What Is In Your Shower?

  1. This is not about mildew or soap scum.

    My husband and I had a friendly debate; he thinks I have too much *stuff* in the shower. So I took inventory. Mind you our shower is separate from our tub, and this does not include what's on my sink or in the drawers. I never really considered myself high maintenance, but hubby begs to differ.

    1 shampoo
    3 different conditioners
    3 body washes (different scents)
    poofy scrub thingy (I heard it once described as a poufy shower tribble thing)
    shaving cream
    razor (hanging on the wall)
    backbrush (hanging on the wall)

    1 shampoo/conditioner in one
    bar of soap


    So honestly, what do you consider to be shower necessities?
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  3. by   leslie :-D
    3 different shampoos, 2 conditioners, 2 razors, 3 different body scrubs, 1 bar of soap. dh complains about this all the time. i do see his point.
  4. by   OCCHCanada
    2 shampoo
    2 conditioner
    2 scented body wash
    assorted scrubbies/brushes/heel "graters"
    razor/with radio wall hanger
    2 kinds of bar soap
    facial scrub ++++++++++++ all mine

    2-1 shampoo
    razor ++++++++++++++all his

    I guess I'm joining the high maintence club
  5. by   TechieNurse
    2 shampoos
    2 conditioners
    1 scented body wash
    2 different kinds of soap
    1 razor
    1 pouffy, tribble thingy
    1 washcloth
  6. by   traumaRUs
    Gosh - I am the minimalist - one shampoo, one conditioner, one razor, one exfoliating facial scrub, one soap - that's it.
  7. by   Nurse Ratched
    Shared stuff: 1 shampoo, 1 conditioner, 1 body wash, and my razor. It's been much worse in the past and I decided I just don't need 12 different kinds (each) of soap/exfoliants/lotions for my body lol.

    And a squeegee that only I use .
  8. by   Marie_LPN, RN
    2 shampoos (one clarifying, used once a week, the other the every-day stuff)

    2 conditioners (one the everyday stuff, the other i use after swimming or color treatment)

    The pouf scrubby thingy

    Bar soap

    Pond's Face Cloths


    Back brush

    Shower gel

    Foot sander

    Bubble bath

    Shaving cream

  9. by   donmurray
    Does anyone have a pic of a pouf scrubby thingy/tribble? I'm fantasizing wildly!!!
  10. by   NursesRmofun
    Okay..well....1 "backbrush" with a scruby thing on it, two other hand scrubies, razor, shaving cream, soap, two scented shower gels, at least 5 shampoos and at least 6 conditioners. <sigh>....Oh, and Noxema too.
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  11. by   VivaLasViejas
    Hmmmmmm........there's 3 different shampoos, 4 different conditioners, two kinds of body wash, two poufy scrubby thingies, several razors, shaving cream for DH, shaving gel for me, a wide-toothed comb, and some shower cleaner spray. All this in a shower that's about half the size of the average public restroom stall. No wonder hubby says he feels crowded in there........
  12. by   rica75
    I have 1 shampoo, !conditionar, 1 razor, 1 shavingcream, 1 puffy trible thing, and 1 bottle of watermelon/cucumber bodywash. ALL ARE THE COLOR GREEN!!! I don't know why green, but I love that all my "shower stuff" matches. Girls are just strange. And we need to smell prettier than the other speicies.
  13. by   Marie_LPN, RN

    A pouf scrubby thingy
  14. by   SmilingBluEyes
    GOOD LORD FOLKS, YOU have a LOT of stuff in there. I have 2 shampoos, 2 conditioners, one razor, one body soap, one pouf. That is IT. and I have a nice lil shower shelf I keep it all organized on. I like things tidy I guess.