What do your neighbors do to annoy you?

  1. My neighbors drive me nuts! In back is a dog that barks constantly, whether its owners are outside or not. Next door and acroos the street are party animals. Well I just got them back!! The music was cranked way up last night for hours, and they wre having a good ole time, so this morning at 7:45 I decided to slowly mow my entire lawn with my push mower!! It is nice and loud and I had a wonderful time!! Oh, I also had to make sure the horn on the car worked, and started up my daughters car ( it needs a muffler!) Now that I see they have all woke up, I decided to come inside!! I feel great! This is much more fun ( in a twisted sort of way) than calling the cops at night for the dog and the music!! Have a great day everyone!!!!
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  3. by   Nurse Ratched
    We lost all of our neighbors this last weekend - we live in an apartment complex and the last days of the month in May is a big exodus time. Our little block is empty except for us now! I jhave no doubt it won't last for long. I hope our next batch of neighbors is as good as this one was.
  4. by   NICU_Nurse
    Oh, I'm so glad you brought this up. I have to vent big time!!! We live in an apartment, and, oh, let's see. The upstairs neighbor has a dog that she lets out on the balcony. My patio is right beneath her balcony, and I have a dead garden (whoops!) and a pretty patio seat that I used to like to sit on and just watch the sunset or rise or whatever. Well, instead of letting him out and taking him down to the grass or having him house-trained, she lets him onto the patio. The balcony is wooden, with slatted beams, so I can sort of see up there. Do you see where this is going? That's right. I go out there one morning to watch the sun come up, sitting with my freshly squeezed juice, and I got tinkled on by her frigging dog!!! You have NEVER heard me curse like I did when that happened. I screamed so loud, she came out onto the balcony and looked down through the slats, and yes, I threatened to do something really bad, and I regret it, but sheesh, that's freaking gross. She had the nerve to act like I was being unreasonable, but PEOPLE, DON'T GET AN ANIMAL UNLESS YOU'RE GOING TO PROPERLY TAKE CARE OF THEM, and that does NOT include letting them crap and pee all over the balcony because you are too lazy to walk them downstairs for five minutes, okay? Now, I can't go onto my patio, and I've noticed that there are little dried up...biscuits...all around my patio now. Wonder what those are? I'm thinking of sweeping them onto a pretty silver tray, wrapping them with colored plastic wrap and a big bow, and leaving them outside of her door. Whaddya think?

    Okay, that's upstairs directly above us. The people who live behind HER like to tapdance on the wooden stairs on their way up and down the stairs like Gene Kelly: tappitytaptap-up-down-up-up-down-boom-tap-boomboom-tap. The stairs are built against a wall that happens to be the other side of my living room, and you can feel it when you're sitting on the couch, not to mention it's so loud you can hear them clear across the apartment. Grrr.

    Then there are numerous losers who like to sit on the patio seat and chitchat at all hours of the night with their friends. I used to hate this, but now that the dog upstairs is peeing all over the place and dropping you-know-what through the slats I don't mind nearly as much.

    The guy behind us on the same floor likes to play 'Open Arms' by Journey at the top of his stereo capacity and sing along with it. He plays the song on automatic repeat so we get to hear it like fifty times in a row. Then he switches to AC/DC. Then back to Journey. He also likes to masturbate in his bathroom, and if you're in ours, you can hear him moaning and talking dirty to himself right through the walls. He's really friendly in the hall, but I think he'd be less friendly if I told him, "Yeah, I like it rrrrrough...how'd you know?"

    The guys across the hall leave trash bags full of crap sitting on the doormats for days at a time (umm, we're fifty feet from the dumpster, okay? This is sad..) and the stray cats get into them and rip it to bits, and then they call the front office and complain that WE left trash bags (which we don't, we keep them inside the apartment and take them out every two days directly to the dumpster) for the cats to get in, and could they please tell US to pick them up? I have to say, I also got quite rude with the office dingdong when she had the nerve to call again a second time and tell me that if I didn't pick up MY trash from the hall they were going to add a fine to my monthly rent.

    Then there's the parents whose kids play in the parking lot unsupervised. Then there's the kid across the hall who likes to ring and run away, as if we didn't see him through the open window in the living room as he approached the door.

    Then there's the couple who likes to have sex in the lounge chairs by the pool at night when they think no one is watching (and believe me, all curtains are cracked open in every single apartment surrounding the pool just in case this happens).

    Then there are the punks who have been dumping dirt and twigs into the dryers while people's newly clean clothes are drying off.

    I have to stop now, I'm getting a migraine.

  5. by   itsme
    What I do with the dog crap left in my yard is neatly shovel it up, and set it on the doorstep of the owner with a little note saying "your dog forgot this in my yard". It works wonders! I only do that when I see the dog crap in my yard. I do not allow my dog out unattended and if he gets in the nieghbors yard, I am right there with a shovel.
  6. by   H ynnoD
    Use to my nieghbors would crank up music in a language I don't understand.So I would have to get out my CD of Falco( all in German) and since I have the loudest stereo I always won.Now we all keep our stereos at respectful levels and don't have this problem anymore.I love my nieghbors,they are great.We all get along except for my nosey Inlaws that live across the street,nobody seems to like them.:chuckle
  7. by   phn92
    This is why I live in the country!!!! The neighbors don't bother us and we don't bother them!! :roll :roll :roll
  8. by   prmenrs

    I have barking dogs, too. The ones next door HATE to have me do yard work (not that I do it that often), so when I go out there, I have some dog biscuits I heave @ those dogs. But the house behind HER house--recreational barker! No reason, just likes to bark.

    And the neighbor who drives up w/the Mexican OOMPAH music on max bass, leaves the car running while she runs in the house for something--it's so loud you can hear it in El Centro! (180 miles east of here)

    And the young guys who "hang out" on their front porch over by the mailboxes.

    Sometimes I wish I lived in the country, too. Unfortunaltely, this is what I can afford, and I basically like it here---BUT....
  9. by   Tilleycs
    Fortunately, we've had good neighbors for the most part. In the last complex I lived, a college neighbor upstairs had a party one night that went really late. I gave them until about 11:00. It was still going strong, so I called the police.

    Our apt. complex "encouraged" us to go to the apt. and try to solve it face-to-face before calling the police. I say, if people don't have the decency to think about what they're doing will affect their neighbors, I refuse to waste my time or energy talking to them face-to-face. I have every right to call the police and report the noise disturbance. It's not my job to play "noise police".

    We've also had to report one of the neighbors in our current apt. complex for playing loud music. It was in the early afternoon, so I reported it to the office and had one of them come with us to verify which apt. it was so it could be put into their file. Most of the complexes in our area will evict people if they have more than two noise complaints against them.
  10. by   LeesieBug
    When we were living in an apartment, we had a young couple with a Rottweiler that liked to crap in the parking lot. As you would go to get into your car, you would see a steaming pile right in front of the car door!

    Finally, after asking them SEVERAL times to take to dog across the street to do his business (per Army housing regualtions), I put the mess in a brown paper sack that said," Return to Sender" and left it on their door mat!

    I have never giggled so hard. Needless to say, they did not speak to me after that, but their dog went across the street to go.

    I would have a bloody FIT it i got peed on by the neighbor's dog, who goes on the balcony!!!!!
    What is the matter with people!!!!!!!

    We also had a couple in the apartment across from us who liked to do private things (if you know what i mean...wink, wink) In front of their picture window at night with the lights on. I had to cover the kids' eyes sometimes when we were out for evening walks!

    Glad I don't live there anymore!
  11. by   colleen10
    At my current house I have neighbors that have a tiney little black "yappy" dog that yaps at everything. If I'm inside my house and he is out in his yard and I make a noise like drop pot or pan, close a window, etc. he will hear it and bark for 20 minutes non-stop.

    Also, a lot of the time the kids leave the gate to their fenced in yard open and he gets out and runs a million miles an hour around the neighborhood barking and snapping at people. He chased the sweet little old lady that lives across the street into her house one day by snipping at her heels and yapping at her.

    They also have a very disfunctional family unit. All the mother does is yell constantly when she is at home with the children. Nothing decent ever comes out of her mouth. And, she is so loud that if the windows are open I can hear her yelling from the inside of my house even if she is inside hers.

    Thankfully they moved last week but you know the old addage, be careful what you wish for! Now I'm waiting to see what type of neighbors we get.

    The neigbors across the street and up a house have 2 or 3 cats that they leave outside and these cats use my gardens and mulch for litter boxes and try to kill the birds that live in my yard. Although, I will admit so far this spring they haven't been too bad.

    All in all the good neighbors that I have by far outweigh the bad ones.
  12. by   Tweety
    I love my neighbors for the most part. There's an elderly couple on one side that I hardly know exist. Very very quiet. The other neighbor lost her husband last year, he was in his 50s and she's in her 40s. She doesn't like my dog and called one night hysterical about his barking while we were gone, grossly exaggerating that he barked continuously all night. Later she apologized saying "I'm just coming off of Prozac" and that she was wrong. I try to be understanding.
  13. by   Shamrock
    We had a neighbor once in an apartment complex that always
    parked right under our bedroom window. It was winter and
    he must have liked a very warm car because he would go outside
    and start it at 5am EVERY week-day morning. It would run for
    at least 30 mins and of course had a VERY loud muffler. Well, after very nicely asking him park further away to no avail, I sneaked out one late night and rolled a potato up the muffler. It solved the problem, he started parking elsewhere. Our peskiest neighbors now are the nocturnal creatures in the country.
  14. by   nowplayingEDRN
    when we lived in our apt when we 1st got married, we had neighbors on the back wall of our living room that played their music so loudly the wall shook.....a few well aimed pillows and a personally owned stereo for competition, put the cabosh on that rather quickly. Then there was the fella on the other side of bathroom, that we could hear gargling at 3:30 am....that was at least tolerable...annying but tolerable. And the neighbors on the other wall of the livingroom, well that was their bedroom however, if you were in the livingroom and they decided to get their groove-thang on, well........you got the audio version to what was going on and if that wasn't bad enough, they left their bedroom window open and if you had the sliding glass doors to the balcony open, the audio to the activities just got louder. What was funny about that, in a warped sort of way is my mom was down to visit and she wanted to have evening prayer before bed, so we were all kneeling and my mom had just said the words, "Our Precious Heavenly Father......" and the activities comenced at a loud, frenzied pitch, complete with the head board to the bed, banging against the living room wall and springs a squeakin'.....well, my poor mother's eyes just about bugged out of her head and my DH and I just disolved into laughter. So much for an evening prayer. The best part was, they would see us out and about and smile and be very friendly....just like nothing ever went on. The lady down below....she was another story.....loud, rude, obnoxious, litter box full and over flowing in the hall....wait till we went to bed and blast the TV in to the wee hours of the morning. We tried to ask her nicely to quiet down, left her numerous notes....nothing worked till we called the cops. She finally moved and we got nice quiet down stairs neighbors but they brought cockroaches with them. We moved shortly after that.

    Now the worst things we deal with is obnoxious B&SIL next door, a couple of hunting camps that have loud, raucious parties on and off thru the year and an Aunt across the street that harbors abunch of hoodlums that deal drugs and steal from our garage when they get the opportunity. The camps, we let alone cause they don't carouse too much too often...the IL we ignore and our dogs work wonders on the trash agcross the road. The rest are furry, feathered and hooved critters including a momma bear with cubbies, a deer or 2 with babies, various birds, a skunk and our 2 cats and 2 dogs.