What do I say when asked to tech?

  1. I'll start by saying that I don't have RN-itis, I don't think I'm too good to tech. I don't mind cleaning up poop, I don't mind changing beds, feeding patients, yada yada. I enjoy patient care and enjoy spending time with patients. My problem is that I have large breasts 42-EE and have alot of problems with my neck and upper back. I have been evaluated for a breast reduction but with my BMI being 41 the insurance won't cover it. Once I get past a BMI of 35 they will and I am now at a BMI of 38 (yeah!). From time to time one of us will get assigned to tech for the day and so far I've only been assigned once. That one day really hurt my back and neck. I needed several days and muscle relaxers to get over it. It's not the lifting it's the bending. We have several techs out on leave and I know I'm bound to be assigned to tech again soon. I really really don't mind, it would be a nice break not to deal with meds and doctors, but I don't want to hurt myself. How do I get out of teching without sounding like I just don't want to?
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  3. by   Marie_LPN, RN
    Get a doctor's excuse, maybe?
  4. by   SharonH, RN
    What's wrong with just not wanting to? I wouldn't. If I was working the floor and this practice was going on, then I would have to bring this up with my nurse manager. Seriously. It is a waste of RN FTE to use them as techs. If they are short on ancillary help, they should pull from other floors, start a pool for techs, or get them from agencies until your regular staff returns.

    Edited to add: I'm sorry, that wasn't very helpful was it? You wanted to know how to get out of it. I would tell your nurse manager just what you just told us, your reasons are sound and you shouldn't be apologetic about it. Why should you injure yourself? And I suggest you bring up what I said about getting techs and help from other sources.
  5. by   DutchgirlRN
    Thanks, I think I will talk to my nurse manager and explain it to her. I know last week one of the nurses, Deb was assigned to tech and she told the charge nurse "I really don't feel like it today" and they did change her assignment. We do get agency RN's to tech and yes it is a waste of money. I know they make $39/hr so the hospital is paying even more than that. The agency doesn't have any CNA's and it's the only agency that were allowed to use because it's owned by our corporation.
  6. by   SarasotaRN2b
    Nothing against techs...hey, hopefully I will be able to do this while I go to school, but once I have my RN, I'm not going to work a shift as a tech, being paid as a tech. Not once I've worked so hard to get my RN.

  7. by   DutchgirlRN
    We get paid our normal pay when we tech. If we got tech pay nobody would ever tech. We have several RN's who prefer to tech when given the chance. I do enjoy the patient care and not giving meds and fooling with the doctors. I have had the docs ask me for some help and I jokingly say "I'm not a nurse today". They're like "okay" then I have to give in and tell them I'll be nice and help them anyway. One day I had a doctor come get me by the hand and walked me down the hall. I said "where are we going?" he was like "I want to show you something spectacular". We went into the patient room and there was **** all over the place, the bed, the floor, the walls, you name it, it was there. He said "I'm so glad you're the nurse and I'm the doctor". I said "gee thanks, that's the last time I go anywhere with you" !! I really didn't mind cleaning it up. Just part of the job !!