What Really Happens When You Retire

  1. I worked forty-five years for someone else
    So that I could retire.
    I dreamed of sleeping late
    And sitting by the fire.

    I dreamed of long vacations,
    Enjoying stage and song.
    But, the rest of it had a mind of its own
    And this is how it goes.

    My wife had been thinking of retirement
    And had plans of her own.
    She had spent much time with the kids
    But, now they are grown and gone.

    We sold our cattle and horses
    So we wouldn't have that chore.
    I poured concrete over my alarm clock
    But, I still wake up at four.

    I get my eyes checked on Monday,
    Ann gets hers checked the next day.
    I go for a colon check on Wednesday
    And pass my wife going the other way.

    I have a dental appointment on Thursday,
    Ann goes for a test on her heart.
    Friday we go get prescriptions filled
    And browse a while at Walmart.

    Saturdays we just stay home
    And try to get the paper work right.
    We can't take any overnight trip
    'Cause we can't see to drive at night.

    Restroom confusion keeps us out of church on Sunday
    And we really do hate that.
    There's nothing wrong with the restrooms,
    We just can't remember where they're at.

    We don't need to plan next week,
    Just make sure we can drive.
    And not forget where the hospitals and clinics are.
    We'll need them to survive.

    So, don't build your castles too high, my friend,
    While strolling through the clover.
    This is a typical week in retirement
    And on Monday we start all over!

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  3. by   karenG
    ok got a few years left yet I think.................... :chuckle :chuckle
  4. by   purplemania
    KarenG: I have a sign over my desk. It states "Just when I finally got my head together, my body starts falling apart". Girl, I relate!
  5. by   mattsmom81
    I can relate to half of that stuff...so I am correct in referring to myself as 'semi retired' I guess!! LOL!