What are your thoughts

  1. on meeting people in person that you meet on the internet?
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  3. by   kaycee
    Wouldn't mind meeting most of the posters on this board, it might be fun.
  4. by   Jenny P
    I have met a couple of people from this site and have enjoyed them in person as much as online.
    I don't think I'd go searching for a serious relationship online if I was single though.
  5. by   aimeee
    I have met a couple of people who belong to another internet community I am part of. They are great folks. But that is a very stable community where we have all known each other for several years already and traded all sorts of information over time.
  6. by   pkmom
    I have some friends who met on the net and got married 1.5 years later. I think I might like to meet some people from this site too, but I probably won't get around to it. Some pretty neat people here!
  7. by   NurseDennie
    I've met IRL (in real life) several people that I met first online. Generally it's hilarious! I think if you chat with someone for a while, and you pay attention, you get a pretty good idea of who you're talking with.

    I've known people who have met online and gotten married, and I've known people who have met people online and been horribly used by them. It's just like the rest of life, isn't it?

    I think it's cool to meet people, no matter how it happens.


  8. by   CATHYW
    I've never met anyone in person that I'd met online. Like the others, I wouldn't mind at all being able to get to see and know mosts folks here.

    If you're talking a guy-type thing, please let me caution you to use good judgement. People can tell you ANYTHING on line. You don't even hear the inflections in their voice like you do on the telephone. If you do decide you want to meet somebody, take a friend with you, and meet in a public place. Do not, I repeat-DO NOT give out your home address or home phone number. We want you to have a good time and enjoy life, and be here to chat with us some more!

    Should you think I'm some kind of uptight nut, just let me say that my daughter was attacked when she was 17. Since, I have always tried to caution women to be careful.
  9. by   Stargazer
    My experiences have been similar to aimeee's. I belong to a large but tight-knit internet community of very cool people. There is a whole thread on the forums dedicated to arranging get-togethers of people in the same geographic area. Last fall I drove up to Vancouver BC to have dinner with a group from there, and we're planning a weekend brunch in Seattle in the next month. I'd love to do something similar on this site, or at least plan one big allnurses bash in Vegas like we've talked about before.

    So my take on meeting internet acquaintances IRL is the same as everyone else's:

    Meeting in groups = good;

    Meeting individuals = Be careful. Be very very careful. Daylight, coffee, public place, designated end time, bring your cell phone, make sure your friends know where you are going, don't reveal too much personal info on the first meeting, etc. etc. blah blah blah.
  10. by   CashewLPN
    I do agree with that...
    For any who dont already know, I am a wiccan...(officially outta the broom closet) and, I met my coven on the internet...

    I eventually met them IRL, and had a great time at a phenominal open circle... and now, I go to all the events, and am eternally greatful I found them

    but, I would seriously think about meeting someone on my own... (like have a friend sitting around where she/he can see you, and see whats going on.. some incognito spying...) and, absolutely not without a seriously public place...

  11. by   Michelle_nurse
    I agree /c the safety aspect, you just never know....the person could be someone playing around.
    My sister in law met a guy from Missouri on the net, chatted for a year or so, (maybe not even), and the first time they met, he proposed to her. She said she would think about it, and eventually said yes. They planned a wedding for the end of May.

    Her family bought airline tickets to Missouri to attend the wedding, she moved at the end of April, and eloped a week later. So everyone lost their money, not to mention she moved to the USA and we have seen her once in 3 years.

    We all think he is bizarre, and it was out of character for her to do that, but we are just hoping that she is happy.
  12. by   kids
    OK, here comes the HUGE confession...

    I met my husband in an online computer tech support type chat room...our first meeting/date was at a computer store.

    I had just packed up my kids and moved to Oklahoma, and bought my first computer (had to read the instructions to turn it on)...

    We still go on 'dates' at CompUSA (or Walmart if we're out of dog food and toilet paper)

    Give minimal identifying details...meet in public...have a friend call/page at a set time to arrange an out if you need it...