What do teacher's make per hour?

  1. I'm talking about grade school teacher's. I always hear teacher's are the poorest paid profession, I'm curious how much teacher's make?

    My mom says they get good pay. We live in MI. I guess one of the highest paying districts.

    My brother lives in N.C. he's a middle school teacher...I don't know his pay but I guess it's on the low end.

    The pays probably a lot different depending on area and school district.
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  3. by   canoehead
    My father is a teacher and they get paid by salary. However the pay per hour could vary depending on how much prep time they put in for their classes, and if you counted all the extracurricular activities they help out with. My father easily puts in 10h/day 5 days a week during the school year.
  4. by   fergus51
    A friend is a long time teacher and the salary ranges here are from about 25K (US$) to 50K.
  5. by   aimeee
    There are big differences from one district to another. Most places are also scaled by experience. And, as Canoehead pointed out, these are salaried positions and its difficult to break it down by hour since there is so much time spent correcting papers, prepping for class, advising extracurriculars, etc.

    Here's some numbers I just found:

    The average teacher salary in 1999 was $40,574, according to the American Federation of Teachers--a teachers' union. Here are the annual average salaries of teachers since 1989:

    1998: $39,278
    1997: $38,415
    1996: $37,564
    1995: $36,766
    1994: $35,764
    1993: $35,004
    1992: $33,927
    1991: $32,960
    1990: $31,347
    1989: $29,636
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  6. by   bassbird
    My niece is in her third year teaching in Denver and makes $26,000/year. That doesn't sound very good to me.