What is Love - Part 2 the answer....

  1. what i want out of life; "the knight and the princess"

    (note: pre-dated before tonigh and nobody has seen this before now)

    while sitting around watching tv tonight, i thought about a few things. i think about the movies i have seen, "top gun" "the bridges of madison county", and most recently "my big fat greek wedding", and a few others. i think about my past marriage and relationships. i also think about the way i have been treated in the past, by my family and past significant others. it came to me, although it seems more real now than ever, all i ever wanted was the following:
    i want to be someone's knight in shining armor.
    i want to be the special person, to someone who is my special person.
    in my mind the knight and princess need to feel the same way about each other.
    i want to be the person that my princess comes to, when upset, distressed, and is in the need of support.
    i want to be that someone special that my princess can trust and depend on at anytime, anywhere or anyplace.
    i want my princess, to be someone who i can trust and depend on when i am in need of support and affection. i want my princess, to be able to expect the same from me.
    i want my princess, to be able to depend on me, when she feels ill, sick or down.
    i want her to know i will take care of her, and attempt to comfort her to the best of my abilities.
    i want to know i can depend on my princess, when i feel ill, sick or down.
    i want to know that she too, will attempt to take care of me, and comfort me to the best of her abilities.
    i want to be the knight, who makes my princess happy, smile and laugh during the good times.
    i want to know, that my princess can make her knight, laugh and smile during the good times also.
    i want my princess to realize, that just spending time with each other is very important.
    i want her to realize, that we don't have to talk all the time to know that we are always there for each other. as the saying goes, actions speak louder than any words.
    the knight and the princes must both have mutual respect, trust, and be truthful to one another. they must not yell, belittle, badger or embarrass the other regardless of the situation at hand. they both should try to the best of their ability, to put themselves in each others shoes, at the time of misunderstanding. if they do this, then they can have a clear perspective of the others thoughts, feelings and emotions. if they fail at this, it becomes one sided and problems will grow.
    it can be easy for the modern day knight, as well as the modern day princess to get caught up in the world. chores, the job, family and many other things can be distractions to the knight and princess. the knight and princess both need to realize that they come first in each others lives. they need to feel that, without each other life can seem drab, dull, depressing and stressful. they both need to know that with each others support and love, they can make it through any storm, tragedy, or stressful time.
    what's the key? the knight and the princess must realize, that neither one is more important, smarter, funnier, more significant or less significant than the other. they must realize that it is not one or the other that makes life great, fun, romantic and worth living. however, they both must realize it is each other, which can make life all those things. they must both realize that without solid communication, love, affection and caring, life will seemingly go down the tubes, and their kingdom will be darkened. all of those things are needed to make the sunshine down on their kingdom, on a daily basis.

    this is what it takes to be lifelong companions, best friends and lovers.

    this is what i am in search of..................

    rick xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

    p.s. as said before this is the first time anybody has seen this....so be nice or don't comment.......i'm not in the mood for sh*t



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  3. by   canoehead
    You sound perfect...in your statement, and we all know you are one hunka burning Rick. So why the problem finding someone?
  4. by   bagladyrn
    Rick - you expressed this so eloquently! I can't imagine any woman you care for not responding positively to the emotions you expressed here!
  5. by   ziggyRn
    ...guess you're right about the best friend...something i overlooked to my detriment

    one has to actually like the person right?

    i will definitely put that at #1 next time...then attraction, shared interests and sense of humor, similar outlook on life, a liking or at least solid tolerance of the inlaws, similar views religion/spirituality whatever.......................................... ...etc

    for me anyway, guess i will know when i can imagine wanting to grow old with that person...
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  6. by   JonRN
    I found my Princess 35 years ago, and I ain't letting her get away. Besides, she feels the same way about me. Once in a lifetime, the right person, the yin to your yang comes along, and being able to recognize them is the greatest gift of all.
  7. by   baseline
    It was 48 years before my prince entered my life. Our relationship is amazing and I can't say it any better than JonRN:"Once in a lifetime, the right person, the yin to your yang comes along, and being able to recognize them is the greatest gift of all."
  8. by   LoisJean
    Yup, agree: once in a lifetime the soul mate appears. How sad that offen times that mate is rejected because they do not match up to what we pre-conceived a mate ought to be. For me it was 39 years...not a 'prince', but a righteous man.

    Lois Jean
  9. by   christianRN
    That's beautiful, Rick. Makes me all the more thankful for my knight. He really does make me feel like a princess.
  10. by   Aussienurse2
    Marry me!! marry me!! Just have to wait till the divorce is final though! LOL!!
  11. by   SmilingBluEyes
    I think those words are lovely...no shyt from this peanut gallery. Let it happen.....you are BOUND to find good out there if you are what these words express!
  12. by   CMERN
    I agree...wish could find THAT" knight in shining armour" then i'd be Princess of the Knight...I'd get to be the Princess uhmmm
  13. by   CEN35
    thanks all! like i said, this was something i had written recently. i'm not sure exactly why? the reason why i say that is because, it didn't take much thought? i didn't dwell on it for hours.................it all rolled off in about 15 minutes out of nowhere? it just so happens i am next to the crapiest, and slowest typer in the world........so that took longer............lmao! :chuckle


    p.s. - don't be misperceived. just because it rolled off. it is really how i think and feel.
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  14. by   Lausana
    Love it Rick! That's it from me-off to find a Kleenex :chuckle