What exactly does a moderator do?

  1. Hey Brian, I was just curious about what it is that you do and how is it done. Do you sit there and read all of these posts and replies as they are being typed? Ever get any that you wouldn't allow on this BB? I'm just wondering...
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  3. by   caffine addict
    I was wondering the same thing.
    Gee what time is it?
  4. by   CashewLPN
    um... ok.. what we do....
    we oversee, and make sure that most everything on these message boards remain 'within TOS' or, within the ground rules laid down within the terms of service... we offer assistance as its needed, whether it be in using the board, or stopping flame wars, trolls and spam...amongst other things (does being cute count?)

    what else, what else...

    no, we dont see posts as they're being typed... we see them posted up, just like everyone else... I'd say 9/10's of the posts here are ok, sometimes, though, we have unsolicited ads (AKA... if you want to advertise, you have to contact Brian, Allnurses.com Administrater/Owner), or spam, bashing threads, or trolls...

    oh.. on a deeper level (not really, just like the phrase)

    there are 3 distinctions of 'behind the scenes crew'
    we have Administrators (admins) Super-Moderators and Moderators...
    Admins conrtrol the administrative functions (more or less the higher level commands within the programs code... They watch over everything, as much as they humanly can.)
    Super-Mods: (like me!) Specialize moderating in 1 or more specific forums (in my case, LPN Corner, Rehabilitation Nursing, and NY Nurses), and have the ability to assist in other forums as is necessary...
    Moderators, are not unlike supermods, except that they remain based only in their specific forums...

    now, for something else...

    If anyone feels that anything should not be around, or has any problems or complaints, please feel free to PM a moderator or admin as soon as possible... it helps us to fix problems while they're still small... and, even though we try to be super beings, we cant see everything all of the time... so, PM's are always welcomed...

    ok..now, and for the other question...
    its 257 EST... I 'm going to bed.

  5. by   gwenith
    Remember I am fairly new at this but a proportion is "housecleaning" i.e. moving recipe threads to the break room or deleting an unintentional double thread post. We don't often delete a post fully (except in the case of double posts) we will move it to an area for discussion.

    Mostly if something is a personal attack i.e. a member called another a stupid jerk - we will ask that person to amend thier own posts and mostly they do. If and only if the person either does not comply or the insult is such that we do not wish the target to see it will we directly edit a post.

    Usually people are able to deal with personal attacks quite well without intervention but the risk is that in a heated arguement it can spiral out of control and then it flows over onto other threads. A "flame war". I know that Tweety will disagree with me on this but if you let flame wars go unchecked they would interfere with the main business - nursing and nursing issues.

    I often find it hard to pick what is PG13 and what isn't and tend to err on the side of "cleaner". What constitutes a personal attack is also difficult because the insult is in the eye of the beholder. Someone the other day called me a fascist liberal American now fascist and liberal I didn't mind but:roll

    just kidding!!!
  6. by   Ted
    Gwenith and Barbara did a wonderful job describing the roles of moderatorship. . . thingy. . . do-dad. . .

    Soooooo. . .

    All I can say. . . believe it or not. . . is:

    "What they said!"


  7. by   night owl
    originally posted by gwenith
    someone the other day called me a fascist liberal american now fascist and liberal i didn't mind but :roll just kidding!!!
    you aussies are too much! :kiss thanks everyone for the replies. i posted this two years ago, two months after i became a member and in two years i certainly have received many, many lessons on what moderators actually do around here! happy posting everybody!
  8. by   NICU_Nurse
    This was posted in 2001!!! LOL!
  9. by   Ted
    It is sooooo funny that this thread was started so long ago! (I didn't notice that when I first posted here!)

    Glad you got your answer. . .

    Better late than never!