What interests you?

  1. Women of allnurses.com what interestes you in someone else?
  2. Poll: Women of allnurses what interests you?

    • Intelligence,Wit , Humor

      70.83% 17
    • Physical Attributes

      16.67% 4
    • mature/comfortable with self.

      41.67% 10
    • how they treat others.

      45.83% 11
    • other

      12.50% 3
    24 Votes / Multiple Choice
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  4. by   Ted
    Your poll is better! Can't wait to read the results!


  5. by   jayna
    I go for all of the above except physical attributes.
  6. by   semstr
    All of the above and I love men with good legs and a nice, firm, not too small a$$
  7. by   Beach_RN
    I like your selections! However I must choose All of the above...

    He has to be pleasant for me to look at, I have to want to touch him...As Zumalong said before in Ted's poll...... Gotta have that Lust!

    He has to be confident in himself and mature....... not need me to pump him up 24/7.... or rely on his male circle of friends to make him feel good about himself

    He has to be intelligent and funny! Has to make me laugh! and I need to be able to ask him a question like.... What do you think about the the Palestinian and Israeli conflict.... and get an answer that is debatable..... Not some terminator like comment! Of course the topic listed above is an example!

    He has to treat other well! For example if he treats his family with respect and courtesy.... that is a good sign! and I don't mean being momma's boy!
    Hmmmmmm... good question. I wondered how long it was gonna take someone to make a counterpart to the male version of this question.

    I think for all of us, what attracted us to our mate, or to potential mates, is physical in nature. And that physical attention, while it's importance lessens during the course of a relationship, it shouldn't fade away completely.

    Once we have that initial physical attraction to someone, it opens us up to learning more about them, about their intelligence, wit, humor, maturity, how they treat others, etc.

    Of course, now we have internet meetings, which take away that aspect of a person's physical attributes. I'm not sure what I think about that.

    The day I met my hubby, I was physically attracted to him. He was so tall, I just wanted to climb him like a freakin ladder. And then I talked to him for about half an hour. And the other things came out. His dry sense of humor, how shy he really was, how smart he is, what beautiful babies he would make, etc.

    Mmmmm, and his butt........


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