What activities do you enjoy outside of you job/ school etc.

  1. I was just curious as to what is your retreat away from the job to get your mind off work.

    For me it is writing novels/short stories/poetry(which I write nursing related stuff, but its not my JOB so, it still counts as something I enjoy away from the job)
    Learning the guitar
    and I am thinking about getting into theater and acting and such.
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  3. by   nursemary9
    Thse days, I spend lots of time on the computer--lots lots of time, all over the place.
    I recently also startd playing several games on the computer, but I'm often sitting here designing cards.
    I haven't bought a card since I bought my first card making program.

    I also read voraciously.
    Besides that I do crocheting, knitting, creweland needlepoint.

    Sometimes I get easily bored, so I hop from project to project.
  4. by   Joe NightingMale
    Hmmm, the problem is that when I'm studying that's usually all that I do.

    I do cook, but only once a week. Go to church too, but that's usually once a week too. See my dad, also once a week. Go hiking, but usually, yes, only once a week.

    That and spend time at AN, listening to NPR, and doing some reading.
  5. by   donsterRN
    I love to read, but during school it seems to be all I do. And even then, it's textbooks. I love the mini-breaks we get from the classroom when I can read something for fun. I'm about done with the whole Harry Potter series, and then I have the Civil War history by Shelby Foote. That might wait until the summer. I've recently restarted the needlecrafts I used to enjoy, but I'm finding that knitting wools and yarns have become quite expensive. And I'm still staying away from TV! (Except for 48 Hours: Hard Evidence)