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  1. I am so peeved, I answered the phone today and it was the pharmacy from Walmart, they said I didn't pay for my husbands percocet. I picked up his meds with my full basket of grocery shopping, I put the meds on the belt to be scanned along with over one hundred dollars worth of groceries, so I get this call and am basically accused of stealing the percocet. I am so mad!!!! I told the pharmacist that I don't watch every item being scanned and I used my MAC card to pay for my purchases. My husband takes the phone and a screaming fest occurs. My husband told him to come over and get the money why should we make another trip it if was their fault, by the way this happened 4 days ago. Ok, I call back, the pharmacist apologized and said he paid for it out of his pocket since he has to show that all narcotics sales are closed, bla bla bla. DEA regulations bla bla bla. So what do you think? Sounds fishy to me, why would a pharmacist pay my 8.00 co pay if he didn't do something wrong? I want to report this but am not sure who to report to. My husband sent a e-mail to the CEO of Walmart explaining the situation, and I think I should report this to some accrediting agency but I don't know who. The issue is not my co pay, the issue I have is that he practically accused me of stealing this narcotic. Of course I don't have my register receipt so I don't know if I paid for it or not since I bought so much other stuff too.
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  3. by   BadBird
    I forgot to mention that there were 2 perscriptions in the same bag one was his antibiotic and the other his pain med so I guess whom ever scanned probably missed a ticket or the pharmacy didn't put 2 tickets on, I really didn't check. ERRRRRR I am so mad.
  4. by   nowplayingEDRN
    WOW. Hmmmmmmm....what if you wrote or contacted your insurance company or the state accrediting office??? That's some shanky to call 4 days later and accuse you of stealing. I would also request a reciept in the future even if you use your MAC card. (((hugs))) hope it all works out.
  5. by   jnette
    Sounds sleazy to me...