What do you think of Michael Jackson?

  1. Do you think he/she is super talented? Do you think he/she is a super freak? Enquiring minds want to know!
  2. Poll: What do you think of Michael Jackson?

    • He's super talented.

      2.78% 2
    • She's super talented.

      0% 0
    • He/she is a super freak!

      65.28% 47
    • I love it when he wears that one white glove!

      0% 0
    • His tunes are good. But he's still a freak!

      27.78% 20
    • Michael who????

      1.39% 1
    • I'm a female, and I want his love child!

      0% 0
    • I'm a male, and I want his love child!

      0% 0
    • Can't get that song, "Thriller" out of my head!

      1.39% 1
    • I can't get that song, "Bad" out of my head!

      1.39% 1
    72 Votes
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  4. by   Ammy
    Im sure Michael himself thinks he's ok. I think his behaviour is weird sometimes, but most people's behaviour can be that way at times, its just his behaviour is acted out in public. One thing you can say about Michael is what you see is what you get. He genuinely appears according to his mood, which is a luxury he can afford and most of us can't. I like his singing and music. Again, I think you should be the way you want to be as long as it doesn't both anyone else or get you the 'sack'
  5. by   canoehead
    He's been a celebrity with "yes-men" for too long and doesn't have an environment of reality around him, so appears weird to us little people. For example, I'm sure having upwards of twenty plastic surgeries, marriages that last less than 2 years, sexual identity issues, and various addictions is normal for the people he hangs around with.

    I think even on the celebrity circuit he is a bit odd, but that makes him completely psycho from the perspective of a regular guy. I also think that his family has a lot of untold secrets, and we will probably be able to separate the reality from the spin. Maybe that line is blurred for him too.
  6. by   hapeewendy
    I can say that I like his music, well some of it ,not the later stuff actually... more of a thriller/billie jean kinda gal..
    but he is a freaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaak
    (not the good kind of freak either)
    well unless you like the grey nose falling off kinda freak, then he's your uhhhhhhhh man (?)
  7. by   bewbew
    i do believe he is an alien!!!!!!!

    pick his nose.......!

    Definate freak.
  9. by   Stargazer
    Well, you didn't have a box for

    "He is a full-blown psychotic with a horrifyingly butchered visage that I truly can't bear to look at, and the idea that he has (A) in any way procreated and (B) is legally allowed to be responsible for small vulnerable children, is as inexplicable as it is terrifying"

    so I just chose "He's a superfreak."
  10. by   itsme
    I agree with stargazer! I think this guy(?) is one weird crotch-grabbin oddball!!! Serious head problems! Both physical and mental head problems!!
  11. by   PsychoRN
    History of Michael's face.....

  12. by   emily_mom
    He was cool back in the day but has slowly evolved into a freak.

    BTW, I got 12/15 on the nose test....

  13. by   Mkue
    I never cared for his music.
  14. by   Lausana
    Super freak. I think he shoulda just went to therapy like everyone else with a messed up childhood...not let a surgeon play operation on his face.

    Although I used to like his music in the 80's
  15. by   howie122832
    I think he's a true FREAK!!!!!