What movie rental?

  1. Ok, I work all weekend incl Mon. I will be going to bed early, the kids are out and about- I can hunker down and watch some movies! What have been your favorite movie rentals this past couple months and why? All's fair!

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  3. by   LasVegasRN
    I'm going to rent "The Red Violin". Saw the end of it on TV and I'm sure some parts were edited out.
  4. by   cargal
    Hey Vegas,
    I liked that movie. Saw it a while ago. Have you seen My Big Fat Greek Wedding? LMAO. The Feel Good Movie of Feel Good Movies.
  5. by   nursegoodguy
    Originally posted by LasVegasRN
    I'm going to rent "The Red Violin". Saw the end of it on TV and I'm sure some parts were edited out.
    I love that movie! One of my all time favorites!
    Another that I love is Horseman on the Roof with juliet binoche or chocolat also with juliet binoche... I am a foreign filmwhore!
  6. by   LasVegasRN
    Me too, Giuseppe. At some point I want to buy (to keep in my collection) The Joy Luck Club, Hidden Tiger/Crouching Dragon, and Like Water for Chocolate. LOVE those films!!!!
  7. by   live4today
    I'm taking myself to see the "Big Fat Greek Wedding" tomorrow.

    I love the Matrix, The Wedding Singer, Runaway Bride, Fatal Attraction , The Other Sister, Sister Act I and II, The Out-of-Towners, Rush Hour I and II, all Bruce Lee movies, Liar Liar, Prince of Egypt, Thelma and Louise.........for starters.
  8. by   nursegoodguy
    Joy Luck Club: "Know your worth!" Was a very good movie also! How about tea with mussolini...
  9. by   cargal
    ooooh youz guys are good. I loved Juliet Binoche in The English Patient, she was the best nurse. Knew how to cut hair too. Anyone else like that movie? Must see Horseman on the Roof- Out on VHS? I'm so glad I started this thread. Gettin ready for winter. Lots to see, if I listen to allnurses.
    Cheerful, Who are you going to the movies with? I loved torturing my daughters with Fatal Attraction--- it really freaked them out.
    Red Red Wine.......
    Back to Count of Monte Cristo.......
  10. by   nursegoodguy
    YES! The English Patient! I didn't know the woman in the plane was dead at the beginning of the movie, like a flashback? And how about that movie... I mean what would you do if you had to leave your lover in a cave in the desert then you got captured by nazi's and you just knew as the days were ticking away your lover was dieing...
    Oh My Gosh! And to fill up all those syringes and then... ok shot number one, two... Could you just leave him there?
    I'm gonna watch the count of Monte Cristo tonight!
    Mmmm... I'm all about scary/suspense! Seven, Silence of the Lambs, Hannibal, Copycat, Cape Fear... but I won't be renting them because I own them all!

  12. by   live4today
    Originally posted by cargal
    Cheerful, Who are you going to the movies with?
    Ahem.....Me, Myself, and I-I-I!!!

    I don't cheat on my hubby......cause when I'm married, I'm married.....when I'm single, I'm single. Just because he's being an azz right now doesn't mean I have to adopt his evil ways. I'm a good girl, and don't plan on sacrificing that part of myself just to get even with the STILL current spouse. :chuckle

    I often go to daytime movies on my own. Even if my husband were in town right now, if I wanted to see a movie that my husband didn't want to see, I would go without him, and vice versa. I/we see nothing wrong with that! I find it quite refreshing to do, myself. I learned to DATE MYSELF when I was single between azzholes like my two husbands.
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  13. by   adrienurse
    Life as a house -- OMG waht a beautiful movie! English patient -- beautiful!
  14. by   tiger
    don't rent "bundy". it's almost like a joke the way the movie is portrayed. however the new one(i mean new to the video store, we never go to the movies) with ashley judd and morgan freeman was pretty good. can't remember the name. can anyone help me out? oh, i think it is high crimes.