What do you see out your back window?

  1. This doesn't have anything to do with nursing, but I was thinking about how allnurse's have members all over the world. So, I thought it would be interesting if everyone would describe what they saw when they looked out any window into their backyard or whatever they saw when they looked out one of their back facing windows. Ok I will start.

    I see our backyard with our trampoline and swingset. I see our pasture and the neighbor's horse and goat. I see my husband's shop and the house behind ours. Anyone else?
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  3. by   SW_07
    I see our swimming pool which is a lovely shade of green thanks to recent rain. I see our gazebo which has ivy growing on it. I see two of my dachshunds playing with a basketball. They are rolling it all over the yard.
  4. by   pickledpepperRN
    I see our wagging dogs happy to ses us.
    I see the last tomatos still on the vine.
    I see the yard where so many children played.
  5. by   leslie :-D
    i see my deck.
    beyond that, is my backyard with a sad-looking tree.
    then many neighbor's houses.
    finally, the steeple to a church.

  6. by   katfishLPN
    Thank you for replying.:spin: I really get a visual picture of your descriptions. I love the picture of your dogs!! Very Cute!
  7. by   agent66
    I too see my pool, sadly covered for fall/winter. The plants are turning brown and my shed roof is rusted and starting to cave in, didn't notice that before today. My son's tonka trucks are all over and that might possibly a pile of doggie doo i forgot to pick up today. My ten foot cedar hedge surrounds my yard. The sky is cloudy and it is getting dark very early now.
  8. by   mvanz9999

    I see an apartment building. In fact, that is what I see outside every window. LOL!

    If I walk up the street, I can see the John Hancock and Sears Tower.

    And one street over is a park with .... well, many less trees after a horrendous storm this Summer, but some did survive.

    So much for big city living....
  9. by   happydays352
    I see a giant oak shedding it's leaves and turning burnished gold. I see pines beyond that mixed with Douglas furs. That's my view from work.

    From home it's a busy road and the other apartments.
  10. by   katfishLPN
    Quote from happydays352
    I see a giant oak shedding it's leaves and turning burnished gold. I see pines beyond that mixed with Douglas furs. That's my view from work.

    From home it's a busy road and the other apartments.
    Sometimes we are at work so much it seems like home!
  11. by   JBudd
    I see doggy faces looking in while they stand on the picnic table. Several trees spread out, but way too many power lines. The old swing set and climbing tower, and chimes hanging on the porch. Beyond that, some of the most gorgeous sunsets ever seen in New Mexico: all red, gold, shining edges to the clouds, with vivid shades of every blue there is.
  12. by   indigo girl
    What I saw this afternoon before it got dark:

    I saw squirrels coming up to the kitchen window, sitting up to beg for peanuts.
    They are getting their winter coats already, lots of white hairs mixed in with
    the gray, and white tufts behind their ears. They were fat from stealing
    seed from my feeders all summer.

    I saw a downy woodpecker eating the suet I hung for him. I saw
    a chickadee, tufted titmice and house finches at the safflower feeders.
    I saw goldfinches hanging upside down to eat at the nyger seed feeders.
    The sparrows were mobbing the other feeders, and jumping into the
    birdbath with the dripper or just sitting on it stealing drops out of the dripper.

    The cleomes were waving in the breeze in my gardens, and the pineapple
    sage had finally bloomed its beautiful red flowers. The pepper plants,
    bell and jalapeno are still full of vegetables though the cucumber has
    stopped producing.

    My butterfly bushes are almost gone by, and my hummingbird feeder
    was deserted. I still saw bees at all the flowering plants, dahlias,
    geraniums, snap dragons, and others that I do not know the names of.
    There were not many butterflies left, only the small white ones.

    Autumn is here.
  13. by   Joe NightingMale
    Let's see, getting dark around here....

    I can see the alley, the roof of an apartment building behind mine, a high-rise in the background, and a whole bunch of tall trees between them.
  14. by   sharona97
    I see a pasture with a lonley horse and 1 goat. I see trees of golds and reds. My old shed with the flowerbox under the window is full of vernena blooms and flowers. I see my neighbor's barn shaped home. The beginning of a sunset in the sky of baby blues, very pale yellows and light purple hues.