What did you get for Valentines Day?

  1. So, what did you get for Valentines Day? I got a dozen roses, a box of candy and a gel candle. Not too shabby. I got my hubby a 14 karat gold figaro 22 in chain. Wanted to get him one for Christmas but couldn't find a nice one at a decent price.
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  3. by   BeachNurse
    My hubby really surprised me this year!! A gold and diamond bracelet with matching earrings and flowers.
  4. by   Ivy Purdom
    A dozen red roses and candy
  5. by   semstr
    My daughter bought a red rose (from her pocket money) for both my husband and me!
    With the words: you both are more then parents to me!!

    Can you imagine, a 14 year old saying that to you as mum?
    that was the best I ever had as a valentine!!

    Take care and happy valentine to all, Renee
  6. by   babynurselsa
    I got a pair of tickets to the Travis Tritt concert next week. My hubby even managed to get the night off. I guess that means he wants the other ticket huh?
  7. by   pkmom
    I got a barbershop quartet at my front door! What a surprise.
  8. by   NRSKarenRN
    Copy of Titanic (never saw the movie for one reason or another)
    and a dozen Red Roses from husband and boys....even though hubby laid off last week. SNIFF, SNIFF....

    13 yo got me a box of candy hearts too!
  9. by   NRSKarenRN
    pkmom....what a suprise you had!
  10. by   kids
    I got a bed table thingy 'cuz I do all my surfin in bed and it gives me a kink.

    And the house got cleaned while I was at work.

    Both better than candy, flowers or jewelry-right now for me any way
  11. by   delirium
    A box of candy, a single long-stemmed rose, and a stuffed giraffe that sings "Hooked on a Feeling" when you squeeze its hoof. Paw? Whatever. Its cute.
    And we're going out to dinner tomorrow, since I had to work swing shift today.
  12. by   CashewLPN
    um... a dozen roses, a box of candy, a nice new goblet with an etched dragon, and a supremely good backrub...

  13. by   Michelle_nurse
    This morning, I got a teddy bear, chocolate and a copy of a sentimental movie for us. (never been Kissed)..........

    Then he proposed at supper time!!!!! & precious Moments "Say I do" figurine.

    Gorgeous rock! Simple diamond solitaire /c white gold band!
  14. by   ClariceS
    Hubby was on call yesterday and so couldn't be home. He started my day with a huge card in my locker. Then in the afternoon, a bouquet was delivered to me at work. Then last night when I brought him supper, he had a huge box of chocolates. (He had brought those to work with him and had one of his co-workers wrap it! He can sew a suture line but can't wrap a gift! LOL) I love him! We are going out to dinner on Saturday.