What is your favorite sport?

  1. O. K. I'm kind of hitting the bottom of the barrel for poll questions.

    It's about 3:15 AM (EST) and my ONE and ONLY patient is safely sleeping, her 73 year old heart is a-beatin' (58 bpm). . . .

    And I'm so freakin' bored, I could scream!!!

    I've done the daily room checks, I've tidied up the nursing station, I've read a few self-test manditory inservices, I even did a little QA! Oh yea. . . I've spent some time surfing the internet. THAT can get real boring too, you know!

    So! I see that there are actually people up this time of night typing away on their computers too! This is a good thing! At least I'm not alone! (I am, by the way, by myself in our humble little ICU/CCU. . . with the ONE patient who really is sleeping!)

    Here I am forcing myself to come with what I hope to be an interesting Poll for people to take.

    What pops into my weary head? Sports!

    We all like sports, right?!?!? I hate sports. Always did! In high school I was ALWAYS picked LAST for any kind of gym function (softball, dodge ball, foot ball, soccer!) Those freakin' jocks really got on my nerves! I'm not bitter! Really! I'm not. Even though high school was over 25 years ago, I still feel the sting of being picked last! Kill them all, I say! Kill all the jocks! Let them drown in their own athletic-induced sweat! That's it. Drown in sweat! Drown, drown, drown. . . . .

    Ummmmmmmmmm. . . . where was I?

    Oh yea!


    So. . . . . what's your favorite sport! Do you like hockey? Do you like football? Do you like to swim???

    How long can you tread water!!!

    I mean. . . errr. . . do you like to golf?
    (The U. S. Open is happening this week! Hope Tiger wins! Go, Tiger, Go! )

    Have fun answering the poll. Really! Have a blast! Enjoy!

    What do you care that I'm an non-athlete? I bet you never got picked last. . . in front of all your "FRIENDS". . . .

    Just answer the poll, for crying out loud! And enjoy your STUUUPID sports.


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  2. Poll: My favorite sports are:

    • Golfing! (Yep! Tiger is my hero!)

      5.00% 1
    • Base Ball (Go Mets, go!)

      15.00% 3
    • Foot Ball! (Go Mets, go!)

      35.00% 7
    • Soccer! This is REAL football!

      10.00% 2
    • Hockey! (I LOVE the fights and the blood!)

      5.00% 1
    • Swimming! (Yep! I'm a sissy!)

      15.00% 3
    • Tennis! (Ouch, my elbow!)

      10.00% 2
    • Ping Pong! (Chinese food, anyone?)

      0% 0
    • Horse racing! (I have fond memories of "Mr. Ed")

      5.00% 1
    • Race Cars! (vrooom, vrooom. . . . errrr. . . crash!)

      10.00% 2
    20 Votes / Multiple Choice
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  4. by   karenG
    morning Ted- its 8.45 am here!!! and I am starting my day.

    I think you missed some sports off your list......and I never got picked for anything at school either!! I hated sports at school!!
    My favourite sport is Fencing, and my prefered weapon is a sabre!!! so as they say, do not mess with me...........you will not win!!!

  5. by   ShortFuse_LPN
    Well Ted, I would have voted for baseball but couldn't bring myself to click the box next to something that says Go Mets Go. LOL.............Diehard Cards fan here!!
  6. by   Ted
    :chuckle :roll :chuckle

    KarenG - Sadly, there's only 10 choices possible with these polls!

    Fencing sounds like fun! (How sharp are the blades! )

    BelindaLPN - I honestly don't follow any sports on t.v. (well except for golf and Tiger). All I know about professional baseball is that the Mets is in last place. And I ALWAYS root for the underdog!

    Cheers to you all!

  7. by   karenG
    Hi Ted

    fencing is fun- 3 weapons, epee, foil and sabre. foil is a training weapon. the other two are not! sabre is based on the old calvary sabre so its a slashing weapon. If you have seen the latest Bond movie- they have a fight in it using both epee and sabre. oh and they all hurt!! I am always covered in bruises!!!!!

    the guys at fencing always ask what kind of a day I have had.......seems I have a reputation for being nasty if its been a hard day!!!

  8. by   Ted
    KarenG - check out my other poll! I have a choice just for you!

  9. by   Ted
    What's your favorite sport!

    (Understand that I started this poll at the height of excitable boredom!!!)
  10. by   Mkue
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  11. by   Whisper
    I am not really into any sports, in school I used to enjoy hockey and net ball, broke my fingers twice playing hockey and once playing netball.

    Ted I can emphasis with your bordem, today I went to visit a unit where there were four members of staff, and eight pts and then me, and these pts are mostly resi care with physio support, aka nothing to do! I hate being bored and no internet, no computer, I wasted two hours reading all the 'care plans' for past clients and itching to take a pen to all the spelling mistakes.

    (Can you tell my mum is a teacher?) But arghhhh It was so bad, I have to go back monday pm, so on monday night I'l probably be on here moaning! I never thought I would get bored at work, I tried cleaning I talked to patients, I set hair, I painted nails, and I was still sat around for far too many hours for my liking.

    And all the staff did was moan about being understaffed!! I wanted to tell them to come and join the real word.

    Stepping off my soap box now.

  12. by   Tweety
    I like bowling!

    I picked the real football/soccer because it's a real sport with real athletes.

    I hate American football, a bunch of fat guys knocking each other down. And as the British say "what's up with all the padding they wear??" that's not very sporty.
  13. by   Ted
    Is the above photo a rugby team? A "soccer" team (a.k.a. football in most countries)? Or an American-type football team (without all of the padding stuff)???

    Really! I don't know!

  14. by   Ted
    Where's all the padding???

    Now. . . . that looks like a sport!

  15. by   aimeee
    You left cross country skiing off your list.

    I don't much care for WATCHING any sports. Would rather be out doing something myself.