what do you keep in your car??

  1. One day last week I drove my husbands car

    I was appalled... He did not have any of the essentials in his glove compartment..on the floor or... between the seats.

    I drive my teenage daughter to school so we keep a myriad of important girl things..Pads, tampons etc ..as well as :

    An assortment of paper Napkins, (Wendys, Captain D's)
    package of Kleenex with Claritin or Norvasc written on the side (pharm reps bring this stuff all the time)

    Dental Floss, (mint) drinking straws (for Diet Dr. Pepper),
    lip gloss, hair gummies, hair brushes and combs,

    Hand sanitizer.. Bath and Body Works coconut hand sanitizer
    (now don't laugh .. can't help myself I am a hand washing maniac) Hand cream .. all that hand washing chaps my hands.

    Tic tacs, gum, pens, (with Vioxx, Lipitor, Effexor etc written on them) I love to put the VIAGRA pen in the checkbook!!!!!

    mechanical pencils, extra batteries, a Notepad (again with Paxil or Coreg written on it)

    books on tape, CD's, a magazine or two (usually the latest RN magazine and a Fitness magazine, Guideposts or Readers Digest)

    A map of the USA and one of the city.. ..this makes Absolutely no sense as I know my way around town very well!! (Spouse used to be in the military and traveled alot guess the map is an old habit)

    Cell phone, Flashlight, penlight, gloves, CPR mask, bandaids gauze tape etc.
    oh yeah and neosporin... ;-)

    So when I drove HIS car and all I could find was a car title registration and 3 CDS in thier cases.......

    I had to ask him

    How can you function like this!!!!!?????

    Hence, here is my question for all of you??

    What do you keep in your car??

    glove compartment..on the floor or... between the seats??
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  3. by   aimeee
    Oh my goodness, this could take a while, especially since it is winter...

    Where do I start? Ok, there's a flashlight (the regular battery kind, then a blue light that runs off the car battery, a plastic rain suit, anywhere from 1 to 3 umbrellas, jumper cables, my cell phone, snow boots, wool hat, ski gloves, chemical hand warmers, bag of pretzels, bottle of water, and a box of raisins.

    Travel atlas, map of the county, map of South Bend area, bottle of acetaminophen, pressure guage, AA batteries, car manual, booklet for tire rotation, car manual, emergency 20 bucks, registration and insurance certificates for all the years since I have owned the car, pepper spray, 3 lipsticks, hand lotion, paper towels, some kind of moist wipes, tissues, shoebox of cassette tapes, a bunch of change, baking soda gum, and 2 pairs of sunglasses, and various pens. Probably more...but that's all I know of for now...

    but then there is the nursing box...which has a bedpan, a urinal, diapers, hospital gown, chux, various syringes, assorted foleys and drainage bags, kerlix, Xeroform, duoderm, polymem, 4X4's, tegaderm, saline, iodine swabs, alcohol swabs, triple abt., lubricant, gloves, mouth swabs, biohazard bags, and a drug book.
  4. by   peter73
    I keep...
    pens: paxil, resperdal, viagra, vioxx etc...
    note pads; same as above
    napkins, salt, peper, ketchup
    wet ones
    hand sanitizer (lemon)
    tissue (resperdal)
    cell phone
    gloves, gauze, band aides, neosprin, tape, CPR mask, etc
    straws, spare coffe cup, lip balm, lotion, comb, gum & mints
    change of clothes and spare coat for 2y/o
    stuffed bear
    2 diapers and ziplock bag of wipes
    assorted picture books and nursing mags
    extra lighters and cigarettes
    air freshner
    sun glassess
    scraps of paper with to do notes for work
    tylenol, decongestant, advil and benadryl
    contact lens solution
    name badge
    travel tool kit
    and what ever else gets sucked in between work and home....
    (thank God for large glove boxes, pockets in the door and armrest between the front seats, and the space under the seats.)
    It is the rule of the house that if it can be seen from the outside of the car it gets tossed out...no discussion...(with exception of the stuffed bear and car seat of course)
    that was passed by the driver of the car with one note pad and a pen, map, 1 CD, and a value pack of gum

    I think pack rat and nurse are synonyms

    Where do you guys sit?

    I usually have some pens, loose change, a lighter (old habits die hard), phone charger, and a few CD's.

  6. by   Q.
    Well...my car is pretty clean, except with some coffee stains on the seat. In my glove compartment I have all the necessary things - a Wisconsin map, and Illinois map, kleenex, insurance information, and a V-day card from an old boyfriend.

    In my trunk I keep all my employee handbooks from all the jobs I've had. And some empty gem cases.
  7. by   aimeee
    Originally posted by OBNURSEHEATHER
    Where do you guys sit?

    Organization is the key! It also helps that my car is a station wagon. I've got room for all that, 3 kids AND a labrador.
  8. by   aimeee
    Originally posted by Susy K
    In my trunk I keep all my employee handbooks from all the jobs I've had. And some empty gem cases.
    Are you keeping those handbooks for fond memories? Or have you perchance discovered that if you rip them up and crumple them and stick them under your tires that work for traction when you are stuck? And empty gem cases?
  9. by   Furball
    Iwindow drooling like a lunatic.
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  10. by   semstr
    know something.......we don't have a car.
    Just don't need it, living in the centre of Vienna, we have great metros here and trams and busses.
    Vacation is by plane or train.

    Take care, Renee
  11. by   nicola
    Semstr, I'm not jealous or anything... Once spent a few days in Salzburg and fell in love! Sigh... Wanted to see Vienna, too, but my travel partner had other ideas (long story...).

    I live in NYC and don't have a car. But I can tell you what's in my bag! I have eyeglass case, clipboard with work stuff, pens, kleenex, gum, hand washie stuff, lubriderm, ID, $20 stuffed in a smaller bag along with business cards and spare change (for the bus if needed), my metro card, my PDA, umbrella, book for the train, and 20 oz of diet coke. That's a light day...
  12. by   RNforLongTime
    I usually have my cell phone, two CD carrying cases with about 30 CD's in them, some change, a snow scraper, an umbrella, empy packs of cigarrettes, a full pack of cigarrettes, a lighter, the registration and insurance info on my car, an extra air freshener, a map of Ohio and Pennsylvania, a pair of goggles for the tanning boothe that I don't use anymore, a pair of sunglasses, barettes, latex gloves(never know when you're gonna come across an accident and need to lend a hand). Right now there is a toddler size car seat in the back so I don't have to keep taking it out and putting it back in when I bring my 3 year old niece home to spend the night with Aunt Kelly. Oh and a box of tissues.
  13. by   nurseleigh
    My nursing text books take up the entire passenger seat during the week!!! Beyond that, I cant find anything anyway. I do know that i also have a portable CB radio(don't know why), napkins(usually from wherever i had time to drive through the day before), flashlight, change(EVERYWHERE!!!!), and at the moment a crib and toddler bed in the back( I have a van). Hopefully i will be able to sell the crib and toddler bed soon!

  14. by   codebluechic
    I keep an umbrella, many CD's,napkins, maps, one of those travel pillows shaped like a horseshoe, extra sunscreen and a beach blanket. I finally threw away the snow scraper (a habit from my Ohio days!)