What Kind of Toilet Paper Are You???

  1. Are you 2 ply or generic store brand???

    Sorry for the pop-ups in advance....

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    ...and i can't believe i just took that quiz. i'd better go back to bed.
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    All you environmentally conscious people here....
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    I tried to paste the results. Anyway, I was the "safe" paper.
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    I didn't like that this quiz won't let you see all the other possible answers. I kinda wanted to see what the options were!

  13. by   JonRN
    Where the He!! do you find this stuff Kristy? It is always entertaining and funny. I'd love to see the history on your PC!
  14. by   JonRN
    Oh, I made my own category: I am John Wayne T.P., rough and tough and don't take any crap offa anyone. That is the kind they have at the V.A.