What away to start vacation!!!!!

  1. For weeks now I have been looking forward to today....the beginning of a glorious 10 day vacation. I worked last night 2-10pm. At 9:15pm I began to vomit profusely to the point I couldn't get out of the bathroom or finish my job. Talk about MAD!!!!!! I have travel plans and I pray this was just a fluke but where in the world did this come from. Any bugs going around that hits this hard and this violently? My hubby drove me home, complete with barf bag in hand. As soon as I hit the door he made me lay down and I went out like a light for over 2 hours. Once I woke up I drank 2 Sprites and kept them down but man does this ever have me baffled. NO, I cannot be pregnant, although that would be okay with me but don't got an oven to put the bun in, so...so much for that theory. What do you think? I was too busy to eat last night, had an admit, a patient that was about to pass away and I was the only LN for 40 residents. If I have to cancel my travel plans, don't be shocked if you hear this horrible scream and an earthquack occurs. I feel okay today, no nausa, but ain't gonna eat to see if it stays put, don't want to take the chance. PLEASE pray this passes or I may be the only 45 year old woman that gets spanked by her Daddy for not showing up at the family reunion, which I have been looking forward to for months. By the way.....how am I gonna make it a whole week without talking to all of you, that will be torture!!!!!
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  3. by   thisnurse
    there is a bug going around...in fact there is another thread about it..."i feel terrible" or something like that.
    i had it but it only lasted 2 days. my stepson damien had it, and my SO had it too.
    hope you feel better and hope this doesnt mess up your vacation....
  4. by   jevans
    In the Uk we have Norwalk bug- it hits hard lasts for 24-48hrs. It is transmitted by aerosol. Maybe it could be that BUT I do so hope you are well enough to go away
  5. by   night owl
    How about a laptop???? Then you can bring all of us with you! Hope you're feelin better!
  6. by   shygirl
    Maybe you were just exhausted mixed with the excitement of going on vacation? What happened? Did you go?
  7. by   live4today
    Duckie......I do hope you feel better soon. On any event, I'll remember you in prayer sending up good thoughts for your healing so you can make that trip. Feel better, drink fluids, eat saltine crackers, and get plenty of rest. :kiss
  8. by   duckie
    Hi everyone!! I don't know what happened but whatever hit me left as fast as it came and the plans are on....YYIIPPEE!!! I've been busy as a bee all day getting ready to leave. I sure wish I did have a laptop cause I am gonna miss reading the posts twice a day and catching up on how everyone is. The first day back I'll do a lot of catching up! We're headed to West Virginia, home of my childhood days for a family reunion. I am very excited and will meet many babies I have yet to hold and cuddle. I'm hoping that my daughter and soon to be hubby will "get the fever", never know. Take care everyone and I'm sending you all big hugs. God Bless!!