What I did today that made me feel good...

  1. I stumbled upon allnurses during a difficult time in both my personal and professional aspects of my life. It was a time of great negativity and skepticism and depression. One fed the other until I found myself headed in a really frustrating loop. I realized I was also really starting to isolate myself from interacting w/ others...and then I found this bulletin board...and it seems I haven't shut up since! LOL!

    I realized today, that little by little, things were starting to turn around for me. Something happened today that hasn't happened in awhile for me - I did something that felt good!

    I haven't gotten a promotion...haven't even gotten a new job yet <snort!>...but I did something little that someone appreciated a whole lot.

    As you can see from my avatar, I have the world's cutest doggy (OK, so I'm the proud mother of my furbaby...let me gloat!). At 10 pounds he's a furry ball of boundless love, energy and puppy smooches. I noticed that often when I let him out in the backyard our darling little elderly Polish neighbor (whom I affectionately have dubbed "grrrandma"...say it like you're rolling the "R") lavishes him w/ sweet sounding Polish praises (I keep telling her I don't speak Polish, but I nod and smile alot!). The fence is too high for doggy and "grrrandma" is too old to bend over the fence so I picked up the dog so that he could smooch her and she could pet him and lavish all the Polish "you're such a cutesy-wootsy witty-bitty doggy" stuff on him. She pauses briefly then to chat about the weather and the other neighbors (OK, so I understand bits and pieces!) then continues petting the doggy. This usually carries on for several minutes, at least every few days.

    Several months ago, I probably would have found it irritating. Several months ago I was in such a negative state of mind that I wouldn't have even bothered even saying hello to our neighbor. But I've realized: it doesn't really take any effort, and though it may sound hoaky to some (especially if you dislike dogs or little old Polish "grrrandmas") but the smile on this older ladies face is just priceless after one of these little "therapy sessions." And I'm realizing that she's not the only one getting something therapeutic from it...

    Sorry for the "verbal diarrhea" but just wanted to share what made me feel good today.

    Oh yeah, I also cleaned the dust-bunnies out from under the bed!

    What did you do today that made you feel good?
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  3. by   Mkue
    That is priceless, what a nice gesture and you do have the worlds cutest puppy.

    I don't think I've done anything nice today except take one of my sons shopping when I really didn't feel like it. He was happy and got a few things he needed.
  4. by   Shamrock
    Awwwwwwww, how nice. Best thing I've done today is mostly
    kept my fingers off the keyboard and posting!!
  5. by   jadednurse
    Mkue, sounds like a nice thing to me!

    And you to shamrock, sometimes not doing something can make you feel good too, as difficult as it may seem at the time!
  6. by   mattsmom81
    You have an adorable puppy!! And I'm a firm believer in pet therapy...glad you feel good about sharing your puppy with the neighbor, and glad YOU are feeling better too!
  7. by   SmilingBluEyes
    very nice positive thread. I am happy for you!
  8. by   jadednurse
    TY Deb and mattsmom!

    Yes, pet therapy, even unofficial pet therapy, is a great thing!
  9. by   askater11
    I love your pup!! What breed is she?

    Nice--today---um I just woke up I'll have to get back with you.

    Let's see did I do anything nice yesterday???

    I took my puppy out every hour...and even though I've a very little sleep lately I didn't yell at my kids. (I get a little cranky without sleep):imbar

    I'm keeping my finger's crossed about your promotion--keep us updated!!!!
  10. by   CCL"Babe"
    Jaded nurse, I loved your post. Your puppy is adorable. From what you wrote, this seems to have been a healing time for you.
  11. by   karenG
    your puppy is adorable!

    I am just feeling mean now!! have just finished work- did a baby clinic and have given 35 babies injections against HiB. ok so they needed it but I hate making them cry!!

  12. by   jadednurse
    Thanks guys! Puppy is actually "Thomas George" or "Tommy" for short. He's 1 yr and 9 mos old. He's a mixed breed: part Lhasa Apso and part Cavalier King Charles Toy Spaniel. I was foolish enough to go into a pet store "only to look" and of course couldn't leave w/o the little guy! He was 8 wks old and weighed only 2.25 pounds when I brought him home.

    Tommy didn't visit "grrrandma" today...it's been rainy on and off, so "grrrandma" was indoors.
  13. by   Tweety
    Your puppy is gorgeous.

    I've been doing yoga next to a young female for weeks. Usually I'm so into myself I go in and go out. I took a few minutes to compliment her truthfully, just saying what I felt...."you have an awesome practice, I appreciate being next to you, you have such positive energy".

    Her face lit up and was so uplifted at my simple words, we both left feeling good.

    Thanks for sharing your story!!!
  14. by   ktwlpn
    I did NOT yell at my 13 yr old son when he called me at work at shift change to tell me that he broke his eyeglasses in school.....as I took a deep breath I realized that he has had them for 7 months and this is the first mishap-he has been pretty responsible with them....Lucky for me they are still under warranty....(I was not happy when I got home and saw him trying to fix them with my hot glue gun..silly boy)