What does Google think of YOU?

  1. So I was playing around on www.googlism.com a site which tells you "what Google thinks of you" (or any search term). I put in my user name here and got a pretty hilarious list, so I thought I'd share:

    stargazer is another quality houseboat available for hire
    stargazer is copyright
    stargazer is the compilation
    stargazer is a web interface that allows you to access information contained in the administrative database used by nhmccd
    stargazer is prepared for departure a small fleet of orbital sciences corporation and nasa vehicles are grouped alongside the stargazer as the crew
    stargazer is a single leaf on a vine
    stargazer is a very popular
    stargazer is a virtual and physical place for an ongoing exchange of ideas in support for philanthropic education
    stargazer is an autobot headmaster that transforms
    stargazer is approximately 9 million kilometers from the ferengi ship
    stargazer is back in the housz (Yeah, baby!)
    stargazer is a web based system for drawing finding star charts
    stargazer is a web based system for star map drawing
    stargazer is well adapted to life under the sand
    stargazer is arguably one of the most well (Hee)
    stargazer is the number one sold oriental lily and it is probably very likely that the grower may have 'substituted' if he ran out stargazer is not your run of the mill solo fest
    stargazer is accepting resumes now for our 5th season
    stargazer is february 28th
    stargazer is the title track of shelagh mcdonald's second b&c album released and then pretty much forgotten in the early 1970s
    stargazer is much better
    stargazer is an okay name
    stargazer is the story of one man's emergence through native american ritual into the world of psychic and extraterrestrial
    stargazer is a luscious bloomer (Woot!) in apricot yellow and darker orange spots
    stargazer is a 8 (Why, thanks!)
    stargazer is crap
    stargazer is attacked without warning by an unidentified starship
    stargazer is sent on a mission to investigate the tales of a pair of visitors proclaiming to be descendants of survivors
    stargazer is a simplistic mystery and an unconvincing romance
    stargazer is recognised by its large
    stargazer is going through hell to stick with red hat and
    stargazer is not a member of a guild
    stargazer is a stealth frigate
    stargazer is a 65 foot steel schooner built in holland in 1984
    stargazer is declared safe
    stargazer is one of the most mystic autobots
    stargazer is much like my tulips
    stargazer is a sophisticated bit of shareware that offers the usual view of the sky from any location on the earth but with features galore
    stargazer is a hardcover book that was originally priced at $22
    stargazer is at the middle dock
    stargazer is primed to step into the spotlight
    stargazer is wes
    stargazer is equipped with studs and ribs in the heel deck for the utmost (snicker)
    stargazer is a screwball comedy that details the increasingly disturbing adventures of a reporter who manages to get inside the mansion of an
    stargazer is absolutely magical
    stargazer is my favorite one now
    stargazer is a shaded silver male
    stargazer is your newsletter and therefore it should be a cooperative project
    stargazer is designed to operate as a standalone application that runs under windows nt® or solaris®
    stargazer is the fifth
    stargazer is a simple
    stargazer is lost
    stargazer is 2
    stargazer is located at the crossroads of entrepreneurship and technology
    stargazer is to chase down a galactic pirate
    stargazer is the first in a series revolving around five brothers
    stargazer is a black and white kitten (NOOOO!)
    stargazer is surrounded by hot pink roses and miniature hydrangea
    stargazer is in zone 8b; stargazer lives in sierra vista
    stargazer is a rousing renaissance romance that will provide much pleasure to readers
    stargazer is a bottom dweller that has the same type of slimy
    stargazer is a 7 1/2 inch long bear made out of brown schulte german alpaca and has matching brown ultrasuede paw pads
    stargazer is surprised at sorata's voice
    stargazer is canine
    stargazer is a roomy tent for two and acceptable for three
    stargazer is next (I'm next! I'm next!)
    stargazer is suppose to be a routine cruise to deep space nine to pick up her captain and first officer
    I see an unlimited wealth of possibilities for my member status and sig lines. :chuckle

    Your turn! Go to Googlism.com and see what Google thinks of you, your favorite sports team, your hometown, favorite cartoon character or junk food--whatever!
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  3. by   emily_mom
    That page doesn't come up honey....

  4. by   aimeee
    Now it does.
  5. by   ayemmeff
    "Sorry, Google doesn't know enough about Ayemmeff yet"....

    .....an original?
  6. by   OzNurse69
    That's ok, I put in my real name & it said the same thing -- I know my last name is slightly uncommon, but really......!!
  7. by   nursedawn67
    Apparently this thing doesn't know THIS Dawn.....Dawn is pregnant? WTF is that??? I had a hysterectomy! LOL

    dawn is right for me?
    dawn is effective and
    dawn is coming the charm of
    dawn is a network of women scholars and activists who are working
    dawn is breaking
    dawn is back because 'the price is right'
    dawn is £7
    dawn is always
    dawn is upon us
    dawn is a friend of the muses
    dawn is canceled and why
    dawn is bright'ning
    dawn is thoughts of a rural woman by rebecca brown
    dawn is a graduate of southern illinois university at
    dawn is my favorite nw book
    dawn is pregnant
    dawn is not shy
    dawn is nigh
    dawn is available for freelance
    dawn is colored with first
    dawn is helping small child
    dawn is coming
    dawn is in the
    dawn is so sweet"
    dawn is your
    dawn is a feeling
    dawn is waking
    dawn is releasing special broadcast and print ads that focus on the cleanup of aquatic birds that have been affected by oil spills
    dawn is an acronym for "discipling a whole nation"
    dawn is a journal devoted to publishing ideas and information that are dangerous
    dawn is followed by night western donors amid the chaos of haiti by michael hedges
    dawn is coming the charm of regional cuisine
    dawn is sprinkling in the east
    dawn is brightening
    dawn is the closest villa to cane bay beach
    dawn is an exquisite luxury vacation / holiday home located just steps away from a spectacular sandy beach on the lush north shore
    dawn is one of the few women's organisations that has followed the ffd
    dawn is slowly breaking
    dawn is awaking
    dawn is stealing
    dawn is a non
    dawn is filled with dreams so many dreams
    dawn is rising
    dawn is back because 'the price is right' posted
    dawn is a feeling" dawn is a feeling a beautiful ceiling the smell of grass just makes you pass into a dream you're here today no
    dawn is first in the caste book series for exalted books detailing the castes of the solar exalted
    dawn is always posting
    dawn is a time of hope and gratitiude for another day
    dawn is the time
    dawn is
    dawn is a graduate of southern illinois university at edwardsville
    dawn is designed
    dawn is a massive undertaking
    dawn is a biblical and mission
    dawn is nigh' size
    dawn is helping small child while another one is coming for a hug
    dawn is the premiere shareware solitaire program for the macintosh
    dawn is a film that takes the jeffersonian maxim that "freedom is risk" to the maximum
    dawn is a founding member of coachville
    dawn is suffering from the riley factor
    dawn is in the library
    dawn is so sweet"
    dawn is a quarterly journal
    dawn is a feeling" dawn is a feeling a beautiful ceiling the smell of grass just makes you pass into a dream you're here today no future
    dawn is a family business
    dawn is a supremely geeky outcast and the victim of an endless stream of attacks
    dawn is breaking now
    dawn is a system of magic that was developed in the late 1800's by dr
    dawn is able to mold your precious pooch into a work of art
    dawn is a senior research fellow within the school and the co
    dawn is not a popular girl
    dawn is waking melody
    dawn is always happy to autograph books
    dawn is a feeling lyrics
    dawn is her petite size compared to other fashion dolls
    dawn is breaking a new awakening from a day in which the world cried a day when the assurance of security died through tears of sadness america torn
    dawn is buffy's younger sister or is she? she lives
    dawn is a feeling' by christopher d
    dawn is breaking by ana lyssie cotton collected for the wayside by kielle
    dawn is at hand
    dawn is a fund raising event for st
    dawn is just back online this week
    dawn is normally terminated with 19 conductors per channel
    dawn is to the recording
    dawn is a little piece of gold that offers wealth and talent to be heard
    dawn is working every day for healthy communities
    dawn is accredited by the accrediting commission of career schools and colleges of technology
    I did my screen name here, my email handle, and my real name.

    Google doesn't know enough about me yet.

  9. by   Nurse Izzy
    elizabeth is waiting to be found
    elizabeth is expecting
    elizabeth is a symbol of history we hold dear
    elizabeth is the rape capital
    elizabeth is the rape capital of
    elizabeth is voted out
    elizabeth is seen in this may 19
    elizabeth is in the house
    elizabeth is coming back tomorrow
    elizabeth is here
    elizabeth is 3
    elizabeth is a
    elizabeth is correct re
    elizabeth is quite stupid isn
    elizabeth is smart and brave
    elizabeth is 15
    elizabeth is only kidding
    elizabeth is away
    elizabeth is our reprter "on the scene" clap
    elizabeth is a single mexican woman from hermosillo
    elizabeth is an up and coming young star represented by agent
    elizabeth is located in the main street of agia marina 50m
    elizabeth is a very special student and loves to come to bible
    elizabeth is going there?'
    elizabeth is available to speak to large audiences for a fee
    elizabeth is i
    elizabeth is i fans the flames posts
    elizabeth is crowned on 17 november 1558 it is said that princess elizabeth was sitting under an oak tree at hatfield house when a horseman appeared with the
    elizabeth is waiting to be found salt lake city
    elizabeth is a symbol of history we hold dear saturday june 1
    elizabeth is the rape capital of south africa by cedric frolick as udm member of parliament
    elizabeth is voted out special report
    elizabeth is freaking me out
    elizabeth is fine
    elizabeth is a city big on surprises and has an unbeatable mix of holiday sensations
    elizabeth is the author of eight books
    elizabeth is quite stupid isn't she? i know its amazing
    elizabeth is affectionately known as the "freindly" city
    elizabeth is smart and brav e
    elizabeth is mine
    elizabeth is most fortunate to have thurisaz
    elizabeth is an experienced language and psychology instructor
    elizabeth is kinda "busy" fitting in yet another customer right now
    elizabeth is so much more than that
    elizabeth is going for a pretty penny
    elizabeth is my favorite star
    elizabeth is a loose biopic of the early years of queen elizabeth i
    elizabeth is a real estate agent that is known in the community of maryville for her dedicated client service
    elizabeth is fed up of taking her clothes off on the big screen
    elizabeth is still missing and there are 13 attempted abductions every hour
    elizabeth is sixty
    elizabeth is our reprter "on the scene" *nm*
    elizabeth is a teacher
    elizabeth is caring
    elizabeth is as lucky as she is shrewd
    elizabeth is an up and coming young star represented by agent rocky stone
    elizabeth is so great

    There's more, but it's so long I figured you'd all shoot me if I posted it all!!!
    Oh, well sure.... if I just do "Heather" I get a crapload, but how original is that?

    heather is the best little
    heather is somewhat nifty
    heather is not the mole
    heather is leaving the place
    heather is after my head
    heather is writing more in the line of mystery novels now
    heather is ready
    heather is almost too literal
    heather is in an all girls private school
    heather is almost too operatic
    heather is the mole scott rose
    heather is the mole
    heather is the mole i started watching this in the fall
    heather is spending more time in oyster bay
    heather is the greatest
    heather is here
    heather is angry
    heather is thinking is what heather is thinking is exactly what i am thinking
    heather is a midsummer tree
    heather is so beutiful
    heather is the bestest
    heather is ready are you? teenager ***** masturbating amateur **** hot little babe gets da big beef injection leather
    heather is looking for a college that offers molecular biology or east asian studies
    heather is high
    heather is a chicago house pioneer trained in the art of transforming dance floors into jumpin'
    heather is 90%cotton/10% poly
    heather is stronger than that of any other tree or shrub
    heather is my wife
    heather is 90
    heather is a mom
    heather is as sweet as pie
    heather is a delightful light
    heather is the daughter of bill
    heather is a live album that was released in 1993 called 'blow'
    heather is the current mood of hkelly19
    heather is now requesting that a petition of mercy be granted so that she can be released
    heather is a 13
    heather is responsible for the management and direction of medieval or later field projects
    heather is playing on albany2go
    heather is a hero because she is passionate and believes in using her skills to influence others to care better for the environment
    heather is most abundant in section 9
    heather is an online jewelry boutique of classic and simple everyday styles
    heather is standing out of camera range
    heather is the one who first discovered that bill was the mole
    heather is banished
    heather is sometimes called cuphia
    heather is an evergreen ascending shrub
    heather is verey cool
    heather is married to rocker richie sambora of bon jovi
    heather is a detail oriented professional in every endeavor
    heather is responsible for the creation and distribution of marketing materials including; newspaper ads
    heather is a member of the american medical writer´s association and the world endometriosis society
    heather is first
    heather is well known as a cartoonist and is often seen with a queue of people waiting for a sketch of their dog at game fairs
    heather is commonplace on the moorlands of northern europe and plays an important role in the ecology of highland regions but it is also found on the dry
    heather is employed at greater southern animal hospital in columbus
    heather is scarily obsessed with angel sanctuary and mobile suit gundam
    heather is delighted to be best known for her role starring in the nightmare on
    heather is about to kiss chandler
    heather is pregnant with richard's heir
    heather is a good student involved in the extracurricular activities of speech and drama; band and golf
    heather is a slim and attractive brunette with pert and petite beasts
    heather is one of the artisans who works out of her home supplying crafts for flourish
    heather is in grandma's garden here
    heather is an expert on generational diversity and performance management
    heather is developing a career in the world of tv commercial entertainment
    heather is always eager to recruit new volunteers and explains there are several ways to become involved
    heather is an excellent witness for jesus christ wherever she goes LMAO!
    heather is evidently one of that type of indians
    heather is a spokesperson for the helen keller foundation for research and education as she depends heavily on her eyes for communication by reading lips
    heather is still trying to learn italian
    heather is scheduled to play and steven is going to print out what people want to say and show it to heather if he gets the chance
    heather is a confessed techno
    heather is a native californian born in san francisco
    heather is my only chick friend in seattle
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  11. by   ayemmeff
    LMAO Heather!!!
  12. by   adrienurse
    Bizarre but interesting

    adrienne is feeling fine
    adrienne is 22 years old and is from the midwest
    adrienne is a dog
    adrienne is a junior who started in goal last year and was named
    adrienne is a person who speaks her mind and is willing to stand up to anyone who offends her sensibilities
    adrienne is in any real danger of losing her life
    adrienne is proud to have the following certified pilates instructors
    adrienne is open on saturday
    adrienne is up there
    adrienne is only nine years to the day younger than chad everett
    adrienne is a fantastic character and it is impossible not to like her
    adrienne is built into the side of a steep hill
    adrienne is currently the voice of catwoman in batman
    adrienne is the author of five books
    adrienne is a portrait and wedding photographer offering personalized service for today's busy northwest couples and families
    adrienne is making good on her vow to plant a forest roughly the size of australia
    adrienne is great
    adrienne is pleased to offer all aspiring muralists
    adrienne is brought back through the centuries by the jealousy of the fairy king
    adrienne is tough on her suppliers
    adrienne is living in a less than reputable area of the town and when the nuns go to get her and bring her back to the convent
    adrienne is exactly how the white queen used to be
    adrienne is an extremely gifted athlete and brings great power and athleticism to our program
    adrienne is feisty
    adrienne is involved in a peaceful protest
    adrienne is relocating to washington
    adrienne is founder of biggs publicity
    adrienne is dedicated to the business of real estate
    adrienne is around hudson
    adrienne is the voice of veriditas
    adrienne is a person driven by one single goal
    adrienne is asked what it is like to wear the eve outfit
    adrienne is supportive
    adrienne is in constant demand as an inhouse trainer and presenter
    adrienne is only 4'11
    adrienne is a great prof
    adrienne is possessed by her love of wines and food of just about any kind and loves to share her passion with others
    adrienne is inspired
    adrienne is strengthening her vocals and writing lyrics and music
    adrienne is of counsel in the federal section of the firm's washington
    adrienne is a junior who started in goal last year and was named first team all
    adrienne is on call 24 hours a day
    adrienne is the angel dwelling in this garden
    adrienne is described by those who know her as a very strong
    adrienne is fed a commercially prepared meat diet for large cats
    adrienne is a sophomore double majoring in psychology and adminstration of justice
    adrienne is still talking about her mata hari project
    adrienne is responsible for the creative direction of carbon echo
    adrienne is in the midst of planning and preparing for her
    adrienne is a trained opera singer
    adrienne is a founder member and past chair of the ita
    adrienne is a lot of a better actor
    adrienne is a skilled and seasoned litigator
    adrienne is president and founder of the international courier in toronto
    adrienne is the recipient of numerous national awards and titles
    adrienne is
    adrienne is happy to sell you a copy for a few bucks to support her habit of taking pictures and eating
    adrienne is a neat freak
    adrienne is the author of the market planning workbook
    adrienne is so dynamic
    adrienne is the daughter of gary and kathleen baran of columbus township
    adrienne is "she's a stud
    adrienne is the childrens' injury prevention program coordinator at the oregon health division
    adrienne is in a phoenix costume from a masquerade scene in the story
    adrienne is so cute
    adrienne is a single
    adrienne is 25 years old and was born in londonderry
    adrienne is of just about the lightest displacement for length ever designed with comparable accommodation and this has been the chief factor in keeping cost
    adrienne is housesitting for a friend who owns an inn; paul is a guest
    adrienne is the principle/owner
    adrienne is an enrolled agent
    adrienne is homeschooling
    adrienne is a board member for
    adrienne is narcissistic and sex
    adrienne is inspired by the work of nationally renowned maritime artists molly lamb bobak
    adrienne is my personal favorite
    adrienne is a third generation chinese
    adrienne is the dominant persona
    adrienne is easy to spell
    adrienne is a psychotherapist who utilizes rottweilers as an adjunct to individual
    adrienne is the author of the purpose of your life and find your purpose
    adrienne is pregnant
    adrienne is certified in the state of new york and licensed in the state of new jersey
    adrienne is a charter member of the houston yoga association as well as a member of the iyengar yoga association in the us and member of the yoga association
    adrienne is creating her own niche in the community
    adrienne is a very versatile
    adrienne is married and has a daughter
    adrienne is studying the effects of an increase in nutrients and a decrease in light on these tiny plants
    adrienne is really into both of her classes and would love to help people around the world
    adrienne is the person behind the friendly voice you usually hear when you call hypermedia
    adrienne is solely between you and gifts by adrienne
    adrienne is well known to members as editor of the ija newsletter
    adrienne is chair of the new zealand women's refuge foundation
  13. by   Lausana
    Hmm doesn't know enough about me as Lausana...although I did offer to get to know it better over dinner

    It went crazy with Leslie...from Leslie is queen...to Leslie is Satan. :uhoh21:
  14. by   semstr
    Ha, what fun, I am too stupid to post everything here, so just put in Renee.
    what really got me, was a Dutch line right at the end!