What number of bras is it reasonable for a woman to own?

  1. Okay - obviously this was started because of a "discussion" between my husband and myself upon the purchase of a brassiere (I'm sure I spelled that WRONG).

    How many bras do you have in your regular weekly lineup? I'm not talking about special-occasion bras, but just regular work and weekend bras. (hmmmm, we might not have had the "discussion" if the purchase in question was a special occasion bra?)

    Thanks for your input. I hope to use your answers as ammo against my husband!


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  3. by   LasVegasRN
    I have 5 daily bras and 2 special occasion bras. 3 push 'em up high bras for extra emphasis when needed and 1 sports bra to prevent black eyes while exercising. How's that?
  4. by   Vsummer1
    Ummm... too many to count all the ones I have but don't wear d/t changes in my weight up and down. But for the ones I fit in now:

    2 sports bras and 3 regular ones. But I am a student and don't have a lot of money to buy as many as I really need
  5. by   Stargazer
    Dude, you have to justify buying underwear? Can I just say at this moment how happy I am not to be married? (Although most men I know STRONGLY ENCOURAGE their wives to buy lingerie!)

    Oh, topic question. Right. It varies, but I'd say I have between 5 - 8 regular ("work") bras and maybe the same number of weekend and/or sports bras. "Out-on-the-town" bras depend on what I'm wearing, but probably another 2 or 3 of those.

    I have quite a bit of of "staying home" (i.e., decorative rather than functional) lingerie, but I don't know if bustiers and teddies are relevant to the question being asked here.
  6. by   nursedawn67
    I have 5 or 6 regular everyday bras. And numerous "special occasion" bras.
  7. by   prmenrs
    to not run out before running a load of laundry!!

    Your husband needs more starch in HIS shorts!!!
  8. by   MelSky
    i have 5 everyday bras, 5 "special" bras, and a sports bra. i also have a huge victorias secret bill that i'm currently paying off. i'm accepting donations. j/k :angel2:
  9. by   Rustyhammer
    I'm don't see how you ladies can even tolerate those things.
    Another reason I'm glad I'm a guy.
    My answer:
    Buy as many as you want.
    Why should he care?
  10. by   2MagnoliaTrees
    7-8. When one starts getting grungy I order another one. I only get mine from the Lane Bryant catalog. I don't like to have less than 6 at any one time.
  11. by   jnette
    Believe it or not, I own a sum total of 3 bras. They just don't make them small enough for me...

    If they get funky before I do a wash, a couple bandaids will work very nicely.

    (and I only purchased the bras for work...it's the first thing after my shoes and sox that comes off after I get in the door !)
  12. by   adrienurse
    Okay, so you need the all purpose bras (comfortable and effective) Must have in nude/white and black.
    Then the sports bras
    Then the gee this makes me feel foxy ones
    Then the ones that add that extra bit of emphasis wherever you need it
    Then the formal ones

    Come on mister Dennie!
  13. by   kittyw
    I have as many bras as most women have pairs of shoes!!

    Not only do you need your "basic" colors, you also NEED some fun colors to wear.... and of course you NEED several different styles because of different types of fabric and cleavage lines. And it's absolutely necessary (at least at my cup size) to have several sports bras .... then you have the special occasion bras....
    Originally posted by jnette
    Believe it or not, I own a sum total of 3 bras. They just don't make them small enough for me...

    If they get funky before I do a wash, a couple bandaids will work very nicely.

    I don't know what all this talk is about "fun" and "special occasion" bras. My most fun and special occasions occur when I don't even have a bra on! I have a few pretty ones that are old, but I got so sick and tired of picking them up off the floor thinking "that was really worth $40 to have it on for 10 minutes!"

    I have 4 bras that I actually wear, but at this very moment, I'm free.