What is your dream car?

  1. Well we've all listed our favorite books, songs, bands and movies, so here is a new one. If you could have any car, truck, or SUV what would it be? Please include make and model and color.

    My dream car is a Ford Explorer--I hope to actually own one of these in the next few years. I think I'll get a blue one as I've never had a blue car.

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  3. by   Q.
    My own car, which is a 1995 Geo Prizm - but paid off!!

    (Only $5,000 more to go!)

    But seriously, probably a 300M - silver.
  4. by   night owl
    I would love to own a black, Dodge "Viper"... I have a need for speed!!!
  5. by   leesonlpn
    Well - I drive a Saturn ( different kind of company different kind of car).It is a 1999, and I lease it for $268 p/m. I get to pick a new one next year. The model I have is plain jane, 4 door sedan. Next time I want cruise control, power locks, and a cd player. I really like the chrysler intrepids, and I also like the PT Cruiser's.Red in color. They look like old fashion gangster cars. Of course we must talk fuel economy here! Gas just went up here in Vernon to 82cents a litre. ($3.28 roughly for a gallon. 4 litres a little less than a gallon.) My Saturn gets 50 mpg, so I guess in the long run, I'll be looking at fuel economy. I think our hospital should get a hitching post and we can all ride horses to work. YEHAWW
    PS Nightowl what would you do with 400HP??

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  6. by   kewlnurse
    MaN, you guys are easily pleased, Date Anyone? My dream car/cars would be any of the Following: '65 427 AC Cobra, '68 Hemi Dart or 'Cuda, 63 Split window vette, 427 with a 10-71 blower burning alcohol, tubbed (big tires tucked under the wheel wells, NOT sticking out) pumpin about a conservative 1500 horsepower with a 500 horse nitros system just incase, Candy Brandywine paint. Or the one that could actually come to reallity would be my '67 Olds Cutlass, it's tubbed, with 16" wide tires, Rollcage, 455 putin out about 550 horse, i just need to finish putting it back togther and paint it. Isn't really feasable to drive on the street anymore since the gas i have to use is $5/gallon, 110 octane, and the car would get about 1-2 miles to the gallon. It's really a drag car, had it since i was 17, drove it on the street for about 5 years when it was much tamer than it is now. But man to be sitting at a stop light next to a punk*ssb*tch in his sh*tty little Camaro/Firebird/Mustang and yank the tires off the ground whilst blowing their doors off would be AWESOME!!! "Excuse me, I found this door to your $30,000 DOG". If you havn't guessed, along with all the other stuff on my plate I'm a car guy too.

    Some Cool Car guy sayings:
    Small Blocks are for punks, Injection is nice, but I'd rather be blown, there's no replacement for cubic displacement, Alcohol is for drinking, gas is for washing parts NITRO is for racing!
  7. by   CEN35
    Dan why is it I had you pegged for a car guy?

    I could not really pick out one favorite car? When I was a kid I liked Starsky and Hutches Torino (even though I'm not a FORD man). I liked the 1970 440-6 or Hemi Cuda' with the shaker hood, 426 Hemi Charger (1970), or 70-71 440-6 or Hemi Challenger. I also liked the 1970 Plymouth GTX. I would take any of those cars in their perspective color, Plum Crazy, Limelight Green, Metalic blue, or ( and it sounds crappy, but the color name doesn't do it justice), the GTX or Charger in Burnt Orange. (yes that's a factory color).

    Moving on to something newer, I always liked the Ferraris, and some of the Porches, even the Audi's. I guess I would have to think in reality though? Love the Audi A6, but is too expensive for me, and the Porsche (only a 2 seater). So maybe one day an Audi A4 in the pearl glow white.
  8. by   hoolahan
    It's a tie between an older corvette in candy apple red, convertible, OR a mercedes 450SL baby blue convertible.

    Now the closest I have come to this is my 81 saphire blue (with the sparkly finish) camaro, complete with mag wheels and rocking stereo system. I had this car 6 months after I graduated nursing school. I got a LOT of attention in that car!! Guys used to walk away from their girlfriends to come over and talk to me and look at my car (I think they were checking out my car )

    Aaaahhh....the good old days......

    Now I drive a station wagon with rubber strips peeling off the chrome along the length of the car. But at least when I am doing HH in bad neighborhoods my car is still there when I come out of the building!! That camaro would have been history!
  9. by   neonnurse2
    Sorry guys, but I have to sound ultra practical when it comes to cars. My dream car is a car that is in excellent running condition and is paid off. If it can get me from point A to point B I'm happy. Last year I had a total nightmare radiator situation with my car that finally died on me. The real nightmare was that my credit was el crappo and my fiancee has the car in his name with me as the cosigner. I'm happy to say that my credit is on the mend and I've not been late with any payments.
    well okay, I really kinda like the looks and ride of a Ford Explorer...silver would be cool.
  10. by   fiestynurse
    I agree with you neonnurse2! My dream car is also one that is paid off and still runs well. As long as it gets me where I am going! I didn't even own a car until I got married at the age of 25. I use to ride my bike everywhere and had the mass transit system down to a science.
  11. by   Crash Davis
    Well folks, I own my dream car,
    87 El Camino SS, 5.0 liter, dark blue, decked out. I know that alot of people think they are ugly and not practical, but this one talks the talk and walks the walk.Yeah, it's a little light in the tail but still looks good and fun to drive.
  12. by   TooterIA
    What I own right now is somewhat close to my dream car, I have a 1996 Pontiac Firebird (red) and am very pleased with it, but would like to go a few steps up and get a 2000 navy blue Trans Am with Ram Air, 18in rims w/ low profile tires, everything decked out. Maybe someday... Oh yeah, and a Corvette would be nice.

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  13. by   CashewLPN
    Hi everybody!

    Ok... my fave car...
    the 2K OR 2K1 chevrolet Camaro convertable... not the v28, just the regular old camaro in black with the black leather interior with the black top....CD player... Mondo big sound system... you know, the works...
    --Sigh... I love that car...Insurance is way too high for me to own it for the moment...

    Now, I just survive in my 97 Geo Prism (black with grey cloth interior) with the super optional dented passenger front door package. with great gas mileage and everything...

    Well... I gotta dream...
  14. by   Q.
    Hey Barbara- my Prizm is black with grey cloth interior too!

    Stereo kinda sucks though - just put in a stock CD player (I am NOT about to have it ripped off, so the stock players are real good deterent), just added some Blaupunkt speakers in the back...now, I just need a nice amp........