What makes you glad?

  1. Just the one question.
    What makes you glad?
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  3. by   Tweety
    A hug from spouse and a sloppy kiss from my puppy. The worlds a wonderful place then.
  4. by   Angelica
    Lot's of things make me happy. My children are at the top of the list. They are 8 and 10 and their sense of humor is in full bloom. So I really enjoy it when we have a good laugh together, which, thankfully, is often.
  5. by   Gator,SN
    #1 my husband and my kids!
    They are my greatest blessings and most treasured gifts.
  6. by   mattsmom81
    A good night's sleep. Honest sharing and fellowship with friends and family. My faith. Watching children play. Lotsa hugs. When I'm down these things make me glad again.
  7. by   nowplayingEDRN
    There are many things but prolly next to a good snuggle with the hubby or a cup of hot coffee when I get in the door would be a handful of flowers picked by one of my teenage children. Let's me know all is right in the world. (I am a sentimental sap, eh?)
  8. by   Mkue
    I'm glad when the Sun comes out.
  9. by   Ted
    A good night's (day's. . . I work nights) sleep.

    Seeing and hearing my own video creation complete with original music. . . it's only been 6 months or so since I've been able to do the video end of things.

    Being a part of anything musical and/or theatrical.

    Hugging my spouse. . . just spending quality time with Amy.

  10. by   SmilingBluEyes
    spending time on our boat with my family.

    we have medical coverage (I know many who WORK yet do not).

    my job ( I do love it).

    the fact I am living in a free society and can speak my mind when i want/need to.

    i am alive and healthy.

    i am not wealthy but have more than enough to make me happy and i am learning to want what i already have

    i have friends who care (not many friends, but they geniune).

    i have equal access to education and career pursuits as a woman today.
  11. by   cwazycwissyRN
    the simplicity of life itself. All the little things that I had taken for granted in my younger days. The days you have time to stop, look around and just suck in the fresh air, and think"now this is really livin"
  12. by   Tilleycs
    When I see, read, or hear about some of the things that go on in other countries, it's makes me glad that I'm an American.

    When I see people with disabilities/conditions, it makes me grateful for my health.

    When I watch "Behind The Music" on VH-1, it makes me glad I didn't become a rock star like I wanted to when I was young.

    When I see the condition that most ex- pro football players and wrestlers are in, it makes me glad that I was never big or good enough to make it to that level. I'm glad I'm earning a living with my mind and not my body.

    When I see people who have to fight drug & alcohol addiction for the rest of their lives, or people who don't fight and are just consumed by it, it makes me glad I never touched any of it.
  13. by   Disablednurse
    Above everything knowing that I am saved from sin and going to spend eternity in heaven with God and my family.

    #1. My spouse and furbabies (kisses and hugs from both, knowing they love me.

    #2. My new great nephew and his family.

    #3. My brothers, sisters in law and nieces and nephews knowing they love me.
  14. by   AAHZ
    1, My wife

    2, The smell of coffee brewing over a wood fire.

    3, The sound of a bagpipe, in the distance.

    4, John Smiths traditional Yorkshire Bitters (I miss England)

    5, That I hav'nt given in to the demons (yet).

    6, Not having to be the first one up, to build the fire. (fat chance)

    7, Selling something that I'v made.

    8, The sound of a meadowlark singing.

    9, 1812 overture.

    10, Any Hank Williams tune.

    11, Four fingers of a good single malt scotch.

    12, Tequila.