What Annoying Traits Have You Inherited From Your Parent(s)?

  1. this morning, i watched a rerun of "home improvement"...you know..."tim the toolman?"...the show was about annoying personality traits the character jill had inherited from her father, and her mother had adopted from her father during their marriage. it got me to thinking about personality traits that i have unwillingly inherited from my parents, and how for years they tried to overtake my ability to have my own. soooooooooooo...my inquiring mind would like to pose the question to all of you here:

    what annoying personality trait(s) have you inherited from your parent(s) that absolutely drive you insane?

    if as nurses we can figure out what drives us to insanity, then perhaps we can gain a better understanding of one another here at allnurses, on our jobs, in our homes, in our social lives, etc.

    ready to share? ready...set...go!!!
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  3. by   amblessing
    Thunder thighs and big butt from my mother :chuckle
  4. by   BadBird
    Old age
  5. by   live4today
    What personality and/or character traits did you inherit from your parents? I didn't mean what physical traits you inherited...I apologize for that...I should have stated more clearly what I was asking for here. :chuckle

    For example, I inherited my soft demeanor from my Mother, and I use to be terribly shy like her. As I entered my teen years, I learned that not speaking up for one's self was a 'negative' asset and not a 'positive' asset, so I fought hard to change in that respect. After many years of telling myself "I'm not going to be like my Mother", my efforts to become more of myself...assertive...not shy and introverted like my Mother appeared to be to me while growing up...my efforts eventually paid off...for which I am thankful.

    As for the 'other' traits (physical traits inherited), there wouldn't be room to express them... That would be another thread for discussion among us members.
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  6. by   arbley
    Extraordinary good looks, intelligence, wit, and of course, modesty.
  7. by   NurseDennie
    My mum died before I really picked up much of anything from her, I think. My father had a tendency toward the pedant, and I think I got that from him. I got my strange, off-kilter sense of humor and appreciation of the ridiculous from my maternal grandmother. I got a lower-class brutish, bully streak from my maternal grandfather. My paternal grandfather gave me a love for travel and a really strong curiosity and desire to learn from/be with, people who are different to me. My paternal grandmother was very much a blue-blood and I think I got a bit of snobbery from her, but I think the effect of my grandfather *mostly* has overcome that.


  8. by   hapeewendy
    I'm a freak of nature
    my personality is 100% different from either of my parents.
    My mother jokes all the time that she has no idea where I got the personality that I got, she calls it "personality plus plus plus"
    but I think shes just being overly mother like and singing my praises on that one.
    I guess in some ways I am like both of my parents though , when I am angry I am like my father in that I need to leave for awhile, calm down and then talk about the problem, whereas my mother wants to hash everything out that moment.
    temper wise I'm also like my dad in that it may take a lot to piss me off but once I'm there Its not a pretty sight, my mom is more of a silent brewer type.
    as far as humour goes, I resemble my mom more in that sense, shes goofy at times and I know that I am too
    as far as my beliefs and morals go, I got the foundation from my moms side for strong beliefs and morals about family and whatnot, but I think since I'm the youngest one in my family - by many years even, that I may be a tad more openminded about a lot of subjects.
    both my parents are somewhat subdued in their demeanors, and that is the polar opposite of what people would call me
    maybe the milkman was outgoing and friendly, since my mom has insinuated on more than one occasion that he may be my real father (its a joke, we have never had milkmen here ever!)
  9. by   kristi915
    My mothers wonderful attitude, but then again it is good because I stick up for myself unlike my sister who let's people walk all over her. Her emotionalness, I cry over anything (especially when I get those wonderful visits from my "little friend"). Boyfriend just loves when I cry all the time over hardly anything.
    Her inability to avoid stress, I think we're both stressed out all the time.

    I see the way my parents are to eachother, they've been together for 27 years, and they're really not that close. They don't sleep in the same bed, mom says it's because the bed hurts her hips (easy problem solver there, buy a new bed, they have the $) They don't kiss anymore, they're usually arguing about something, they just don't act like they're in love anymore.

    I don't want to be like that in my marriage, I don't want to lose the love, and happiness. I don't want to be like my parents when I get married. I even see it in my sisters relationship with her fiancee. I plan on doing everything in my power to keep my marriage strong and happy. Do everything I can to keep the love.

    I don't want my marriage to be like my parents. I feel terrible to say that but I don't. Not that my parents are bad people, I just have different plans for my marriage then they did and do.
  10. by   live4today
    Do you all think your inherited traits affect how you relate to your peers or certain patients where you work? go to school? in your social life with the opposite sex or the same sex?

    Do you think we tend to marry or hang with a totally different persona than ourselves? Do opposites really attract because of our inherited traits? If you answer yes, then does being opposite in character from your mate or fellow nurses you work with (or for) make your living or work environment more difficult...more stressful...or more relaxed and comfortable for you?
  11. by   Ted
    I inherited my father's gut and double chin (you can see the double chin in my Avatar as proof!).

    Thankfully, I don't think I inherited my mother's Schizophrenia. . . . (at least that's what those voices are telling me . . .)

    . . . .got to keep a sense of humor on that one . . . .

  12. by   live4today
    Hello Ted....man of many voices...
  13. by   LasVegasRN
    My mother's insatiable appetite for..... PEANUT BUTTER! I should look like a great big jar of Jiffy Extra Cruncy peanut butter. Well, maybe my butt does already.
  14. by   jayna
    HAHHAHAHHA.....oh Renee.......hahahha( okay don't know how to get those laughing small men......hehhe)

    Got the big butt from my mother's family.....arghhhhh!!!!

    Got the eyes from my father.