you on antiterroists measures or are there any plans to do so?
    4. What have you personally done to prepare for terroists activity?
    5. What have you done to help your patients and families prepare for this type of crisis? (for those not already directly affected by the massacre that took place September 11)

    As I pointed out under another topic, I'm concerned about the huge lapses of security at our borders here in the states in addition to homegrown problems. Even though I believe in justice, I wonder what good will it do to go to another country and more than likely end up in a huge war only to find upon your return, for those of you who are soldiers, that you return home to another major war? Am I making much ado about nothing?

    I understand the problem is particularly acute in the northern half of the country.
    I am looking forward to seeing your response to this and other questions that you may devise for comments regarding security.
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  3. by   nurs4kids
    I hope the lack of response isn't because the answer to your question is the same for everyone else that it is for me..

    1 Nothing
    2 No
    3 No
    4 Nothing
    5 Nothing

    The hospital did print an article about the attacks on the front page of our hospital newsletter. As for security, it only said the hospital security was on alert for any suspicious activity. I've noticed nothing different, though.

    I think it's pretty ignorant for anyone to feel immune to terrorism, regardless of where we live. I agree, those in big cities are probably at higher risk, though.

    Our airports still aren't safe, that was proven this week by the man in PA who got through security, not once, but twice with knives on him.

    Do I think it'll do any good to educate the general public about potential terrorism? No, I think all this does is strike unnecessary fear. Unnecessary because it's not something the general public can stop. Of course, awareness MAY help prevent future attacks, but I think the events of 9-11 was all the awareness the public needed. If we continue to walk around in fear, we are still allowing the terrorist to attack us.
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  4. by   tiger
    we recieved a memo stating we will have a disaster response drill next week. i forgot exactly what the memo said but made me think it was for bio-warfare. that is all i've heard.
  5. by   Doey
    Same as nurs4kids. Nada.
  6. by   Mijourney
    Hi nurs4kids. Your point is well taken. However, I have the view that ignorance and denial is not bliss for survival in an ever increasingly evil world. Many of us, especially in the states and a few other westernized countries, have lived our lives in an insular fashion. We've put all our faith in our government which includes our military forces, the market place, and the media and never looked within to see how we were responsible and accountable for helping to maintain a great and strong nation(s) as individuals.

    Passing the buck has caused us to be more vulnerable as a people then we need to be. No, we won't be able to prevent pain, but we can do a better job of controlling it. Yes, as individuals there are things we can do to prevent even the smallest of terroist activity within our ranks. We can also help our government and our markets in antiterroism measures. President Bush has asked us to not stop participating in the economy. There are many other antiterroism measures which I hope others will post. No, I don't think withdrawing into our "safe" havens will help to reduce fear. If anything, it probably will increase it in the long run making us overly suspicious and paranoid. For me, September 11 represents the need to work toward a higher calling, because life is truly short and can be brutally unfair.
  7. by   donmurray
    I'll try, off the top of my head,
    1. No hand luggage at airports,etc, (see www.open.gov.uk) Be aware, but carry on as normal.
    2. Airport police openly carry automatic weapons. (Our police are not routinely armed, excepting Northern Ireland.) All baggage x-rayed, If you miss the flight your bags come off before it leaves, metal detectors in important buildings, Most larger towns have cctv cameras in town centres.Gradual build-up over the last 30 years, so it's hard to remember what it was like before, it's just "normal" Airport security I suppose, started in the 70's with hijackers. Mainland security is mostly anti- IRA. They tended to set bombs, and telephone mostly accurate warnings before, though not always. Of course in N.I. the army were/are on the streets, there has been a ceasefire now nearly 3 years, but splinter groups are still active, eg Omagh, much less so since Sept 11 and there is talk of the IRA actually giving up weapons. As to good or bad, things were almost tit for tat, until the politicians started talking with them. Shooting people makes martyrs for the cause, and although these "Troubles" have lasted 30 years, the reasons date back nearer 300!
    3. At work there are critical incident procedures, for mass casualty accidents etc, included within that are bomb alerts, and the like.
    4. I had to think on this one. I suppose I am a little more on the alert for unusual / suspicious packages, or behaviour, but don't feel directly affected, not living in a high risk target sort of area. In London, I might well more at risk, so I would only go there if really necessary.
    5. Nothing on this one really, they and their families have had the same general, non specific warning from the Govnt.

    One thing occurs to me! this panic over gasmasks, weird! Being sprayed with toxic gas is highly unlikely, due to the practical difficulties involved in distributing the stuff without the terrorist killing themselves first. If those around you start falling down, then it's probably too late anyway, and like wise with infectious agents. By the time people are becoming sick, it will be a day or two after they got infected, so gasmasks will be useless. IMO
  8. by   NRSKarenRN
    Being right outside Philly, my county has been active in bio-terrorism education for Civil defense, police etc. We have Mobile command center so we wouldn't be hammpered in communications like NY was...all this happened sev yrs ago after prominent millionaire barricaded himself in home after killing employee.

    DON"T want to go into details. Have problems with asking too many specifice questions here on war issues...never know who's monitoring us!
  9. by   Mijourney
    Thank you Karen. Your point is also well taken. I guess then that it's a safe bet that national security issues are off the table for now on this bb. I can appreciate that in light of the fact that I just saw President Bush on TV angrily rapping the Congress about leaking sensitive security information to the press. I'll just look forward to our National Homeland Terroism Czar, former PA governor, Tom Ridge to do the speaking for us, eh? He indicated that he will be letting us, John and Jane Q Public, know what we can do to help in this area.

    donmurray, I would suspect that the antiterroists measures you posted on your country are public knowledge meaning that anyone who wanted to can get access?

    I must say that after reading your post donmurray, it looks like the USA has a very long way to go towards national self-defense. I'm just basing this on what I knew about our national security prior to September 11.
  10. by   debbyed
    In a nut shell:

    1. Don't Know
    2. Don't Know
    3. No
    4. Our guns are actually loaded (no children at home and I'm not interested in getting into a gun ownership debate) More observant to what's happening around me.
    5. Nothing