What do you think about Chiropractors?

  1. I just wanted to know what your opinion is regarding chiropractors....do you like, not like, and why.
    My mother is a physical therapist and is starting a PT clinic in a chiropractor's office. She suggested that I go see Dr. H for an appointment after trying PT and massage therapy for back pain. I went last Friday and felt great!! I can't believe I didn't go before now. He does a new manipulation called the Blair technique....for C-1, or atlas, that has slid out of alignment. Before the manipulation my leg lengths were off. Just a few minutes afterwards.....no more leg length difference. It was very interesting. My next appointment is Wed.

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  3. by   fergus51
    I do not enjoy them at all! I went to a chiropractor for 2 and a half years, then it turns out that my problem wasn't chiropractic. I find this out after about 20 visits to the chiropractor.
  4. by   NurseDennie
    About chiropractic: I'm intrigued, but also afraid. I've had massage therapy and it HURTS a lot. I'm afraid that the chiropractic manipulation will be more painful than I can stand, and I'm paranoid that I'll be further injured. Even though I know a lot of people who have had wonderful relief!


  5. by   KC CHICK
    Yeah, massage therapy can hurt...if it's deep tissue massage. My mom doesn't practice that...why injure the muscle that you're trying to fix in the first place? The manipulations didn't hurt...they were surprising though. I had no idea my back could crack so much...and feel so good.

  6. by   NurseDennie
    That's what *I* was asking!!! WHY not do some gentle massage and gradually work up to whatever deep "issues" exist? The therapist said that it could be practical in some cases, but in some, not.

    She has a devoted following, and although I definitely moaned and groaned my way through the first few sessions, I have to say that my overall pain level and mobility have definitely improved.

    Which makes me want to try chiropractic, in a way. Although I'm told again and again that the problem in my back/hips/leg is muscle (torn and strained muscles from the original injury, causing pressure and irritation on the sciatic nerve) so I don't know how much spinal manipulation would help. On the OTHER hand, the therapist found the first muscle "lump" in the thoracic area, and deep manipulation of that made immediate improvement in the muscle spasms down my leg that were wreaking havoc with my gait. So - I can see the potential.

    I just need the nerve.

    You recommend it, then, I take it?


  7. by   KC CHICK
    It's unusual, at least now...to have chiropractics and PT/Massage therapy in the same office. Sometimes, as it was explained to me, a misalignment of the spine can cause the muscles in the body to tighten up and compensate for the problem. My mom had worked with my muscles and it hadn't gotten me anywhere because of my misalignments. ( Don't know why I had so many...could've been falling off a horse 2-3 times, or the accident I was in when I was 16....rear-ended from behind at 50+ mph. )

    Although I believe that Massage Therapy definately has it's place in healthcare...not as much training is required for that license as it is for a PT or Chiropractor. Maybe you could ask around for references ...a consultation couldn't hurt. If you are unsure about treatment just go and talk...see what they think. They can't lay a hand on you if you don't want them to.

  8. by   donmurray
    Dennie, I was a sceptic, until I hurt my back, and it persisted despite routine treatment. Chiropractic is very much an "alternative" form of treatment here, So it was with some trepidation that I took a friend's advice, and my wife drove me gently slowly carefully "Mind that draincover!" to the clinic. I shuffled the 15 feet to the door in less than 10 mins. bent over like a half-shut knife. The really hard part was getting onto the treatment table, my torso was fine, as it was already horizontal, but swinging my legs aboard took a while!
    To cut a long story short, It was all very professional, and after a few "cracks" my spine and I were friends again, and I walked out almost normally. Knuckles weren't dragging or anything! Believe me it was my male low pain threshold that got me in there, and the treatment wasn't that bad. The "adustments" are very quick, and the relief of pain was almost immediate. Try it.
  9. by   Jenny P
    My husband's Internal Med doc and his Neurologist reccommended he see a chiropracter (there's one in our HMO) for his L3-L5 herniated discs; and I was very worried about it. But "we" went (he has me go to all of his MD apts. with him because of the cognitive changes from the MS); and his back and function have really improved-- he doesn't need surgery at this point (his docs didn't want to do surgery on him because of the MS) and we are thrilled that he's doing so well.
  10. by   PhantomRN
    I finally went to the bone cruncher after years of putting up with weekly migraine headaches and nightly spastic legs, that would not let me sleep. After one session my spastic legs and migraines are gone.

    I do have to go back and get readjusted periodically, I go willingly because I DO NOT want my migraines or spastic legs back..

    KC CHICK--- I also had one leg that was longer than the other. After my first adjustment I kept tripping over my foot......Too funny.:chuckle
  11. by   babynurselsa
    Well since I work in a D.O. hospital...lol
    When I was pregnant my OB would give me an adjustment at each visit. Made me feel so much better. He is too cool though, when ever he was in for a delivery he would pop into the NICU just to see how I was feeling and if I told him my back hurt he would pull me into a pt room and pop my back for me.
    I saw a chiropractor several years ago for a persistent shoulder problem and got some great relief. I also was very nervous about it. I still draw the line when they get into that weird stuff about spinal manipulation can cure your asthma, hypertension, sinus problems, etc
  12. by   Maureen007
    I love my chiropractor. Works when my knees hurt and out of alignment as well as my spine. Helps keep my BP down too. If you haven't tried it do-don't suffer pain and needlessly, endlessly be on pain meds!
  13. by   Marijke
    I was also a sceptic, until I hurt my back and was referred to a chiropractor. This guy does very gentle pressure point type treatments, it feels like he doesn't do anything until you get up and can suddenly walk upright.

  14. by   rachet65
    I, too, love my chiropractor. Just a word of advice- have them take an x-ray of your spine and area of injury. Then, look at the films together, and make sure you get the jist of the problem. My chiropractor explained everything to me before I got on the table.
    I go for monthly adjustments now, and they are a Godsend!
    Good luck in your search