What should you be doing??

  1. I am going to be moving in about a week, and instead of packing and sorting and all that stuff, I've been sitting here for the last 2 hours going through topics and posts etc.... So, I got to thinking, what other people should be doing right now instead of being here like me.... Please don't let me be the only one to be putting things off!!! :chuckle
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  3. by   babynurselsa
    Well I could be doing laundry, but I think we all have at least 1 more clean pair of undies.
    I could clean house but it is easier to hang that quarantine sign out front to scare away visitors.
    I could do the dishes but I still got that pack of paper plates up in the cabinet, and who needs silverware.
    I am researching those projects for work, yeah, yeah, that's it I am researching.....
  4. by   LTC-LPN
    ...I should be doing the laundry, but I just got done working the weekend (two very busy shifts where my feet hit the ground running) and I am tired, still! I could be finishing up the Valentine's cards and probably will when I'm done with the computer. Then it is back to the laundry with maybe a few checks of the message board inbetween. LOL!

    I like the computer lots better than the washing machine and dryer.

    Jane Ann
  5. by   OneChattyNurse
    I should be doing lots of things...but...I am taking a break!! My almost 4 year old son is FINALLY feeling better after being up all night vomiting!!! It all started at about 7pm last night while we were at Target!!!! I am sure those kids that work there were thinking "I surely do not get paid enough to clean up THAT!!!!!" I offered to clean it up, but they said no...they would get it! I ended up taking him to urgent cate at 4 this morning because he kept having "dry heaves". Poor little guy!!!

    Anyway...this is a great way to take a break!!!!!

  6. by   WalMart_ADN
    i SHOULD be studying and SHOULD be finishing the careplan...but im' not!!! BAD NURSING STUDENT!!!
  7. by   kids
    I should be cleaning house
    or doing laundry (my 17 yo went to school in my socks today)
    or doing dishes
    or cleaning my mom's house (she's old)
    or paying bills
    or putting the 12# ham in the oven that we're having for dinner

    But the fact is it is my day off (1st of 2) and I am still in bed, in my jammies, drinking coffee (which by the way gets refilled by what ever kid walks past my door), cruising the boards and watching Jerry Springer.

    Life couldn't get much better right now...
  8. by   pkmom
    oops, the laundry, its probably mildewy by now!
  9. by   kewlnurse
    I should be watching the Olympics, and doing laundry, or finishing one of the many "projects" I started.
  10. by   kaycee
    I should be laying on a beach on a tropical island with gorgeous young men serving me drinks, feeding me grapes and doing whatever else my heart desires.:imbar In reality I'm playing on the computer while my house goes to pot but that's not very intersting is it!
  11. by   Michelle_nurse
    I should be doing laundry.....There is a load in the washer waiting to be put up to dry, it is all wrinkling up in the washer!
    I should be running errands, making a few phone calls, cleaning up, but those things aren't important! It's what you call "rationalization", the human defense mechanism they were talking about in nursing school!
  12. by   night owl
    Hey that's my name!...Only with one "L." I'm with you... Got a load in the washer waitin for me to take it out to put into the drier...Let it wait. I got till 10:30 tonight to dry it (my uniforms) anyway. I should be doing alot of things, but I'm NOT... I'd rather be here until I have to go pick up my son at school so he can go to work. Man I can't wait until he gets his license...March 20th...Praise the Lord! Halleluia, raise the flag and throw a party!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I'm just tired of being his license driver. It's go, go, go,go from the time he wakes up til he goes to sleep and I really don't have time to do anything except have him cart me around with him wherever he goes. No doubt that he'll pass on the first try. Then I'll worry if he's driving ok without me. That's when my worries will really begin. He tends to have a lead foot at times and I have to remind him to slow it down, especially if one of his friends are in the car. (he likes to show off...not good!) I'll shut up because I'm way off topic. Well yes, I could be doing a whole bunch of other things, but I'm not.

  13. by   Mkue
    Yikes I should be studying, good question!

  14. by   Franca
    I enjoy you guys so much! I laugh, I learn...I'm always encouraged. Thank you.

    , Guess I better sign off and finish a project due tomorrow.