what to do... what to do..

  1. hi...
    its 9 o'clock on a monday...
    nothing to do... I'm bored....

    I want to do something...but dont know what...
    oh well

    gotta figure out something....

    any ideas? I'm so bored!
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  3. by   iliel
    You can come out here and take my polic sci final!
  4. by   gwenith
    ME I am busy breeding new and improved dust bunnies.
  5. by   iliel
    Originally posted by gwenith
    ME I am busy breeding new and improved dust bunnies.
    i just found that way too funny!
  6. by   CashewLPN
    um.... as of so far, noting that it is now tues. morning.. (no, I didnt die of boredom, as I thought I would...)
    I found a new specie or varient of dust bunny.... super impregnated with sand..... wierd...
    I called my bud....
    oh... and, i stink at polit. sci.... gimmie something I teach, and I'll love the challange... (we're at week 3 in school... very busy)

  7. by   angelbear
    Ya dont teach micro do ya. I could use help in that. Actually I am going on medical leave the 11th and am hopeing to get the lions share done while off. Hope you keep yourself occupied.
  8. by   jnette
    Originally posted by iliel
    i just found that way too funny!
    Ditto ! At least mine can't hop away... with carpeting throughout, they just kinda "cling"... favorite breeding grounds is definately under the beds.

    But in the bathroom they have free reign, and they definately have an affection for hair... just LOVE to buddy up to fallen strands of hair...:stone
  9. by   BadBird
    So far I slept in, made coffee, checked on this BB, and am planning to go to Walmart. Later I will do some laundry and watch a movie, You just gotta love days off!!!!!!!!!!!! Hmmmmmmm, maybe I will do some laundry too. Anyone want to come over and go in the jacuzzi? Oh, yeah, pick up some Bacardi mixes , yummmmmmmm.
  10. by   H ynnoD
    Seems like I'm always to busy to be bored.If I run out of things to do I hang out here all day.
  11. by   Tweety
    Now you got me singing Billy Joel...."it's nine o'clock on a Saturday....the regular crowd shuffles in...." or something like that.

    Gee thanks!
  12. by   CashewLPN
    3rdshift...... I've been singing billy joel for ages after I wrote that... tee hee

    and, I teach religion classes (comparitive religions, and a Wicca 101, and Advanced Witchcraft.... its for my coven, but anyone is welcome to the 101 class....the others are application only)
    I only wish I knew micro that well... haha

    be good!
    Keep yourselves busy!
  13. by   Brita01
    Originally posted by clm18
    I got up at 8am, courtesy of my alarm clock, fogot to turn it off. Got up to have a drink, went back to bed and woke up at 10.

    Had my breakfast, with a coffee, turned the heating on. About to have another coffee, try and wake up, still tired.

    Will have a shower in a few hrs, and do some studying, preparing for my H&HD SAC for tonight, so nervous about it.

    I'm not bored

    You had to turn the heat on? What's the temperature there? I'm so sick of this hot and humid weather. I have to get up extra early if I'm going to do yardwork so I don't bake in the heat.
    Today I caught up on the laundry, washed dishes, and ate way too much creole cream cheese ice cream. But it was soooooo good.
  14. by   Hartmissy
    hey clm18,its cold there?Send of that cold way and ill send some of this 103 degrees your way.Im in Texas sweatin to death and you are turnin your heater on? I wish it was cooler here!