What are your pets names

  1. We have a house full, and my daughters are very comical about their names we have two hamsters named Beneki and Mr Bojangles don't really know how they were chosen. They have six fish between them and one of them is also Beneki(my oldest really likes that name I secretly suspect she has a crush on a boy by this name somewhere)a Beta named Angel the rest are goldfish, Mr F Bluberry, Spot(again my oldest)Henry Hornblower and Ruthie. We have four cats 2 are twin tabbys(the only 2 from a litter one male one female)Scruffy named by my brother because he was scruffy when we got him and Precious named by my wife because she thought she was, Puffy named by my youngest(what I call my siberian snow cat he loves to play in the snow no kidding, rain too but not as much) and Lucky named by me bacause I said he was Lucky to have a home and our oldest an old heinz 57 mut named Dave(again my oldest daughter I think this was her kndergarten crush) he torments the cats to no end and terroizes the entire household but what the heck he was here first!

    So that is my list of lovable non-humans which I gladly? share my house with. What do you have and what are their names?
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  3. by   Diana in Sweden
    My cat is Whiskey as he is black and white ...
  4. by   skullgirlyRN
    My dogs are Kyra & Rasputin. The cats are Esme, Oberon, & Peloquin.
  5. by   LesJenRN
    Our dog is Max, aka Maxwell, MightyMax, Maxy....and every once in awhile...Stupid Dog! (We say that with much love!)
  6. by   Loribabble
    Mindy.... the one eyed, arthritic, wonder dog. She is on "loan" from my parents and is a real sweetie.
  7. by   HannasMom
    My little (overweight) Pomeranian girlchild is Hanna (thus HannasMom). She thinks I am her "Mom". She is like a child when it comes to being picked up by Mom. She claws at my leg until I finally pick her up and let her sleep on my lap. She also loves it when I dance with her. If I put a certain CD on, she comes a running. I could talk all night about my little Princess.
  8. by   suzy253
    I have 5 cats (!)
    --the oldest Ally (15) named after the TV show popular at the time Kate & Ally
    --next we have Bonnie (7) who is a beautiful calico...i think she has some Maine Coon in her. Originally named her Pia when we first got her which was short for pain (in the) *** but we had some friends over and had a bit too much to drink and one guy blurted out that she reminded him of a Bonsai Tree (still don't see the similarity)...but we thought Bonnie was perfect.
    --next we have Harry (6) who is my resident orange male. Always have had orange males & always will. He's named after my father. Right now he's jockeying for space on my lap along with the laptop. I don't know if it is me he wants or the heat from the computer.
    --then we have the brother/sister team of Alex and Ivy. Alex is so big and Ivy is very petite. Named after a store at our mall..Alex and Ivy (store no longer there though!).

    I like to name my pets 'human' names.
  9. by   Ortho_RN
    My cats names are Chloe and Thomas..

    And my pits name is Lola....
  10. by   Tweety
    Caesar, the Italian Emperorer Greyhound
  11. by   Elenaster
    2 kitties:

    Flynn- meaning "son of the red-haired one" who is an orange tabby and just the sweetest, most affectionate little cat I've ever seen. He thinks I'm his mommy, and since he was abandoned as a kitten an bottle-fed by humans, I'm not sure he even knows he's a cat.

    Sylvester- pretty obvious one here. Black-and-white shorthair. Surly, intolerant, and usually up to no good. He's been mad at the world ever since we brought Flynn home.

    1 dog:

    Laine- gorgeous chocolate lab who is completely sweet and one of the calmest dogs I've ever seen. I'm not really sure where her name came from though, since she was already named when we adopted her.
  12. by   tiroka03
    I have two cats. Both from the humane society.

    Chester - who was found in Chester Park

    Oreo - who thinks he is a dog.
  13. by   LeesieBug
    HOLD ON TO YOUR HATS! My cat has THE most original cat name, EVER!

    Drumroll, please...His name is....

    Tiger. :hatparty:
  14. by   Hartmissy
    I have a dog name Betty Sue, name from the lady we got her from.A pitbull name princess. A dog name Mr. Gruff.Guinea pig name Bubba.bird name Joshua name from city I got it from.2 betta fish 1 goldfishand about 25 chickens.a 4yr old horse name maybelline and another horse thats 8 yrs old name sweetie.And a cat name ms.runt.