What kind of pet do you have?

  1. My parents and I have two great pyrnees dogs (HUGE), 15-20 cats (at any given time), two horses, 50-75 head of boer goats, and a couple of chickens.
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  3. by   KaraLea
    Yes, we live in the country. Only the dogs (male age 13 and female age 5), a few of the cats, and the horses are pets. Most of the cats are wild, or abandoned cats that come and go as they please and the goats are going to end up sold for meat so we try not to get too attached to them. Oh and the chickens just get into everything and cause messes where ever they go.
  4. by   NurseDennie
    I've never lived in the country, and I've always wanted to - I wonder if I'll ever fulfill that dream?


  5. by   KaraLea
    I'm in the Texas Hill Country and I love it.
  6. by   bandaidexpert
    I have two of the most wonderful Labs! These dogs were dumped by some as$%^&8. They are sweet and sooooo loving. We also have 4 cats(not counting the neighbors) and 3 chinese chickens, who supply me with at least 8 eggs a day. if I had my way, I would have goats, pigs and and assorted barnyard of hooligans. We have 3 acres of Everglades bliss.
  7. by   Ted
    Amy (my wife) and I have a 135 pound mix dog. . . . English Sheepdog and Great Pyranees. Our "child-dog" is named "Bubbles". Bubbles loves to bark and bark and bark and be petted and petted and petted. . . . . for hours!!!!

    We love our dainty doggie . . . . Bubbily-Boo doggie-woggie. . . .


    P. S. Did I say our Bubbles loves to bark and bark and be petted and petted????
  8. by   live4today
    We have a dog name Prince. He is a Miniature Pinscher...age three years...named after the singer Prince. I wonder if he would find that to be cute! :chuckle I love the singer Prince, and he's little just like my little Prince. This is the funniest dog I have ever had in my entire life of always owning dogs. He has so much character and gets along great with everyone. He's been 'fixed' and he wants to ask God for his testicles back when he gets to Pet Heaven!
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  9. by   fab4fan
    A beta, lovingly named "FrankenFish."
  10. by   l.rae
    Well, l've got a little Jack Russell/Beagle mix, looks just like Wishbone..he was a stray, he adopted me 10 yrs ago....also a black cat, Toby...a stray kitten found by my daughter in a ditch,(but l found out later he was ''found'' in a yard with a sign, ''free kittens''), and a Blue Crown Parrot, Cody..a real wise cracker..he calls the cat, says ''damn it'' and attempts to sing Jesus Loves Me.......sometimes all three of my ''boys are in my lap at the same time.....LR
  11. by   adrienurse
    I have 2 cats. Rufus and Rosie. One is the opposite of the other in every way. They follow me around the house, whereve I go. Have one on my lap right now. Makes it hard to type!
  12. by   BjOnrs
    I have 4 dogs(2 inside & 2 outside) and 1 cat. "Mr. Waggles" is a Malchi(Maltese /chihuahua). "Jack"is a Schnoodle(Schnauser/ Poodle). "Missy"(German shepherd, dauchsaund,chow). "Pepper"(Bassett Hound Blue Heeler) and "Smokey", my Siamese cat. What a motley lot we are but lots of fun. "Mr. Waggles" is my favorite. Looks of a Maltese with the personality of a chihuahua. More sassy than a 13yr old, all 7lbs of him. "Smokey"we got at the animal shelter. They told me he is old and has stuff wrong with him and we should just put him to sleep. Well, I am old and have stuff wrong with me too, but I don't want to be put to sleep!!! He is regal and mannerly -- all 15lbs of him.
    We live in the city and probably have all we can handle for there but would love more room out where we could have our own little "zoo of critters.":chuckle :roll
    I have a Jack Russel mix of some kind. Maybe it's beagle, I don't know. But I'm sure he's not pure jack. We found him in January. Named him Bud E. Dog. He's my baby! It's amazing how good animals are for your mental health!

    l.rae, you should post a pic or send me one of your dog, I'd be interested to see if they look alike!

  14. by   kewlnurse
    Got 2 stupid dogs. One is a Boston Terrier, thought she was bread too close, turns out the breed is stupid, the other is black, more stubborn than stupid. Got a cat thats 11 years old and some african cichlids in a 29 gallon. probably get a bigger tanks this winter.