What happened to concern for your fellow man??

  1. What do you all think of this?? Darren Beadman got off without a penalty, but the stewards were actually going to penalise him for slowing his horse down to see if his mate was still alive!! I saw video footage on the news -- the horse actually broke the metal barrier, & both horse & jockey fell to the ground.

    Talk about putting profits before people!!

    Btw, Darren Beadman & Rod Quinn were coming last & second last before the fall -- it's not like they were even going to win or anything.....

    (*news article follows*)

    Thursday, 30 January 2003:_

    Jockey Darren Beadman has escaped penalty for slowing his mount after seeing riding mate Corey Brown involved in a spectacular fall at Randwick on Monday.

    Beadman said he was shocked and distracted when he saw Brown's mount Berber suffer interference in the Lexus ES 300 Hcp before crashing through running rails and falling to the turf.

    Stewards launched an inquiry into Beadman and Rodney Quinn for slowing their mounts, which cost punters who backed their horses any chance of winning.

    NSW stewards found Beadman in breach of the rules of racing.

    However, in view of all the circumstances involved, stewards decided his actions "were not so unreasonable to warrant the imposition of a penalty".

    Beadman, on Ike's Dream, and Quinn, on Decaf, had been following Berber and lost touch with the remainder of the field after the fall.

    Stewards found that apart from Beadman and Brown, five other jockeys were initially distracted by the fall.

    After the inquiry stewards told Quinn, who had eventually got his mount into fifth position, that they accepted his explanation.

    However Beadman failed to be competitive, with the well-backed Ike's Dream finishing last, 43 lengths behind the winner.

    Beadman told stewards: "I just basically went into total shock mode, meltdown.

    "You don't see many incidents like that. It (the fall) just shook me.

    "My first concern was for Corey Brown and secondly the total distraction of the whole thing.

    "It alarmed me emotionally, shocked me.

    "And when I saw Berber flip in the air again it further distracted me.

    "I'm not robotic, I've got feelings and emotions.

    "I can't explain it (losing total concentration). It was so graphic the way it happened."

    Asked by chief steward Ray Murrihy to justify his actions, Beadman replied: "Well, sorry, but I'm human.

    "The noise the horse was making breaking through the running rails was unbelievable.

    "It was like alarm bells going off in my head."

    Stewards told Beadman that while they accepted he was initially distracted, "the circumstances that then prevailed for the next 700 metres were not so unique for an experienced jockey that he could not have ridden competitively as his fellow riders".

    Murrihy told Beadman stewards considered him "in technical breach of the rule which requires a rider to take at all times reasonable and permissible measures to give his horse full opportunity to win or finish in the best possible placing".

    However, Murrihy added: "In the circumstances of this particular incident the actions of Darren Beadman were not so unreasonable to warrant a penalty."

    Stewards also notified Beadman their decision should not be seen as a precedent.

    Beadman said later he was relieved and happy at the outcome of the inquiry.
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