What a great weekend..

  1. Just wanted you all to know that I have my mom back home with me, and I know there's a little adjusting to do, but I feel more peaceful than I have in months. I can do anything with her by my side. And just in time for Mother's Day next week to boot!! It's beautiful here in NW Ohio, everything just a new lovely shade of green, with beautiful flowers just beginning to explode with color. I could just explode with pride and gratitude. Thank You Father, for this Eastertime miracle in my life. Praise Him from whom all blessings flow. Shalom to all, WW
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  3. by   nowplayingEDRN
    I am very happy for You, warrior. Peace, hapiness and prayers to you and your mom. Here in the Catskill Mtns of NY it is just starting to look like someone too the spring green crayon from the crayola crayon box and started to colour leaves on the trees

  4. by   jnette
    So happy, WW... I know how you've looked forward to this day.

    And you're so right... just in time for Mother's Day ! You'll both have a week to get her settled back in and readjust... then celebrate her day this Sunday !
  5. by   RRMLPN
    Very happy for you WW
  6. by   warrior woman
    Thanks guys!! Your support and prayers have meant so much to us both. WW
  7. by   warrior woman
    I feel so blessed right now. I have a job that I love, a house that I love, and my mom by my side and enjoying every minute of bing home. I have a feeling that things are finally turning around for us God willing. Please keep us in your prayers for continued peace and happiness. I love all of you. Thank you so much. I'll keep you all updated. Warrior Woman.
  8. by   duckie
    I am so thrilled that MaMa is home and you are doing so much better. This year is gonna be a good one for you both!!!! Hugs, Duckie
  9. by   Love-A-Nurse
    all the best to you and your mom, theresa.
  10. by   cpgrn
    Glad for you WW!